3D Robotics Solo Smart Drone With Solo Gimbal – Long Term Review

Right here is our long run evaluate of the 3D Robotics Solo Sensible Drone With Solo Gimbal. Extra information on the 3D Robotics Solo With Solo Gimbal: …


  1. I dont like any of your reviews and your voice is annoying

  2. Of course some of the bugs have been worked out like controlling the GoPro and the price dropped when it was discontinued. So some of this old review is pretty obsolete. But so is the drone to some extent.

  3. But ultimately everything else it’s wonderful it’s really worth it.

  4. I’ve don’t really care about the 360 camera, However it would’ve been really rewarding would if this drone could has lasted at least 45-58 minuets of longer.

  5. You want training to use these drones

  6. 0:09 What are you lookin' at?! 🤣😉


  8. this compitable with action cam Brica Bpro Mark IIs?

  9. This drone is dropping his price because the factory said that they will no longer create dron

  10. Just purchased 3 of these with for 194.00 each from Best Buy. At this price I could not pass them up, I have yet to come across any drone on the consumer market that can match the quality of this package deal. Christmas 2017 will be great for some kids.

  11. Cool video, and I know that this is an old video, but I just bought the 3DR Solo from QVC for $199.00 + shipping so about $230.00, I didn't get the hero gimbal, I'm going a different route, because that gimbal will only accommodate the hero 3/4 line and probably the hero5 as well, I went with a Go Pro Hero Session, I like that it's so mush smaller and lighter and I got a gimbal that's going to accommodate that camera so I'll have to do some modifications on my own, and since 3DR is getting out of the drone market I don't except any support from them so this is all on me. But again thanks for the video, very informative, I particularly like the fact that you opened up the drone at the gimbal area and gave me a sneak peak. I should have my drone by Friday May 5 2017, so we'll go from there and I'll probably post my maiden voyage video, just so everyone can see.

  12. Wow, I can't believe you paid that much for this drone. I just got is for $230 and the gimbal for $30. Wow. This thing don't even come close to the MAVIC. Good video bud. AWSOME info. Well done.

  13. Whats the price of gopro 3+ black?

  14. $299.00 I want to know if anyone has a GoPro 4 Black for sale

  15. This company has been a nightmare to deal with. They have a common software issue that mine experienced. 4 weeks ago I sent my request for a solution and was told that it would be 2-3 week for it to be reviewed. It still has not been reviewed! After my purchase I found an article in Forbes Magazine pretty much saying that their new technology gave them the ability to take over the industry, but apparently they screwed something up because the article also said they are struggling to stay alive. BUYER BEWARE

  16. is gimbal good for gopro 5 black ??

  17. is it compatible with gopro 5 black as well ??

  18. How can I up load it to the web?

  19. Do you have to have a GoPro 3+ or can you just use a GoPro hero 3

  20. Good vid, BestBuy has these at $300 right now and you can get it with a gimbal, spare battery and two extra props!

  21. cuando voy a poner el video no me da con el drone. q puedo hacer?

  22. Great review, I just bought 3DR SOLO Drone Bundle and Now I am looking for a Video that can tell me if i can use Go Pro Hero 5 and i was lot in Instagram no just hero 3 and 4, if thats the case then i will get hero 4 Black but i really want hero 5

  23. For $418 at Best Buy I got everything including extra battery can't wait for hurricane to pass so I can check it out.

  24. $379 at Best Buy –> No brainer

  25. The prices have dropped on the 3DR Solo! Got one and LOVE IT!!!! Have had no issues. I have sample footage on my channel. Butter smooth video. I'm an amateur drone pilot and it makes me look like a pro. https://www.amazon.com/Quadcopter-Bundle-Backpack-Battery-Propellers/dp/B01C7HJ554/ref=as_li_ss_tl?ie=UTF8&qid=1475726060&sr=8-1&keywords=3dr+solo&linkCode=ll1&tag=a41a9-20&linkId=6f23edf510580711a0b964c340d34320

  26. I've been doing research about aerial drone for my video production. I don't want to spend money on Chinese-made products like DJI drones. So my choice has narrowed down to 3DR. But after reading 3DR's users' experience, I am so turned off by 3DR customer service records. 3DR needs to get their act together on customer service or die (bankrupt) as a company!

  27. If you update the GoPro, then you get control of the settings in the app.

  28. I just got mine for $1000 bucks, Solo, Gimbal, and Case combo deal. Already had the gopro. This is my first all in one bought drone, all my other drones I have built myself with various controller boards like the KKK, the apm from 3D robotics and of course the DJI's. This thing flies perfect right out of the box in literally minutes. It does not have really good range, but I did spend a little more and got FPV long range's antenna for the Solo and they boast a boost to 1.5 to 2 miles with this 10.5 db antenna in perfect conditions. Farther with amplifiers. So far I'm liking it, but in all fairness I have never flown a phantom to make an honest comparison. My budget doesn't allow me to buy ALL the drones on the market 🙂

  29. could it be used with the 360?

  30. Would this Drone be worth it if I can get a new one for $1099 with a gopro hero 4 black, gimbol, and extra battery?

  31. Such a nice review! Thx)

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