Sometimes we are flying in the places that make us just pray to the prop guts, not to lose control over the quad or not to lose the quad in general. But what i like more than praying to the prop guts is actually preparing, so the prop guts cannot randomly decide that. Actually, today is the day of the sacrifice. You know what im saying so today. I want to share with you three tips on how to prepare your quad to always find it in case of emergency lets. Go you remember my slovenia video, you probably know what happened so if you havent seen it check it out just right here in the cards and generally, what happened is that i lost control over my drone due to reasons and circumstances that i will talk about in The video next week so be sure that you are subscribed, so you will not miss it uh, but anyway, i have lost control over the quad and it fell straight down into the woods now that was this squad, so we have found it now. I want to share with you a couple of things that i always keep in mind and a thing that is kind of like a gadget abundance. Something like this. So number one is dvr recording. I know its totally a cliche, but trust me. Some pilots are still not using dvr, and some of the goggles are still not equipped with such a high tech.

So dvr recording may actually help you in two ways. Whenever you get lost, while doing some long range on mid range or eventually when your battery is not able to make it all the way back, you can find some characteristic places that you can later found in the google maps while searching for audio dvr and just Land, next to the most characteristic thing that you have seen that you can maybe later find and just basically drive there and get your quad now number two, and this is what happened to us: you lose the er ceiling or you lose the vision or your battery. Just decides like hey: six cells are kind of not good enough, so lets just make it five, and your drone just falls off the sky with the grace of a stone. You know what im saying you can always check out your dvr and basically compare the things that you have seen in your camera with the things that are available on the google maps, since you basically know where you are flying from, and you maybe know which way You were going, then its easier for you to actually check where it was now. Here is what we saw in our dvr and how we actually found out the place using google maps. So this is what we initially did in slovenia, but this is not everything that will help you with finding your drone, because yeah we knew basically which area.

But where is it exactly because i mean the woods are kind of big number, two hell gate or any other battery powered buzzer. Now, if you want to throw on me things like – oh, my god, its five grams, more or oh, my god, its so expensive yeah, but losing the quad with a really nice camera is definitely much more expensive and it gets those five grams. I mean i get it and its fine hellgate or any other battery powered buzzer ensure that even if your quad falls off the sky and battery unplugs or if its really far away and the battery dies before you get to your drone, the buzzer will still be Beeping and it actually beeps louder and louder with any particular time that is set in the buzzer itself. So it actually helps a lot whenever you had a really nasty crash, and this is nothing that the motor sounds that some people use actually can give. Because, with the monitor, sounds your battery pops out or just dies and then thats it so having. One of those is really really important for you to find it, and this is also what we have done in slovenia. The thing was that the battery was still in so basically what we could do is one we got there with the transmitter and with the goggles, and we got the link and we could just switch it to start beeping for us and it actually did so check Out what happened in the video update? We got a connection, so it should be somewhere near, although we cannot see it so lets see what it is.

We think its my father, okay, so so, whenever you know more or less where the drone is because you had dvr and you compared it with your google maps, you can always go to this place with your goggles and with your transmitter just to be sure that The battery is still plugged in if you just hear the buzzer. While you cannot actually get anything from your radio or from your goggles. You know that the battery is unplugged and if you are lucky enough, you may actually get the link back and then, with a simple switch. You can start locating your drone, what it is exactly so that helps immensely with finding your drone, whatever it may be, especially in the forest. Like trust me offended, isnt, it true, thats hilarious, any type of wi, fi, bluetooth or gps devices. This is something that actually helped us immensely in czech republic when i actually fell off the sky and the castle during the race down the mountain, and we were actually looking for the drone somewhere in the woods on the mountain, and it was pretty pretty not easy. We kind of knew where it went, but we we didnt have a buzzer actually. So that was my mistake, but we did have insta 360 go to camera and a friend of mine jake. Thank you very much. Jake again just went for my phone and we decided to just try to connect it, and we did so when you have any type of a gopro, insta, 360 or codex.

Whatever you have in there, that has bluetooth connection. You can always try to connect your phone with the camera, and then you actually not only get the location that its kind of close, but also you get the picture. So what happened to us in czech was that we actually noticed that. Oh, i actually see one of the hoodies of the guys that was standing there, and this is how we found the drone now other things that you may be using is either chipolo or tile of things like this. That actually get you via bluetooth, but you can also use apple tags because they have gps in them. Theres also a lot of other things that you can just put in which have gps location. But this is something im personally, not using because um one i dont use apple products that much and its kind of expensive, but two im kind of like. Where should i put it, i dont know so. My usual backup is the camera so yeah. This is all i had for you today, and i hope that this short list will help you with making some decisions regarding your long range and mid range setups. So you will be sure that you will not lose your drone anytime soon. I mean losing this footage and the drone is kind of sad by itself. So lets not make it happen. If you enjoyed this video dont forget to leave it a thumbs up to help me make algorithm happy and let me know in the comments down below what are your worst horror stories with losing the quad or looking for a quad.

If you have ever found it, and things like this like for me personally once i was looking for a quad for two days and we have actually found it by an absolute coincidence, so that was really really lucky and prop guards went in my favor thats. It thank you very much for watching and im gon na see you in the next one stay.