You are going to stick to your guns and you say your peace and you prepare for the inevitable backlash and instead of arguing with you, the other person goes youre right and then you kind of have the rug pulled right out from underneath you thats kind of How i feel today, because this is the diatone roma f5v1, and i reviewed this uh some months ago, and i liked it a lot, but there were like three things about it that i was like geez diatone. If you would just change these things like this would be hands down the best quad you could get for the money on the market today and you know what they kind of did. Im joshua bardwell, youre gon na learn something today: Music Applause, Music, the diatone roma v2. That im reviewing in this video was sent to me by diatone for this review. I did not purchase it with my own money. I have not received any cash or other compensation in exchange for this video and no one has had any approval or control or preconditions on the contents of this video before it was released. This is the very diatom roma, f5 v1 that i reviewed some months ago, and i point that out to you, because i want you look at it. Has this been sitting on a shelf a lot of times a reviewer will review a product theyll. Maybe theyll use it for a couple weeks.

Then theyll review. It then theyll set it aside. Theyll, never look at it again, and i want you to see that that has not been the case for this quadcopter. In fact, i recently did a training event uh and i needed some analog quads, because the people that i was working with were on analog, and i grabbed this off the shelf and i flew this quad for two whole weeks and yeah its still here. And i point that out because one of the complaints about the diatone roma v1 that has been addressed in the v2 is the durability, and i just want you guys to know that when i say the durability of the v1 was okay. For me, like youll, hear stories from people and theyll say: oh, i crashed it into a grassy field at two miles an hour and from ten feet off the ground and the freaking arm broke. Those stories are out there and theres too many of them to just dismiss them, but for me at least this has been more than acceptable, which means that the improvements that they made for the v2 should make it even better lets. Take a closer look now, ive. Just removed the v2 here from the box and ive left it in its complete sort of factory trim, because i want you to see how much effort diaton has gone to to make this more accessible for beginners. For example, theres markers theyve taken out theyve taken a lesson from dji.

They put markers on the motors to tell you which direction the props should go. Its spinning props in some people will find that to be a controversial choice but uh so be it. You are a beginner and you want to know more about props in versus props out and how to install props ive got a video props for noobs and its all the things that everybody assumes you already know link down in the video description. If you want to check that out, when youre done with this one, there is a pre wired receiver plug here. This is the plug and play version, which means it doesnt come with a receiver. But diatom makes this as easy as it can be. Weve got a wiring guide here and it shows the wiring for the pre soldered plug and it comes with a ready to go plug for a freesky rxsr. So if you are using a freesky rxsr you just plug in that plug and youre good to go. No soldering, on the other hand, if you have any other receiver, it comes with this plug which can plug into here and solder up, although at that point you kind of might as well just solder it directly to the flight controller uh thats up to you here On the xd60 diatone lets, you know whether this is a 4s or a 6s quad. Of course, us pros. No, you can just look at the motor kv, but for someone whos just starting out thats, not so obvious and a reminder to connect the video transmitter antenna before you plug in the lipo or you can burn out the video transmitter v1 of the diatone roma.

F5. Really impressed me its lightweight it, not ultra lightweight for a 5 inch, freestyle, quad but reasonably lightweight, and that combined with the 2207.5 motors and diatones, pretty good factory pid tune meant that it flew really well. So how does the v2 stack up? Well, the v1 comes in at 340 grams, thats, obviously without props and without the side plates so ill. Just pull the side plates off the v1 here, and it comes in at 370 grams, so its 30 grams heavier more give or take wheres. That weight coming from the v2 has 2306.5 motors instead of the 2207.5 of the v1, and that those are pretty similar in size and weight most of the time, although i havent weighed them individually, so i dont think thats making up the difference. The v2 has got a gps on it, and that is adding a little bit of weight. The gps unit itself weighs a few grams and, of course, weve got this great big hunk in 3d print, and that plastic adds a little bit of weight as well. The vtx on the v2 has been upgraded from 400 milliwatts to 1 watt, and that was one of my biggest complaints. The v1 was so good, but a 400 milliwatt video transmitter, in my opinion, is just not enough for the kind of things that freestyle pilots usually want to do. We need penetration through buildings and obstacles and so forth, and one watt is a great place to be, but you can see here its got a much bigger heat sink and thats, adding a fair amount of weight.

The thickness of the arms on the v2 hasnt changed, but you can see here that the taper, the profile has changed to add a little bit more thickness up here. One of the biggest complaints about the v1 was that the arms just broke way too easily. Here on the v1 weve got this straight line to a relatively thin point here, whereas on the v2, the arm is thicker overall and is a little bit tapered and expands outward with a curve, and that has significantly increased the durability. Although by adding a little bit more weight, finally, you can see on the v1 that the front end was held in with m2 hardware, whereas on the v2, its got m3 hardware thats added a little bit of carbon here to accommodate the larger screw holes. The hardware itself is heavier and its not obvious from a visual inspection, but this front end is now a titanium steel alloy instead of 7075 aluminum and thats going to is that going to add weight? Well, im not going to take it apart, just to weigh the individual pieces, but because that sounds like a pain in the butt, but i dont know maybe titaniums lighter than aluminum. It really depends anyway, its about 30 grams heavier well. The only thing to do, then, is to see if the v2 flies as good as the v1, its 30 grams heavier its got. A little bit different motors were going to give it a rip.

Oh by the way, ive also put an express lrs receiver on here and its the half gram, tiny micro express lrs receiver with a little ceramic antenna im going to be doing a range test of that, so definitely get subscribed and hit the notification bell. If you dont want to miss it, Music lets do a punch out yeah it doesnt punch out like a 700 gram, but its not bad didnt hear any prop wash there Music. It definitely doesnt corner like a 600 gram quad. But then why would it its not a 600 gram, quad ive been taking lessons from stinging power. Looptastic power loop, the world, pretty smooth, oh boy, yeah, Music. I like it how about the vtx that one watt vtx feeling pretty good? We can put it on the power meter and measure it, but just uh. You know my gut check seat of the pants impression from flying. It is that that one watt is pretty legit a little break up there, but im not facing that direction. Whoa, hello, Music. There is a little prop watch. Finally, we 3.5 volts Applause. Music Applause come on come on, come on yes, 3.5 volts, Music, that was kind of cool lets quit while im ahead. Hey there folks joshua from the future. Here before we take the claims about the output power of this video transmitter too seriously lets just stick. This immersion rc rf power meter on here and see if it actually makes the rated output power, and we got to take this with a grain of salt, because this is not lab grade equipment.

But lets just see if its like in the ballpark, and the first thing i noticed when i plugged this in – is that it is only outputting three milliwatts and the reason for that is that its in pit mode. In fact, if we look at the users manual really great, that diatone includes, like users manuals for all their stuff cool cool – i mean a lot of people dont do that these days it says that the video transmitter will default to three milliwatts when its in pit Mode, but i cant figure out why its in pit mode, because, like oh hey, were using another cool feature here, which is that this flight controller has wi fi. So you can actually connect to it with wi fi with your phone and use the runcam speedy b. App to configure it without ever plugging in thats pretty slick, so it says that it pit mode is three milliwatts, but i cant figure out why its in pit mode, i dont, have any attention attenuation in here and the frequency is about right for race eight. Well, i dont know if you are going to be able to see this on camera, but we do have a little bit of a kink there in the pigtail. Could that be it lets, try it with a different pigtail and see if the pigtail is whats, causing it and well know pretty quickly, because its set to 800 milliwatts so thats reading 4 microwatts see the micro there dont.

Let that fool you ah yep theres 700 milliwatts right there uh yeah, so the pigtail was messed up that may have gotten done. This is joshua from the future. Ive crashed the crap out of this durability, testing coming in a little later in the video yeah. So ive crashed the crap out of it and it probably thats, probably when the uh pigtail got messed up but uh there you go so the video transmitter seems to be in the ballpark of legit, but that pigtail the way theyve got it mounted. And this 3d printed holder, let it get a little messed up. Well, that was all pretty fun. I think it flies pretty good, not quite the same lightweight flickability as the original i think, but certainly perfectly good for a typical sort of five inch mini quad. The big question, though, is how much did diaton improve the durability compared to the v1, and i think i know the perfect way to test that ghost branch fpv. One of my patrons in my discord is always challenging me to trippy spin around this tree and i am bad at trippy spins, so lets. Try it and crash a lot and see if the durability has improved. This is going to be very hard to trippy spin around, like this is a hell of a thing. Well, flight controller, rebooted Music. Was that a trippy spin, oh gopro! Where did you go so? How did it hold up to that durability? Testing? Well, it didnt break, but then again ive been flying the v1 for a while, which some people said was uh.

This is so weak. I cant believe anyone would fly it and it also didnt break. So the fact that i didnt break it may not say much but ive been keeping my ear to the ground in the diatone facebook group and other places around the internet. And i think there is a general consensus that the diatone roma f5 v2 has largely fixed its durability issue. Obviously anything will break if you hit it hard enough, but no longer are people saying. Oh, i just crashed into a bag of pillows and the arm snapped at the tiniest breath of wind. In fact, some people are even saying holy cow. I beat the crap out of it and it held in there. So the frame is durable, but all is not perfect. Uh wheres, the gps unit, i dont, know its gone, and the 3d print that weve got here seems like it could use a little bit of improvement. We can see that its tearing away here at a layer line that may contribute to why the gps is gone and uh our yeah so could be better there. Our vtx antenna is also sort of breaking out, although i dont know i cant tell if its still in one piece but yeah its, that that rear 3d print seemed to do a lot better on the v1. It seems to be a lot more durable on the v1 and hold up a lot better im, not sure why so the durability is greatly improved and the flight characteristics well.

The quad is 30 grams heavier and with the v1, one of the things i pointed out was that it had a little more of a lightweight nimble characteristic to the way it flies compared to something like the iflight nozzle uh v2, which was just a little bit. Heavier and they just have its own character, if you will, with the additional 30 grams of weight on the uh diatone v2, it loses some of that character and flies more like a typical, its, not heavy, but flies more like a typical five inch freestyle quad. All of which is to say its not bad, weve just traded a little bit of weight for a little bit of durability, and that seems to be a trade off that people are pretty happy to make given how vocally people complain about the v1. So how does it fly? You saw it fly and ive got no like complaints, but it is worth pointing out. The diatone made some really weird choices in their pid tune for this guy, for example, bi directional d shot theyre, not using it, and yes, the esc does support it. I tested it. Why? Wouldnt you use bi directional d shot because it just objectively makes most squads fly better. And if you look at the filter, settings, theyve turned the d term slider down to 0.8, and my personal philosophy is anytime. You see a quad with the filter. Slider turned down from 1.0, then somethings wrong, like.

Why would you if there was not a problem with frame resonance or some other like gyro problem you were trying to solve? Why would you turn it down? Why wouldnt you be turning it up to make the quad fly better. The thing is people have this frame, and this frame doesnt have any major resonance issues. So i cant understand why diatone turned the d term filter down to 0.8 again objectively, making the quad fly worse, and if you did have like filtering problems, you were trying to solve. Why wouldnt you use bi, directional d, shot and rpm filtering, which is a very, very effective way of solving those problems. In addition, the pids that diaton is using are really freaking, weird, the p and the d gains are fairly low, which i guess you could explain. As this is a bind and fly quad for the masses, so you dont want to sort of tune it to the edge and then have it like fly away or smoke motors. If people fly it with a maybe a bent prop, but the eye gains like on pitch the eye gain is much lower than on roll and yaw, and normally that would have something to do with the weight distribution. But the this is a pure x layout. The we should have the weight distribution should be pretty much the same. I guess the battery is longer than wider, but its really weird that they have eye gain so low on pitch and anyway flies fine.

It could probably be tuned a lot better. Its not a deal breaker for me, but it is pretty weird. The other thing that weve got ta talk about, then, is the price and were at a really weird time right now in our hobby, because this quad sells for 270 dollars and the iflight nozzle v2, which i think is its major competitor. If you find it in stock right now, it sells for about 210 thats without a receiver for both of them so add in the price of a receiver, but thats apples to apples 210 for the nozzle v2 is its so much cheaper than this. Why is it so much cheaper, theyre, very comparable? The nozzle has an f4 processor. This has an f7 that thats about it. Thats the only place the nozzle its got, probably better motors, because iflight makes good motors the nozzle doesnt have a gps. The nozzle has a one watt vtx the same as this theyre very comparable. The reason that the nozzle is so much cheaper is that in the last six months or a year, every electronic component has gone up in price. By like between two and five times, the exact number varies, but theyve gone up a lot and the nas goal hasnt been hit by that. Yet because theyre still selling out the last batch of nozzles that iflight made at that lower price point. Whereas this diatone is eating that higher price and thats, why its so much more expensive, so if you can buy a nozzle v2 for 210 right now, go do it, it is.

You are not going to see a deal that good again until the price of electrons come back down, and this 279 dollar price or 270 price for the diaton roma, f5 v2 should actually be compared to the new iflate ethos. I think theyre calling it, which is the new version of the nas ghoul, the ethos, costs 300 bucks and that is more or less apples to apples with this so 279 dollars for the diaton roma, f5. V2. Its going to hurt, if you still have your head in 2020 pricing, but actually its a pretty good deal compared to stuff thats coming out now in 2021, and i hope to god that, if youre watching this in 2022 or 2023, that things are better, we used To be able to buy really good five inch biden flies for like 200. They were such good times so final word diatone fixed, basically everything that i complained about on the v1 here with the v2 improved durability, great video transmitter, uh great flight controller. Great i mean the flight controller was always great great good esc motors Music. There have been some durability. Complaints about the motors, but theyve beefed them up a little motor is pretty good. Dont know whats going on with this gps and this 3d print in the back. I probably would replace that with a more durable 3d print, but the day i got this quad, but other than that it seems like a pretty good deal at a pretty good price.

If youre looking for a five inch bind and fly in the world of 2021 theres links down in the video description and they are affiliate links and in case youre new here. That means, when you click that link and then make any purchase at the affiliated store. I get a small commission its an easy way for you to smart support. The channel, just click, the link fill up your cart, anything you buy, i get it. I get a cut from not just this one product click. The link fill up your cart check out. I get a little commission its an easy way for you to support me. Doesnt cost you anything thanks. So much for watching happy flying. You guys i dont know where i am, and i i dont know whats going to happen, but if i dont make it out of this, i just want to know that you subscribe to my channel or maybe join my patreon or click. One click.