What used to cost tens of thousands and require a helicopter and a full crew could now be done with relative ease with a device that could be attached to a backpack and flown pretty much anywhere. Drones were an instant hit so every year since we began to see newer and better versions get released, but weve all felt the same dilemma: honest thoughts, im a little tired of new drones, new drones, smaller more drones, faster drones fpv, unlike a smartphone, where we use Nearly every aspect of the device every day where it may make sense to upgrade every one or two years drones for the most part, are a specialty camera that often time just sit on a shelf and collect dust. Yet every time a new product announcement happens, we all glance over to that dusty shelf and ask ourselves: should we upgrade hey future me here, youre currently watching the video that im editing? So i just want to say that this video gets pretty windy and therefore audio gets kind of questionable, because i didnt have the windscreen for my new stereo mic. But of course, as soon as i wrap all my filming on this, it finally shows up. So if you promise to hit that subscribe button right now, i promise to supply better uh sounding audio in future videos. Thank you continue watching so ive had the first generation mavic pro since pretty much its release in 2016 and ive experienced everything we just talked about.

Ive watched every new release of whatever new drone is coming out and how it has much better resolution. Dynamic range, ai features whatever it is, but i could just never justify it, because my mavic pro only left the shell for very specific projects to grab one or two establishing shots, and even though, were talking about this slightly older air 2s that came out earlier this Year or last year, dji again has upped the came with the mavic 3. and i hope i can check that out soon for another video. But what were talking about today definitely applies to pretty much any drone you may be looking into buying. I just really wanted to see if having a new drone meant more than just a resolution, spec bump, but actually elevated the videos and projects that i worked on, while keeping the workflow efficient. It is truly not the nice summer fall anymore. We got full on gloves and its like 25 degrees, so welcome to the midwest. So arguably pretty much one of the biggest reasons to upgrade is the setup time, and so what i want to check out today is i have my original mavic theres. Actually, an old polar pro case, so everyone has a little different case because they didnt really come in fancy cases back then, and i want to see how long it takes to go from literally you just arrived at your location. You have it sitting here to first take off, and then i want to do the same thing with the mavic air 2s and see how long it takes from going from, in the case, to first takeoff, three two one go: Music, Music, Music.

So the actual setup time didnt seem all that different. To be honest, a lot came down to just the software of the old mavic pro and having to take out my phone. Take it out of the case. I also hate that because then im always putting my phone at risk of dropping it because its such like a weird process, so the smart controller is so much better had to come in the car, its so cold and its even starting to rain. So, on top of the setup time being much faster thanks to the smart controller, the other thing is, of course the drone is physically smaller. Now this wasnt a huge deal to me. The original mavic wasnt like crazy, huge, especially compared to the old phantoms, but the new, smaller design definitely helps fit it into more backpacks better, and i can fit pretty much all the accessories i need with it. The batteries are decently sized smaller and they fly longer. So here we have the first generation and here the air 2s, and you can see that its not a world of difference, but its definitely smaller and more compact from the singular plastic cover compared to the two, which is still allows the gimbal to get loose and Move around to better, more efficient props and, of course, more sensors littered everywhere on it so all around, even though the design itself isnt like hugely different, i mean the mavic 3 is kind of the first id say real redesign in a while.

The smaller form factor. Definitely is much appreciated, so definitely the first reason to upgrade is all around just the new design. The software is better. The physical you know. Drone itself is smaller, the smart controller. I love the new remote controller um. I know it got a lot of hate when it first came out due to software bugs, but at least in my experience, theyve pretty much all been fixed and even the new storage cases that theyre coming in are like awesome. If you dont have like a drone backpack, you could totally just use whatever case it comes in the air. 2S has a really nice case. The mavic 3 looks like a freaking. I mean it is a backpack in itself. The other thing that the air 2s and newer drones in general have gotten a lot better at is definitely the tracking. I have less anxiety when walking around certain obstacles, its still not perfect. I still definitely look up and every once in a while, well see it kind of you know drift, left or right and give me anxiety of like. Is it going to hit that tree, but, thankfully, so far, no crashes or anything, but the biggest one? That shocked me for how much i actually use it, which is almost every time i fly. This thing is master shots. Master shots is a new feature that allows you to pick a subject. It kind of auto looks for a person you just tap on that.

Little plus button, when you hit start, it will tell you hey. This will take two or three minutes you can kind of choose, depending how much battery life and these master shots are insane because, while im talking to the camera right now, the drone is flying itself. Doing all sorts of cool tricks – and this is time that i normally would have to decide. Okay, do i want to talk to camera, because i have to leave in a few minutes or do i want to get the drone shot? And now me, as one person not having a crew or a team im able to get all of that and not really have to worry too much. I mean granted im in an open area. So theres not too many obstacles around, but its really cool that im getting a bunch of really nice drone shots, and i dont even know what they look like yet, Music, all right and finally, we have definitely probably the reason most of us want to upgrade a Drone every year or every couple years is the image quality. It can be a little hard watching youtube videos or online videos in general, because the image gets compressed and when you compare it against other, you know devices. It may not be a huge difference in terms of resolution and detail, but the first time that i imported footage from the air 2s and put it on my ultra fine 5k monitor and i was able to see the full resolution.

I was completely blown away. I mean my original mavic. It looked good, i mean its 4k 24, but an even light like this, which is just general overcast, its 8 bit color and everything just becomes pretty mushy very quickly, especially once you start, you know applying a decent grade to it. With the air 2s, it shoots in 10 bit, which is just going to give you much more flexibility in post and now, with the mavic 3, you can shoot prores raw, which is i mean. The price point makes sense because now its no longer really a consumer drone, that is definitely prosumer pretty much professional drone category. The other big thing for me is dynamic range because so many times, youre, obviously filming these huge landscapes and a lot of times. You have intense shadows and intense highlights from the sky and balancing the two can be pretty difficult. So having increased and better dynamic range and highlight retention, detail is just gon na give you a much more pleasing image. Overall, the other thing thats gon na help image quality is just bigger physical sensors. The air 2s was one of the first drones to have a one inch sensor and again now the mavic 3, stepping it up with a four thirds sensor, even and so low light. These things look incredible. What used to be? Oh, let me grab this uh. You know nighttime drone shot that im just gon na flash for one second, so no one notices how noisy and disgusting it looks now you can actually have a long like nice, cityscape night shot.

That just looks pretty darn incredible. If you ask me so, after a little over a month use, i can safely say that my need for a new drone hasnt really changed. However, i have actually used it way more on shoots and just in personal life, simply because the workflow is so much faster and better to use and those ai features like master shots, are a complete game changer. So because of those couple of reasons for me, i can absolutely see the benefit in upgrading drones from a older generational model, but im very curious to hear what you guys think down in the comments below were any of these reasons or other ones big enough of A reason to buy something new: if you enjoyed this video, it would mean a lot to me if you got subscribed, so you dont miss out on future content. As always.