What is going on guys harley here welcome back to another episode of mixed reviews. Today is going to be such a good one, it’s all about getting the sickest angles, but before we hop into that there’s one thing i want to ask you to do and it’s please subscribe. If you have not already, we drop two new videos every single week give the video a thumbs up. If you enjoy it, it really helps the channel grow and it would mean the world to me and my king editor cameraman tj, the guy behind the scenes. Doing all the heavy lifting so we’re gon na hop right into this one in three two one in the quest for the sickest angles. You absolutely need to have a drone. If you’re doing anything outdoors, you got ta get the aerial shots. You got ta get the motion shots whatever it is. Drone footage really takes your production quality to the next level. Now we got two bad boys sitting right here. One you may have heard of it. It’S, the dji mavic mini dgi has been making drones for a hot minute now, they’re, probably one of the best in the space, and they put out incredible products. They come at a you, know, incredible price, but it’s, because the quality of what they do this guy over here in the unmarked kind of questionable black box came from our friends over at wish, not sponsored not a supplier of ours, but we wanted to do a Comparison between you know, one of the top end products and the cheapest drone we could buy to see which one’s gon na be better, so we’re gon na unbox.

Both of these we’re gon na show you the difference. We’Ve got some footage to share with you. You’Re not gon na want to miss it. Let’S hop in the unboxing right now. Music, so in here got the case in a few different boxes. In the box it’s a really quality zipper it’s got a hefty zip to it. Compared to the wish friend, we have the drone itself camera right in there. You can just tell from the build quality how much sturdier this thing actually feels compared to the other one. It is still plastic, but it’s just a much much higher grade plastic and it feels really really nice, and here you have the battery packs there’s a battery in the drone. We did some filming earlier today, but this is really neat. It actually charges all of the batteries in here and it’ll show you the life. So you can hold the three batteries in here and when you’re charging it, you just charge it directly from this power bank and it’ll charge all three of the batteries. At the same time, we have the controller at the two toggles. They actually have little joysticks in here, which is really neat they screw in here, and then they attach right there. So they store away that way. They don’t get broken off or anything they just kind of hide right in there, and then this is actually where your phone goes with this little lightning port adapter for iphone inside there is actually an android adapter as well.

If you use an android device um but yeah, you hook your phone right in there antennas and you’re good to go Applause in here. This is where the power bank is user manual. In this big boy we have the propeller guard, so this is going to be the shroud that protects the propellers from trees or walls. Anything like that. You put this on the drone and it’s gon na act as a bumper. So that way, you don’t find anything like we may or may not have done with the wish drone, but that’s everything in the box there’s a lot of stuff. You get a ton of goodies and i believe this is priced right under 300, so it’s a pretty quality, buy you’re getting a lot of stuff. Everything feels very, very sturdy. It’S, a quality brand dji is very, very known, so we’ll see how this compares to the wish product. So here they both are side by side. Let’S. Take them to the air we’re out here. Flying this thing, it’s pretty rough, so there’s no actual memory card everything’s ran through the app it needs to be connected via wi fi to the device, the range isn’t great. So it does disconnect fairly often um and it’s a little hard to control, but from the app you can go ahead and we should be able to. I don’t know what language this is in, but we’re just going to go this one and you can see now we’re going to be recording video, but now it’s not flying there.

We go forward there, we go Music. Oh there we go get some video on there. It’S not connected oh cool, okay, disconnected so i’m, not able to shoot video but we’re, going to reconnect it and try to hopefully get some footage and so hard towards the fence. I didn’t want to go over the fence, so i kind of crash landed it. So, every time it crashes you have to turn the drone off. You have to turn the app off. You have to restart the app to turn the remote control off turn the road control back on and then jiggle the oh. There we go yeah let’s. Do it all right, Music, i don’t think that’s how it’s supposed to work? Okay, oh no, this arm’s kind of not looking too hot. It already disconnected at 360 mode, no joke dude! Dude! This thing is not working Music, let’s, move on to the dji! First and foremost, the feel of this is so much nicer turn it on connect aircraft connect, the mavic mini Music, already it actually stabilizes itself, it’s not trying to fly into the fence it’s not trying to blow away. I don’t have to do anything and it’s staying right there. The image quality is significantly higher, even though this has a 10 times price point. I feel like the experience is already 10 times better: Music, oh Music, Music and she’s down night and day as you can tell, there is a huge gap between the performance of both of these as to be expected.

This is about a 40 drone. This is about a 400 drone. I do think this is a 10 times better product, though the stability, the control, the camera. This thing looks like you’re, shooting out of like a 1970s like camcorder and you’re uploading it to vhs and you’re, putting it in fast forward. It’S got like the wave and everything it’s bad it’s, really bad um. This thing is a really really good budget drone compared to its bigger brother. It doesn’t necessarily stand up. It does shoot 2.7 k, it’s not 4k by any means. It is really good, though you don’t have quite the range that you would get with the bigger dji and it is a little unstable just because it’s so light it’s, so small under high winds. So if you live in a windy area, that’s, definitely something to consider. I wouldn’t even buy this at all unless you have a small child that you just want to gift it to and watch them crash it it’s really hard to fly. This thing takes the cake time and time again the footage speaks for itself. The control speaks for itself, this thing’s broken after um, maybe about 20 minutes of flying time and it’s. Definitely not user friendly. The app everything’s in chinese it’s kind of hard to navigate so i’m. Pretty sure that you know is the definition of you get what you pay for when it comes to the most expensive in its class to the absolute cheapest.

So hopefully you guys enjoyed this, hopefully got a laugh out of this footage. Um. Thank you guys. So much for watching, please give the video a thumbs up if you enjoyed, as i mentioned, don’t forget to subscribe. We post two new videos every single week. Thank you guys so much.