You know what’s coming another wind test: Music, hello, i’m ian and i play with drones and today, i’m playing with four drones. I’Ve got the autel evo 2 pro the mavic 2 pro by dji dji air 2 s, and also for good measure. The dji mini 2. windy day, and you know how much i love putting drones through their tests on windy days, comparing them today, because the auto evo specs say that it’s got a wind resistance or it can handle winds up to force eight, which is gale force. Winds, that’s, basically, 45 mile, an hour: winds, 70, 70 kilometer an hour wind much higher than what the dji specs the mini 2, the air 2s and the 2 pro all stay. A top max wind spec of around 38 to 40 kilometers an hour or 26 27 miles per hour, now it’s a bit of a windy day today and we’ve got a uav forecaster telling me not to fly. I’Ve got gusts over 60 kilometers an hour or 40 miles an hour, so that is in excess of what dj i recommend to to fly in, but doing my usual trick. The wind is coming from the south west, so i can fly out into the wind. So i can always fly back with the wind if it’s all proving too much – and the golden rule of course, is always fly out into the wind and fly home with the wind and always fly where you can actually retrieve it.

So if it gets too bad and it starts drifting, i can always do an emergency remote landing in the farmers field, but i’m hoping i don’t have to do that today, anyway, that’s the plan let’s get on with it right start off with the dji mini 2. It’S got a maximum top speed in sports mode of 58 kilometers an hour or 36 miles per hour, so we’re going to be pushing our luck today with it. But when i did my mini 2 test a few months ago, it handled the wind pretty well. So without further ado, what could possibly go wrong? Let’S let’s start, so even in the very strong wind he’s holding his position pretty well uh let’s face the wind still amazed at how quiet the mini 2 is. It really is a fantastic little drone right. Let’S uh fly straight out into the wind and we’ll, see how fast it can fly in sports mode, going straight into the wind groom all day. Okay, he is being blown sideways, no two ways about that. He is not i’ve got full stick here and he is not moving. He is only going sideways. Let’S try left pulling him left. So when i go forward there, he is creeping so yeah he’s not being blown backwards, but he is struggling and he is drifting. A lot as well so i’ve only got the right stick going forward, but now he really is grinding to a halt right, well, i’ve, poor little mini too.

He is struggling uh. I mean like oh he’s, going backwards there. Now i’m i’ve got my stick forward. There’S, the strong wind warning, so he is struggling going around all over the place. Poor little thing right, let’s get him home with the wind, 30, 31, 32. 35. 36. So yeah, no problem there here he comes come on. Okay ted is away yeah. You stay there. Ted yeah right well good performance from the mini 2. There i mean it is a windy day. Um didn’t get blown away, but was very much being blown off course now. Let’S. Try with the air 2s see how that copes. Okay, we’ll do the same test now with the mavic air 2s it’s got a higher top speed 68 kilometers an hour 42 miles per hour. It’S got the same wind rating according to the specs but i’m guessing it’s going to handle the wind a little bit better. So anyway, let’s see how we get on in sports mode, Music, Music, okay, so that’s him just sitting there in sports mode being blown about quite a bit, but uh he’s holding position, certainly not drifting. It certainly not drifting at the moment right, okay, so he is uh. I was playing around with the white balance the other day, let’s uh let’s get that sorted there let’s turn him to face into the wind, like i said, he’s in sports mode, so he should hopefully handle this without too much issue i’m.

Just going to change the yeah here we go kilometers right, okay, let’s! Do it? Okay! Oh! Look at that straight off straight off 34, 35, straight into the wind. Turning bit dark, isn’t, it yeah. I know oh that’s excellent. Look at that 35 kilometers an hour what’s that going to be 22, 23, 40 kilometers an hour. So i mean he is not batting an eyelid in this wind that’s, fantastic 30ks that’s going to be over 20 miles an hour right, fantastic, keep an eye on him. There he goes, you can see the little black dot Music, so very, very, very good. Result there in sports mode, all right, let’s turn around head home in with the wind, see how it copes straight up to its max speed bar looks fit 66 67. 68. There. We are so he is speed limited. He won’t go over 68 mile kilometers per second straight home, absolute mad rush. Whoa, look at that shoot bit of an overshoot there right, so that’s, very good, that’s. First time, i’ve done a wind test on the air 2s. Actually, i was hoping it was going to perform pretty much the same as the original mavic air 2. um yeah, fantastic straight up, 40 kilometers an hour what’s that 25 miles an hour straight into uh. Very strong, wind uh, absolutely no problem in sports mode. There! So um, so this is what i put up with when i’m filming here: absolute crazy dogs.

Now the mavic 2 pro let’s uh get that sorted okay, so now it’s the turn for the dji mavic 2 pro got high hopes for this. It’S got the highest spec top speed, uh 72 kilometers an hour 45 miles an hour. I think, and um it’s got the same wind resistance rating as in the specs as the air 2s and the mavic mini mini 2. Rather, but i do know that the 2 pro can handle incredibly strong winds. I mentioned it on the last wind test i did when i was flying in iceland a couple of years ago. Absolute gale force winds and it didn’t bat an eyelid, so got high hopes for this let’s see how it performs. You stay there ted right again, he’s holding his position pretty well in the very strong wind here, um, not happy, but there we go make sure he is in sports mode. All right turn him round and let’s head him straight off into the wind. Oh, my lord he’s, like a rocket i’ve, got focus peaking switched on that’s. What the red dots are i’ve done a little video on that very useful to make sure you’re in focus right, gon na admit. I did expect a little bit more from him. It is incredibly windy: 30 kilometers an hour a little bit of drifting right. Let’S turn him around straight back: Music straight up: 72, 73 he’s, 73k, so he’s a little bit over his top spec speed and straight back now the wind has really got up so i’m.

Literally, whilst it’s really windy, i’m gon na make him do exactly the same thing again so he’s up at 25 meters high flying straight into that wind 13.. So he is struggling, but he is still coping to me. It looks like the a2s was actually doing better. There 23 24, 25 k’s what’s that 15 miles an hour Music, so he’s still comfortable doing 30 30k, so it’s over 20 miles an hour straight into the headwind. Let’S get him home quickly drop him down, see if we can get even faster. 40. 50. 60.. 70.. Two three that’s: it okay come on right. He wasn’t too happy got ta, admit 30k he’s 20 miles an hour uh he, but he never struggled, but i actually expected him to go a little bit faster, but the main thing is that he didn’t blow away so that’s the main taste there right last, but Not least the autel evo 2 pro let’s get that one going okay, so now it’s the turn of the ortel evo 2. Pro, like i said, he’s got the same top speed of 72 kilometers an hour or 45 miles an hour according to the specs, but according to the specs, he has got a higher wind resistance. He can handle winds up to force eight, which is up to the same speed. Basically 44 45 miles per hour, 70 kilometers an hour wind, so i’ve not flown the auto evo in a very strong wind, um, powerful, beast i’m hoping he will perform admirably ted.

You stay there, no come back. Yes, okay, you can see him holding his position quite well. Um it doesn’t seem too too phased by the wind. Let’S turn him into the wind. Okay, going into ludicrous mode top speed. 72 kilometers now let’s uh see how he copes obstacle avoidance. There we go once he’s over the obstacle avoidance, then he’s happy to fly off. He goes right. Let’S see here we go 30. 32 k’s what’s that so he’s over 20 miles an hour straight away. Oh don’t need to record. Thank you. Take him up in the air, so 18 Music, okay, he’s, not slicing through the wind, but he’s not being blown backwards again. It is still very, very windy. 7Ks yeah, ok, high wind warning! Thank you. Oh i’ve gone right down there, so i’ve still got my right. Stick forward full and he’s gone right down to one two k’s there so that wasn’t too good okay, he’s picked up speed again edging forward so he’s he’s, literally managing five miles an hour at the moment. I would have expected it to be a little bit more robust into that wind creeping forward, seven, four, three, two one so he’s gone right down to zero speed, now creeping back up again: it’s not actually being blown down. Is he let’s let’s just look down a little bit, so we can see relative to the ground there. He goes now. He is uh creeping forward. Okay, let’s uh bring him back round, see how he keeps flying with the wind yeah.

I know you’re, not happy. Are you right straight top speed straight up, 40, 50, 60, 70 to 70 straight up to his top speed 72 k, so 45 46 miles an hour without any uh worries whatsoever there. Here he comes shooting along the two hot i mean that was yeah. All right. Come back, i might just send him out again, because i did expect him to do a little bit better than that so round, two for the hotel, still in ludicrous mode. Okay, doing a little bit better he’s doing about 12 13 40 miles an hour here: 20 kilometers an hour, still no slowing down 11k, so he’s down to about five miles an hour now, six, seven just creeping up again, yeah surprising! I did expect him to be a little bit more robust in the wind but uh there. We are down to three high wind warning again, no problem with v loss with the uh hotel, evo uh. I could still see him very easily in the distance there yeah he’s, not really that very happy is he’s kind of sitting on about 10 12 k’s about six seven miles an hour. Let’S just turn around now: Music and uh come home one more time straight up. Music, oh overshoot again come back. Come back, come back, quack, quack, Music, okay, so all four drones back on the table, which is always a relief. When i do this sort of test, you never quite know how it’s going to go.

Yeah quite surprising. Actually, i thought the autel evo 2 pro was gon na just absolutely slice through the wind it’s got the specs saying that it can cope with up to a force. Eight gale force, wind, that’s, 70, k’s or 45 mile an hour winds. We were not quite at that today, but it was clearly struggling in the wind. It never actually drifted. It never came to a grinding halt, but it obviously didn’t have much more up its uh up its sleeve to handle a much stronger wind. So that was a little bit surprising, but at least it did perform well in the wind, the 2 pro the mavic 2 pro. Also, i expected it to handle the wind a little bit better than it did. Certainly, when i was back in iceland a couple of years ago, i made sure that the wind was blowing onto the beach from the sea before i actually flew out over the sea, because that obviously is one of the golden rules you fly out into the wind. So that if the worst comes to the worst and it starts struggling, you can at least fly back home and fly another day. I did expect the mavic 2 pro to fly a little bit faster, though it said, it’s a very, very windy day. Today, air 2s little surprise of the day there. It obviously was slowed down slightly, but it was still getting up to around 35 40 kilometers an hour so that’s well over 25, knocking the door 30 mile an hour straight into the wind, which was a very pleasant surprise.

The original mavic air 2 also handled the wind very, very well in my head. I always had the two pro the mavic 2 pro as being the absolute beast and strongest contender in strong wind, but certainly as far as today is concerned, the air 2s seem to perform the very best but look um interesting test there. Oh and of course, let’s. Not forget the mini 2. He handled the wind as well did come to a bit of a stop. Did drift sideways a little bit? Obviously it’s a much smaller model. They’Ve still done good work on making it handle strong winds, but yeah you want to be. You want to be careful if you’re flying the mini 2 in very, very strong wind. To be honest, you want to be very careful flying any model in very strong wind, like i said golden rule flyer into it, fly home with the wind. If you are getting into trouble drop the altitude that is going to be your biggest and best uh approach, the winds are always going to be a slower well, not as fast uh. The lower down so literally drop down to around five to ten meters. 20 to 30 feet tops the lower. You are the slower. The winds up, high they’re gon na be much much faster and uh yeah, like i said, if it’s all going a bit uh belly up and you’re, seeing it drifting then have a look around.

You look down and make that emergency remote landing, and then you can use the find my drone function to walk out and retrieve your drone and remember. You can actually layer the satellite layer on the find my drone function, so you can actually use landmarks to try and work out exactly where it ditched, and we look as ever. Give me a little thumbs up, helps the cause.