My wife just got me this drone so protocol director it’s about a 40 dollar drone. So i wanted to show you all a video about it. I’Ve already had it out and been playing with it. I’M, not big on doing unboxings, they bore me, so i don’t really have an interest in making them. So this is the drone it’s real small, smaller than my hand, it’s the prowlers unfold, i kind of like the design they got curved to where they fit in nice and tight. The battery slides into the back comes with two batteries and you can link your phone to it. Um phone holder, i tried the vr mode. It’S, not very good. The camera face is too far down you can’t see what’s in front of you um. I do plan on using this uh to make some videos uh. I think it gets some good aerial shots of uh the crawler courses. I do through the competition season and um some of the tracks that i race, my slashes and no will. Let me fly this and get to footage of races and the tracks. It’S got three cameras, but only one is on the drone um, the the camera. One is the drone camera camera two and three are off of the phone. Uh two is the rear phone camera and three is the front camera or the selfie camera um and it records audio which uh i i like that it records the audio through the phone um.

It really helps capture good audio that way. Anyways uh attached to this video i’ll have uh footage of me, driving or driving flying it outside and inside uh it’s, so small, you, you can’t, really fly it outside if there’s any wind at all um but it’s great indoors uh. My biggest complaint on this thing is that i get probably 30 foot at most away and i lose signal to my phone and video pauses and then once i get about to 60 foot away, it starts losing signal to the controller, and so it for indoor use. This thing’s going to be great um for outside uh it’s, not so great to just the slightest wind, makes it hard to fly it um. So uh i’m gon na switch over to some of the footage there’s some footage of me flying around outside um um. Some of the footage uh outside it’s it’s, just me flying around the yard a little bit and then i’ve got footage flying inside uh with the kids chasing it around and a little bit of me chasing them with it. They love drones. They love the wind Music. Yes, Music, Music, Music, wow! Hmm, yes, hey here! It goes! Oh boy, uh! Oh, i lost video already that’s, not good. Oh my god. I want to gravel it’s still recording volunteers. The driveway like the end of it okay, but so is it still? Can you see clearly yeah okay, because it cut out on me when i got that far away, hey there’s, my Music? I need to go where i ain’t got as many treats.

Okay, fpb sucks. Do let you know the range on this thing is absolutely horrible. I keep losing my video feed doing the fpv so i’m, not even gon na use it. There is some wind, so this is wind carrying it away right here, and this thing just doesn’t get enough pitch to it to fight the wind it’s very hard to get it to go where i want it to with the wind. The camera is really pointed too far down. I guess that’s all right for when you’re flying high, but this thing doesn’t have the range to do what it needs to do to use the fpv goggles lost my video again. Oh there yeah i give up from the stp okay, so i took it off of vr mode. That was just this camera kept cutting out anytime. I got more than i don’t know, 30 foot at the most that my video feed would cut off completely and i couldn’t i couldn’t see where i was going or anything around me and you got to have a camera up pretty high to see anything it just It pointed too far down you can see what’s under you, but you cannot see anything else. You can’t see what’s in front of you so i’m, just gon na use the regular camera here’s camera number two and it’s just my phone that’s. What camera two is it’s? The rear camera on a phone now i’m gon na keep this thing right about here and switch back to the drone camera.

So you can see what’s in front. So this pointed down too far.