Today. I am staying at the cosmopolitan im gon na try out two different suites there. This is always the biggest question whenever you stay at a suite in the cosmo which one of these suites will you choose so today, im staying at the luna luna, lunai, luna suite and its about 4 p.m. Check in is about 3., its not ready yet so come on. No, i want to come to my favorite needle place. Its not open all right lets go somewhere else and eat and kill some time. Luckily, just as i was about to go somewhere else got a message: room is ready. Whoa wow. This place is amazing, so im at the nice suites, this is uh one of the suites. You can get here, um at the cosmopolitan hotel. But first let me tell you this suite cost about 800, now right away, theres a difference between this suite and what you would get lets say at uh, the sky suite at aria with the sky loft at the mgm or even the tower suites over at the Wind, the biggest difference is there is no transportation from the airport, so if youre coming in, they dont send a limit or pick you up so any other place for similar price. They would send a limo to the airport. To pick you up, theres no private check in i was able to check in through the myriad, i think, the autograph lounge. You can only use that, if youre like a gold or platinum or above member in the uh bomb voice system, that has really nothing to do with what you booked at this hotel, which i find really weird, because you think for that price.

They will give you at least an expedited check in they do not theres no butler service here like they do have at the sky loft. But let me show you this, because im still kind of trying to take all this in first of all thats the creepiest thing ever. I definitely do do not need that. In my room this is wow. This is just very maybe dont. Take your kids here. Little dining table right there sink lets. See fridge here should be full of stuff. Yep would not touch any of this. Ah, they actually give you a fridge that you can use, which is very, very nice a lot of times they dont provide that. So i noticed theres a bathroom right away as soon as you walk in so toilet sink and then theres a shower here, which means that theres definitely one upstairs as well so heres the staircase that leads upstairs. This is really really nice. Fancy staircase. You got a little tablet here, so you can control the lights. The shades theres a tv down here. This is where its really separates itself from other suites ive, been to you, get a private hot tub, oh its hot, outside. Oh, it is so hot outside you get a private little um. You get a private little hot tub here, so youre right by the pool which is over there. No re entry. Oh, so you can actually go into the pool from your suite, and this is your little hot tub right here or mini pool with a leaf floating on it and and theres a receipt on the bottom.

So it doesnt look like they really cleaned this very much. No diving so make sure if youre staying here, dont dont dive into that okay, just in case you didnt know, but this is really neat to have this little area right here. All right lets take a look at upstairs, so the view is very, very nice. Even from the staircase um king size, bed, whatever that is tv – and this is the bigger bathroom here – facial soap – oh dental kit, nice, i dont – have a toothbrush right now: mouthwash, oh massive size, body lotion, thats a lot of body lotion, im, keeping that whats inside Here: okay, a little closet with robes youre a pooper: does it have a phone? Oh no phone! Hmm! Wonder what happens if you sit down and cant get up. This is your shower giant shower, so the upstairs is really theres. Nothing! Fancy about it! Its just a place where you sleep, but you wake up from the bed and you get a great view of the outside. This is a pretty. This is a really beautiful. Suite lets go check out the pool all right, so this is the chelsea pool that all these sweets have access to. Oh, this is neat for those of you who dont want to track all the way to the pool wow there it is wow. This is really really really nice. The view of this pool is fantastic, all right time to check out whats on the menu first meal of the day.

I dont really see the room service menus anywhere in the room. A lot of times, vegas rooms, put menus on tvs which are kind of annoying, so pulled it up here and i chose cosmopolitan because the food actually looks like they cared a little bit. I was looking at the caesars menu, the um bellagio menu. It was just regular, typical stuff, but at least i feel like cosmopolitan food. Some of these dishes look pretty good and, of course, you can order this 24 hours a day. Lets call them. Unlike other hotels, though, where you can just push a button here, youve got a hi um yeah id like to order some fruit. Please uh house made hummus white pizza, rigatoni bolognese, cheesecake donut, anything else. You recommend. Oh, we do have a strawberry shortcake as well: strawberry, shortcake sure, oh nice, mr michael, yes, please come in! Thank you good good! Thank you. Are you ready for food? Oh so ready! Those plates are hot. Okay, oh thats, a big bowl of tomato soup, its a nice one right, yeah, okay. So the good thing is this table um, which is really cool. You can make this into a dining table, but the thing with the sweet is that theres, no chairs theres only these super tall chairs that would not would it lets see Music. I will have to eat like this thats, not very good, im gon na set it up on that table over there yeah.

This is a lot of silverware for the two of us who are eating here. Yes, there are two of us eating here, but it wasnt shy, so its going to be looking at my face. This is a ton of food, but we havent eaten anything all day, so this is going down. Let me show you what i got a gooey grilled cheese sandwich. Oh this looks good. It looks like thats bacon in there. This is for the hummus Music. This is a lot of pita bread for this little bit of hummus tomato soup for the gooey grill cheese. Oh yeah, this is the strawberry shortcake, a donut sandwich, garlic, bread, the pasta and a white pizza, so the food items that are specialties here that i order are the white pizza, the reggaetoni and the cheesecake donut by far um. The desserts here look so much better than anything else, especially this strawberry shortcake. This looks absolutely amazing. All right lets eat start off with the cheesy items, which already kind of been sitting out a little bit. So i got a lot of food items so im sure some of this has been sitting a little more than others white pizza. This is their signature food item here it doesnt, look like the cheese is covering most of the pizza, its not too bad im. Trying to imagine this when the cheese is still fresh and stringy instead of clumpy right now, huge garlic, flavor cut, the cheese is nice, but this is pretty much cold.

I feel like right now. This is at the same level as one of these little pita breads. Its cold its hard and it hasnt been too long since all the soap was delivered, so it really shouldnt be any reason. This thing is that cold all right lets try the rigatoni. This is the best looking entree of the bunch, so whipped ricotta on top. Just like you see in the pizza rigatoni with meat sauce Music delicious – this is really good. Sauce is incredibly fragrant. Very herby. Nice tomato base little sour little sweet. I think the pasta is a tiny bit overcooked other than that tons of meat in the sauce. Whatever this thing can save my pizza Music, i mean not much can save this pizza, but the meat sauce did its best. This is their house made hummus, really good im, not a hummus expert, but you taste, the olive oil. The hummus is deliciously creamy and fragrant. Lets see if this will save the pizza Music. I tried. I do like the fat that i give you a ton of pita bread with the hummus dough. So this is the grilled cheese. This thing definitely sat around for a long long long time. So this is the gooey grilled cheese, i think were going to call it a grilled cheese, its got honey, cured bacon, fig marmalade gouda angrier and its on a sourdough. You know as non melty as this is. This is freaking delicious.

That fig marmalade is a stroke of genius, also the honeycure bacon a little sweet with the honey, but you can taste a fig very distinctively. This is so good, actually ill say must try when you come here, but maybe instead of doing what i did just order. Like dish on its own, i think my what might have happened is because i was too many dishes, so some of the dishes have to like be out here. Waiting for the other dishes to cook the pizza and the grilled. Cheese definitely suffer because of this. But, oh my goodness, this is an amazing grilled cheese sandwich. I wish there was a microwave in here. I would 100 try to heat this up no microwave in here, but this if the cheese was still at its full meltiness, so so good also going to dip it into the tomato soup. Yeah thats delicious thats a perfect compliment. The tangy creamy tomato soup balances out that meat and cheese so well so first round lay off the pizza. Pasta is amazing, but definitely grilled cheese and get the tomato soup im so hungry. I cant even think straight today. Im gon na eat this and then well get to these two. This is gon na be good. I mean im in vegas, so i will wager that this is gon na, be amazing. Look at this thing: fresh blueberry, glaze filled with cream cheese and on the top you got toasted almonds and coconut crumble.

Music, amazing, good dish, ill trade 10 of those pizzas for one bite of this. First of all, its just a good airy donut, the blueberry glaze is delicious, the cream cheese filling in the middle so light. Yes, so cheesy, Music! Oh, this is good. I will say this is a must get if youre doing in room dining here in cosmopolitan. This is just what what the kids say nowadays busin. This is major busting. Am i using that right, busting, majorly, bustingist, whatever this is it? This is the strawberry shortcake that they recommended Music. Oh, this is good too, not as good as the donut, but still solid dessert. I think theres, like some kind of chalk white chocolate layer on the bottom super light, airy, shortcake, delicious strawberries, little sweet little tart, just so light today. Dessert definitely went out this thing in a donut much better than the savory dishes. I ordered Music. Finally, a little food in my stomach now i feel pretty good im really enjoying this whole uh, trying out different luxurious, vegas hotel rooms. I i never knew about this whole world of staying in really cool hotel rooms of vegas. Usually i just come here i book the most basic room. I can i just head down to a buffet this sitting here: ill, probably get in a hot tub a little bit later, because you know, like water, makes you more hungry thats. Why i love swimming so much just sitting here like a missed giant skyscrapers above me, you can just hang out and relax after a massive meal.

This is nice Music good morning kind of in the hotel, limbo right now, im still staying at the same hotel, but uh. The new room is not ready yet, and also i kind of need a break from that room service food that was special so going to the las vegas jollibee home of the famous chicken joy Music. Whenever i see this happy bee, whenever i smell the soup, i just feel happier myself. I got a lot, though i didnt think i was going to get this much food, but i did sometimes when you go to a place that makes you happy you kind of lose control a little bit its. Like my disneyland. I love the little flag they put on there, its like staking a claim for team spicy, and this is freshly fried too burning hot and so incredibly juicy and i love it that you can actually feel the burn one of the best practices you can find anywhere. Oh, the brush is the best part lets take it. Oh this. This right here adore their palabak meat and shrimp and eggs and sauce over thin noodles, so good, so much garlic. It makes me forget, im in a city full of a face, and sometimes youre wondering like who needs my face when i could just go to a jolly bee, buy like like a 10 pound bag of food for 30. Bucks have to get a young burger as well Music, theres, burger, true to his name.

Another reason i love going to dolby every time you go in there. The atmosphere is so vibrant because it tracks the local filipino community and also anybody else who understand how amazing this place is and everyones just so happy to be there. I feel like at some faster places like mcdonalds, like people are just there to have like an obligatory lunch where somethings just gon na fill their stomach theres more for people who eat to live, not here. This may be a fast food place. This is definitely for food lovers, though finally, my favorite peach mango pie and uh a streak of purple. When you see that purple streak you know youre in for a good crunch, another sting you can actually taste the wube. Finally, my favorite dessert item in almost any fast food restaurants hi, you know – usually i eat inside my car because its too cold outside in vegas, because its too hot i feel like when this thing comes out of the package like angels, should be singing. There should be like a spot of sunlight shining onto this thing in cities where a jolly bee exists. I dont understand why people are going to mcdonalds, even if just really into dessert into their mcdonalds apple pie, come try. This youll never go back. I need to think of a slogan for that, like once you go b, youll always be happy thats that dumb yeah, you can still use it im lame like you thanks.

Well, i think thats something better say no to the clown come here and chow down, yeah yeah, thats, better! Is it better all right i got ta check out. I should have like 20 minutes to get back to the hotel and get my stuff out of my room. All right see you soon, Music, so kind of lucky rival. When i was about to go downstairs from my old room, uh get a text that said my new room is ready again im staying at the same hotel, a different suite. I get here and says we are servicing your room. Thank you for your patience. Its not working lets go find out what happened got a new key, hopefully itll work this time by the way, these hallways are super dark kind of creepy. I feel like i turn around the corner, and the twins on tricycles will show up hello, welcoming sanitation package nice, what okay thats nothing theres a lot of doors in this inch. This one opens closet, bathroom, nice shower, oh body lotion. Size is way smaller. A little bar you can sit at dining room table nice, seating area. This is the bedroom, a lamp that looks like the death star. Oh a second bathroom, with a giant hot tub. Wow nice shower another pooper. I like it when theres two poopers in a hotel room in case one goes down. Sometimes that happens. This room costs around 700 and im gon na show you the reason why so this terrace? This is why youre paying a lot of money for this room? Not only do you get an amazing view of the mgm aria planet, hollywood, the pool the pool area right over there.

This this is the money shot right here you get a full on view of the bellagio fountain and basically the rest of the strip. I mean this. This is amazing. This might be a better view than what i had at the aria sky suites, because the sky screens were higher. You can see more mountain, but you got the fountain right here. I dont think ive ever watched a bellagio fountain show without at least two three rolls of people in front of me. So this is pretty remarkable. They can just camp out here and get a shot of that im on floor 24. If you could have got a higher floor, then you could have got more view of the mountains, but i think the lower floor. You get a better view of the fountain, which i think is better. So look at this whole terrace. This is giant, and this again this is where youre paying money. For this view, i think this is much better than the lunai suites. I mean the suite had that your own little private pool, honestly its really tiny and kind of gross and since youre not allowed to dive in there. I still really find it very useful and the view from the other room was pretty much non existent. This is so much better, and this is cheaper and youre not getting any more or less amenities for first paying more money and staying at the nice way.

So this is way way better only place that kind of beats this place would be like, like one of those places, theres even better view of the fountain over there, Music, Music, so Music, so awesome at the end of this day, im going to give a full On review, about which suite is much better, but i can tell you right now already within like five minutes of being here, i dont know why anyone will pick the lanai suite over this unless youre, really into that tiny swimming pool or bigger sized lotions. All right lets go for lunch number two Music dinner ive came all the way to henderson. I think this is actually where a lot of youtubers moved to anyway, at this vietnamese place, called one bite sandwiches. I was intrigued when i saw the name, because i like one biting stuff, so lets see how big these sandwiches are. I ordered a vietnamese coffee. I dont know what this is green tea, oh and the thais tea its so nice here its sweet, but oh nice and creamy matcha anyway, dont know much about this place. The picture looks really good. So if you guys ever wondered how to choose places, a lot of it is suggestions from friends. Ive got a lot of food friends around the country and theyll typically tell me whats, good or ill just search around and look at the pictures and see which picture looks really really enticing.

The reviews do factor a little bit because i do know you can buy yelp reviews. You can buy google reviews so its not that accurate pictures, i always feel like is the best indication whether a place could be really good like if its asian place, whether its how full it is and how full of asians it is. This place, at least from the pictures, look pretty darn good wow. Thank you spicy fur, so they just started selling pho and i read on the website its like a family recipe. You get me with mention of family recipe. You might be lying to me, but youll get me. Look at that. Oh, my goodness, look! How much meat im getting here tons of meats, beef, balls, basil, scallions, lets see Music. This is so unique. This tastes more like a mix between pho broth and like some sort of beef noodle soup, the first sip i took, i found it a little bit sweet. They keep sipping, pretty darn good tons of chili star. In these. There are a lot of flavors a little bit more oily than regular broth. Oh thank you wow. So this is spicy beef, dipping broth right tom yum yeah! Oh, oh, look at this! Is it spicy, cheetos or something regular, cheetos, whats, really cool is that it comes with a dipping broth. So this is tom yum with some cilantro they can be like cheetos on the side. Let me go back to the soup for a second here, yeah, its good.

Its spicy, its herby, like tons of flavors in here, but i wouldnt call this a traditional pho for sure. Like i said its like was like a ball pho and a beef noodle soup had a baby. This is delicious, though noodles are cooked. Perfectly nice and chewy beef is super tender. I dont even really need sriracha in those – usually i add tons of sriracha and any thought i eat, but this is really good on its own. This is so unique. Also, i wonder cheetos in the fur. You know what cheetos and fat not too bad all right sandwich number one. This is the chicken lemongrass sandwich and they, oh, my goodness, look at this. This is stuff full of ingredients. Cucumbers, cilantro, carrots, the chicken. This is about a pound of sandwich in here tender, chicken, fresh vegetables and herbs, but guys perfectly toasty on the outside nice and soft inside now. Dip this into tom yum magic magic. This is why i used to always get a bomby and a fly at the same time, because dipping about me on phob is so delicious. Sometimes i dont know about you. Mommy has like the captain crunch effect on me. It sometimes cuts the roof of my mouth. Dipping it in some broth giving the bread even more flavor thats a pro move. Let me dip it into spicy fun. Oh thats, good too sandwich is fantastic. Dipping in here just made it epic and we can do open.

It up. Add some cheetos in here Music, that is the ultimate bomi cheat oh cheeto pack. You know what i mean another crunch, this time cheesy. This is awesome. Such a unique place come here and try to buy me. The different sauce trust me youre gon na love it. This is the tom cot. This is a creamy coconut thai soup, and this is barbecue pork again stuffed out to wazoo, with filling seriously if youre into vietnamese sandwiches. You got to come check this place out. This is so satisfying this barbecue pork sandwich is amazingly delicious on its own and when you dip it into this like who would have thought pair a vietnamese sandwich, but not just like vietnamese broth thai broth, this is game. Changing im so happy with this im. So happy with this for them to do all this. Well, they got ta, make the broth well and they accomplish that wow. So the garlic shrimp i didnt get to the shrimp yet ill. Tell you this! This is for broth and it is amazing Music. This is amazing: theyre staying sweet, garlicky, shrimp with mushrooms wow, so alans family, say hi ellen, so alans family, your moms back there, its really good good job. Thank you wow. This was a really good find so glad. I came here: Music, nice, Music Applause, Music, Applause, Music. You Music, you see! Applause! Music. Did you guys know theres a button at the at the nightclub up in the bellagio that people can push uh and that can control the the the fountain it can start to show whenever they want it? Only costed 250 000 thats it and you get like a bottle of champagne or something anyway.

A summary of this hotel experience so so far, ive stayed at suites in the aria mgm venetian in the wind. This is a five star hotel and its a beautiful hotel. Its right in the middle of the strip, so the views are fantastic. The fountain view like that was unbelievable. I never seen the fountain show so exclusively. I guess so. If you are coming to this hotel for a special occasion and youre trying to choose between the lanai suite or this suite 100, this is it i mean yesterday. The suite had no view. Yes, you get access to a little hot tub. That, honestly, i dont think they cleaned there was stuff in there and its so tiny unless you really want access to the pool faster, theres, really, no reason to stay at that suite. So the view from here i think, even beats the sky suite at the aria, because the sky suite is beautiful, you can see the strip, you can see everything but seeing the fountain show from here that i feel like. That is the best view you can have in vegas now lets talk about whether this is worth it or not. So, like i said each of these suites on average, the price on a weekday ranges from about 600 to maybe 800 in terms of service. That doesnt really exist in this hotel, for some reason its a five star hotel, but the service is really not there.

Just comparing it to other suites around vegas for similar price at the sky, suite you get free, limo service to and from the airport. You get a personal check in to the sky, suite theres a lounge waiting for you here they dont have that. The only reason i was able to get a faster check in at the autograph lounge was because im a myriad member. It has nothing to do with whatever room i booked, so i feel like for the price youre paying. You should at least be able to get some expedited check in, but they dont offer that here also the skyloft, the skys sweet, even the the sweets over at the wind. You get your own exclusive valet. You get your own exclusive entrance and elevator. Here again, none of that in terms of amenities inside the room. Well, you saw everything this room have to offer its a nice room again this one such a magnificent view, but outside of that, just like the sky suites, you really dont get anything special, the food. I feel like its pretty mediocre ill, give it a three. Maybe three and a half out of five will be kind of generous. So if you really just want a room with a beautiful view of the fountain, seeing the fountain show in the daytime and at night from the privacy of your own balcony, amazing experience but thats pretty much. What youre paying for here again im doing this series, because a lot of people are asking me to review the suites in las vegas, because, if youre going for a special occasion, youre spending a lot of money, you dont want to choose the wrong place.

I think purely based on hospitality and the overall experience. Nothing beats the skyloft. They pick you up at the at the airport. In a limo, you got a private entrance as soon as you walk in. They know who you are they check you in? They walk you up to your room. You got your personal butler. There they draw you a bath with rose, petals, champagne, tea and cookies. Whatever you want its so personalized. Every time you pick up the phone they know who you are this place is so weird. This is like the first hotel ive been to in las vegas. This is a again five star hotel. You have to dial a a full number to even water in room dining and you they dont know who you are theyre like uh. Who is this room? Is this any other hotel its like a direct button? You push, they know who you are here. It really doesnt make it a very personalized experience now. The best food still is the venetian no question about it. You want the best in room, dining food thats, your place best value im, going to give this 100 to the win in encore. So if you remember from the video im going to anyway, im going to link all the sweet reviews, ive done in the in the description box below the win, if you get a tower suite – which i think goes for about 300 during the week, which is the Most affordable of all the suites ive stayed at you get a personal valet entrance.

You get a personal checking counter personal elevator. The food may not be that good, but the service is absolutely amazing. So if you want a luxury experience without shelling out so much money, i would say thats worth it. If you want the best views the sky suite in this room right here, depending on whether you want to see the entire strip, where youre really just into the bellagio fountain this and the sky, suites thats your best bet for me, though, what i enjoyed the most, What i thought was the best luxurious experience you could find anyway, the best ive ever had in my life 100, the mgm skyloft. If i could afford it every single time im back in vegas thats, where i was staying thats my review of the sweets at the cosmopolitan here in las vegas, hopefully you guys found it useful.