Today i have a diatone roma l5 here that can run 4s 6s and it can run a lion. 4S. 18650 pack, with 3 500 milliamp on there we’re gon na test that today and we’re gon na put it head to head in competition with the hglrc recon 5.. This is my recon 5 sitting over here on the bench and for the past 30 days or so i’ve been coveting that quad, because it is an ultralight, 5 inch rig. It is almost the same type of specs as what we have here with the l5. Now the recon 5 is sort of a stretch dead cat. If you will, it has arms that stretch forward in the front and extended rear arms with dji crossfire gps, all the bells and whistles on this one, a pretty nice heavy duty, camera shroud up front made out of tpu, and this one also has a nice heavy Duty, camera protection up front with aircraft aluminum, as dietone always does making their stuff look pretty nice, and it has straighter arms in the front versus the the arms in the front of this one that are slowing forward so straight across dead cat, and we have similar Weights – and we also have similar motors but what’s so important about this video is in this flight test. The l5 beat out the recon 5.. So why did it do that i’m, not totally sure, but i do have to tell you that this quad is running 1700 kv motors and we’ve talked about low kv motors for long lion pack flight times before, and here we are again, this one has 1800 kv.

24 1800 kv versus 1700k could 100k make such a difference. I think you’ll be surprised. It was really windy, even windier today, when i flew this one the other day. I put this one down a little before it’s time right around it. When it was right around around 2.8 2.7 volt per cell for a lion pack, you could go down to 2.8 safely. But when you land that voltage is going to go up, so your resting voltage is going to be different than what you’re seeing on the screen. Your per cell average, so when you’re flying lions first rule of thumb is make sure you have up on screen your total battery telemetry and you want your per cell voltage displayed on the screen so that you can see that you don’t go down past 2.8, when You start to fly past 2.8 again when you land it will go up a little bit. So at that point you want to be kind of near the home point when you land, so you can check your battery checker, but this one landed again with plenty of extra juice in the pack at 33 minutes. So this one got 33 minutes 28 minutes on this pack and i believe you can get well over 30 minutes with either one of these quads, so the debate on which is better it’s out there. But in my opinion i think the i think the l5 might be able to get a little bit longer flight time just because they went 100kb lower than the recon 5.

. So recon 5 still one of my all time. Favorites – and i would have to say at this point right now – we’re looking at a best for this one, winning in the longest flight time and that’s. What this video is all about is long range fpv for an ultralight, five inch rig and seeing which one of these two would get the longest flight time, also kind of just giving you a brief overview and a review of the l5 and hopefully helping your decision On which one you’re going to buy so this is my testing. Take it with a grain of salt. I did use the same exact batteries and it was windier today with this one, so 33 minute flight time and i feel like i could have squeaked out another minute or two, maybe even getting 35 minutes with the l5. So that is unheard of with a five inch. Fpv long range quad, so let’s go ahead and do the test now let’s jump right into it and fly the l5 for you, i’m gon na put the time code up on the screen and you can see for yourself after that. We’Ll give you some final thoughts and an after flight report. Here we go guys let’s check out the new best, all right, guys, we’re going to do the diatone l5 flight test and we’re going to get over 33 minutes flight time now in the goggles. It doesn’t record the osd, so i had to put the time code down below for this particular recording, but in final cut pro, it seems like i can’t get the time code to zero out at the beginning of this flight.

So it’s gon na reset here in a minute you’ll see it set back to zero on the far right now, it’s, counting three four five and the zero one on the far left of the screen. Don’T worry about that. We are going to land over 30 minutes. Uh 33 minutes to be exact around 33 minutes and 20 seconds was what i got in my osd on my dji goggles from takeoff, so that’s, pretty cool, sit back and enjoy the flight now and enjoy the music along with the flight, and proof is right here In the footage so we’re going to go ahead and test out this 4s 3500 milliamp pack from zod. I think you’ll be impressed that this is some of the longest flight time of any bind and fly 5 inch quad out there on the market; Music, Laughter, Music, Music, Music, Music, so Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, my Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, so Music, Music, Music, so Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, all right guys! That is the end of the flight test for the l5, with the 4s 18650 pack on here, and this one is the 3500 milliamp lion battery i’ll put a link down below for this one, because 30 33 minutes and i still had juice left in the pack. I’Ll show you on the screen right now what i had left in the pack um kind of crazy, because if you’re watching that flight test, you saw the trees blowing it’s, probably about a 25 mile, an hour wind at the top end of the the wind spectrum.

Today so um kind of crazy that this was able to come down, not super hot and the motors came down cool everything is super cool. I wish i had a temp gun down here because um it is really really cool. So i got a longer flight time with this one than i did on. One of my favorite long range five inch, this hdl rc recon 5., so this was kind of a versus video a little bit. I just kind of wanted to to see what the l5 was capable of in comparison and looks like these motors are 2004 1700 kv. The recon has 2004 1800 kv, so diatom went just a little lower on their kv on these 1700. I think that made the difference so uh 33 minutes. I could probably if i, if i wasn’t scared of damaging my battery, i could probably squeak out 35 minutes. With this i mean that’s crazy, so one of the best long range quads that you can pick up right now for the longest flight time in the five inch category class so um. These are two of the top ultra lights right now that can run lyon packs. I will put both of these links down below you guys can decide which one you want to get. You can mount an action cam to either one of these. So, oh man, that is just one of the coolest things, one of the coolest things and again i don’t say everything’s the best until i’ve actually tested it in comparison to what else is available.

So if you see a best video come up, it might be currently the best um choice, the best choice. So keep that in mind things change over time and not everything’s the best. But things do change and companies pay attention to what other companies are doing and they’re trying to outdo each other. So in this case it looks like diatone has a little longer flight time and 1700 kv motors, lower kv, longer flight time, so long range that’s. What it’s all about minimal throttle input, low kv motors and just keeping the nose of the quad up and in forward flight, and you get the longest flight time. So, thanks again for watching my testing guys stay humble and kind out there and please do subscribe on. My channel, i will bring you lots and lots of testing with all these different quads and give you the honest to goodness truths.