Actually, last time you made an appearance. You blew up at 125. yep yep last year, so were out at tomahawk at max im, going to throw this out there right off the bat just to protect my dignity. Tyler is so ridiculously fast on this track that please disregard how much faster his lap times will be than mine. I swear that if tomak came here, tyler would be tonight no way no way. Okay, telemachs a bad example. Yeah youd be close. You he could get. Second, to tone: mac lets, put it out of a two man: race tylers been killing it. This outdoor season, um got a top. You got 16 got a bunch of top 20s doing better than i ever did in outdoors. What were going to do? This is a super requested video. We have a brand new 2022 husky 350. were gon na, compare it to tyler. This is your race bike right. So this is a 2021 2020 2020 cowie 450. And what do you have done? Uh suspension rec loose and a pipe uh uh torque driver clues right, yeah tour drive and were running good gas in it, so good gas that those are a kit forks right yeah. Are they bigger, actually bigger, forks, no theyre, not theyre, just kyb cowie comes with a kit, internals yeah, all that stuff. You got a cool like kind of factory looking shifter and some foot pegs and some good titanium foot, pegs, um gripper seat thats about the tires and good tires uh stock sprocket.

Oh i went to a 49.. Oh, you did went one down, yeah wow. Okay, so i mean i say, not a whole lot done, but thats a good amount of stuff. The suspension is a big difference, im very curious to fuel that a kit suspension versus the stock suspension on this husky. Well, both ride them one lap. Each everyone knows the rules well get our lap times and then well get our feedback after we ride them um. What do you want to ride? Yours first log, a lap with my gopro on sure, yeah? Okay, okay, Applause, hmm, Music. Hmm um, Music Applause, Music Applause, Music Applause, Music lets see it that lap went really quick by the way. This is weird: Music, Music, hmm, Music, Music, um Music. So okay lets hear it. My suspension is definitely better. Okay, oh, but i like the motor on this. A lot better really, even though its its a 350 right, yeah, isnt, its just so smooth and towards like the rev limiter, it starts to get like it keeps pulling so the cali kind of gets like it runs out. What would anything else? Stick out as being really good or really bad. What about the brakes? The brakes are so difficult. Well, the brakes are way better. Amazing right did you notice the wing in the seat? Dont you like no, but it was nice right. I probably yeah yeah, but yeah im. Definitely getting a ktm husky next really yeah.

Do you think you were just now faster on this or faster on that? Probably on that one, because i made a few mistakes on this bike. I overshot a couple things uh. Do you think that you could be competitive racing a 450 outdoor on that bike, yeah wow? Definitely maybe to start it might might get me because im not the best starter. When youre racing you could probably ride that thing. Hardly oh yeah because it kind of feels like a 250, but it pulls a lot more. This is how this works. Tyler. I almost forgot how my own freaking videos were. You got ta. You got ta rate them one to ten, so your cali 450 one to ten off top of your head. What do you give it? An eight okay brakes are pretty shot on it. Okay, i love my back brakes. Okay, uh the 2022 husky 350. other than the suspension like, but thats, easily fixable, like eight or nine eight or nine you got to give me. You got to be precise. Eight points, 8.5 wow were gon na, go a little better okay and he yeah. When i, when i say one lap, everyone knows the rules, i never just do one lap. He legitimately just did one lap, so he got one lap ever on that bike other than like the levers like. If i set this up to, like my ball, like the bars itd, be even better yeah thats zero setup, he hopped on it, wrote it for one lap pretty much at speed without even getting warmed up back suspension versus a kit suspension and that ones still ranked Higher thats, pretty impressive, okay, um, im gon na go, do one lap each if we could put that suspension.

Dont make fun of my lap times compared to his oh, he we were sitting here talking and he got back so quick after his time. Hes going to be 10 seconds a lot faster, i found more 20 20 calorie 450. one lap in those rules. Are you going to go out living? What are you going to go out with me? Yeah, Music, everybody watches videos, Applause, Music, um, Music, Applause, Applause, Music Applause. I love eating roost all right bat. How slow did it feel like? I was going youre a lot slower on the cali, a lot slower on the couch. Oh yeah, you made a lot more mistakes. Oh see, i felt the opposite. Im pumping up the wazoo two left, wonder whoa. I was also getting pressure from the back. I would have liked to ease in and maybe go a little slower. I was riding a little harder than i wanted to hes, probably still all of six to eight seconds. A lot faster would be my guess, but who knows? Kylie 450 wrote that one first things i noticed rides ever so slightly. I know i got ta. Add more sag barely, but that is maybe the best fork. Ive ever felt dude its nice. You could plow through anything as fast as possible and you can just go right through it and you can change like the spring with the air. It doesnt feel rigid at all. It feels like mush. It just goes through everything back end, accelerating felt great, i mean that suspension is amazing.

Um his steering stem is wicked tight, which i actually liked. I really liked that bike and your bike fell freaking fast, but your bikes never feel fast for cowie 450, especially compared to like riding mine. I feel like uh thats, that things good im gon na give it a eight nine um, the husky i got on this one second. He says i was faster on it. I probably was i guess, but the fork when you compare it to that. Yes, its not as good it doesnt have as much hold up but for stock suspension. Youve got to admit this is very good. Yeah! Okay, oh wait! No! This isnt stock, its valve its got factory connection suspension, um. Nowhere near the hold up on this. Compared to that one, but then again thats that thats, a kit so thats, very those, are very expensive clips. The difference it feels like these are more hollow yeah right, so it its still plush, but you can feel it when it kind of gives way. Those never reach that point. Yours are just like and it never ends right, so you could hit the biggest bumps ever, which theres some big bumps out there already i dont know if gopro would do justice and it never feels like its blowing through the stroke. It is amazing i like the chassis of this bike better, i think thats, what i like its super narrow. It feels amazing the bars like it feels flickable.

I like the way it turns like its so easy to turn where that one feels like a tank compared to this one. Trying to i apologize that my scale is all over the place. Ive got some complaints from some people on in my inner circle. Theyre saying my ranking is all over the place. Mackenzie and ross are a little bit mad that i ranked his bike so low. My scale is all over the place so im trying the more i do this, the more ill ill hone in on on my scores, but off the top of the dome right now im going to give it a 9 4. thanks, tyler steppick hes, going to get A two digit number next year i dont know im gon na, have him on team cat and zero. We got to get this guy in supercross. Hes got to score two more points at many os hell get his super cross points watch out for him on tv. They call him stephik its pronounced epic, so make sure we send grant langston a message, send jason weigan a message. Let them know they got to pay attention to this guy hes very fast way faster than i ever was outdoors and well make him just as fast as super crosstalk. There you have it 2020 kowi 450 versus the husky 350. guys. I recommend if you can get a 350 or over 450 all day long. The average rider like should not be on a 450, get a 350.

Your perfect amount of power. Trust me on that one. Thank you guys for watching subscribe to the moto academy. Uh maybe follow on instagram whats, your instagram tyler, stephen thats, my name s, t e p e k, Music, tyler snappy.