Give you three good reasons why using a lipo bag with your drone batteries will not only keep you safer but will help you protect the most expensive accessory youre gon na buy. For your drone, now, if youve been flying for any length of time, im sure youve bought extra batteries, so you already know how expensive these can be. But if youre a new flyer – and maybe you just got a new drone for the holidays – you race out to the fields you put it up in the air – you fall in love with the hobby and you think gee id love to fly. That drone a lot longer, i need more batteries, so you race, back home, you buy a couple of batteries online and youre shocked, just like all of us are at how expensive these can be. So its really important you do the best you can to protect these batteries to get the longest life out of them and a lipo bag will help you protect these batteries and help you protect yourself, because lipo technology, which is lithium polymer technology, is a bit of An aggressive chemistry inside that battery, you need to think of it as sort of a really tightly wound spring when you charge it and it wants to unravel it wants to unspring. So if you abuse the batteries, if you pierce the side, you drop them in water. You short the contacts, all that energy is going to try and get out of the battery at the same time, and there are cases where it can burst into flames.

And if you doubt me on that, just go out to google and look up lipo fires. These batteries burn hot, they burn until the chemistry is exhausted and they will burn through a floor and take a house down theyre that theyre that bad and you cant really put them out its difficult to put out a lipo fire. Now, im not trying to scare you because thats a very rare thing, but why would you take the chance a lipo bag like this? Is fire retardant now its not going to protect your entire house, but it tends to control whatever happens with these batteries. If they decide to go non linear for whatever reason and by the way, if youre looking at your batteries, you should definitely inspect your batteries before you ever fly, especially after youve just charged them. If you see any bulging on your battery thats a pretty good indication that its on its way out so never fly with the bulge battery, if it bulges you got ta chuck, it dont take any chances with it because it could spontaneously combust, but probably more importantly, Its in your drone and if youre up there at 300 feet and the battery decides to give up the ghost that drones coming down out of the sky like a rock. So the first reason that lipo bags are good is because, if your battery decides to go completely crazy and burst into flames, youve got some control to protect you and your family and your home.

The second reason has to do with actually protecting the battery from damage on the outside. Now, a battery like this uh has exposed contacts. All of them do. They all have these contacts that marry up with the drone, and the challenge is, if you lay these down on any surface, even a surface like this table, theres debris floating on here. If you took a piece of tape stuck it down in the table, even the cleanest tables and pulled it up, youre going to see little pieces of fuzz and dust and everything else on it its impossible to keep a surface clean because dust is always falling down From the air, so if you put this down at a table a carpet, heaven forbid you put it down on the ground outside over time, youre going to pick up a lot of gunk inside these contacts and that gunk will solidifying the contacts which can damage the Battery but the bigger issue is when you slide that battery thats got all the gunk on it inside your drone youre, going to transfer all that gunk to the contacts inside your drone, and now you not only have a battery. That could be an issue for you, but youve got a drone. Thats got compromised contacts now. What does that mean? What that means is, if you do anything to impede the current flow from the battery into the drone, all kinds of wonky things will happen in the drone, because, even though you pop it in there and the drone powers up, it may limit the amount of current Because of the insulation that gunk provides for the drone to have enough current to actually function properly, so you can see all kinds of wonky behavior on the drone.

So again, what im getting at here is you want to make sure you keep these contacts as clean as possible. So, even if youve got a case where youre dropping your drone batteries into it, youve got to do all you can to protect those contacts, because if you pick up that junk its going to get transferred to your drone and its eventually going to damage the battery, So the second reason is, it keeps the contacts nice and clean so when youre done flying for the day slide it in a drone bag or a lipo bag like this thatll keep all the outside debris from getting on the contacts in your batteries. The third reason has to do with physical damage, because if you just have these in your backpack, alright youve already got the gunk issue solved. But if youve got them in your backpack, if something sharp pierces the side of this and those two chemicals mix inside here, youve got spontaneous combustion. Theres no way to stop that, so the physical damage to the battery, even if its not as dramatic as a fire starting damaging a battery, will limit the ability of the battery to fit in your drone properly and could really damage the flight characteristics of the drone Which means i put a damaged battery in a drone: okay, it took off and it flew, but if over time that acts up its going to come out of the sky, so i dont want to take any chances with the damaged battery.

What lipo safety bags are constructed of is a fire retardant material, its really nice and thick. You cant really pierce this with a knife unless you really go at it, so all you have to do is open up the bag drop the battery inside of it close the bag, and now youve got this perfect little container that no debris can get inside. You cant really damage the battery by banging it. You can certainly crush it if you put a big brick on top of it, but it does its best to sort of protect you and again, heaven forbid something goes non linear on the battery its contained inside the bag. So youve got at least a little bit of time to sort of react to it. Maybe get this thing outside the house, whereas the battery on fire is a lot more difficult to move now, light bulb battery bags are available for all the batteries that are on the market. We just got a big shipment in for the mavic 3 and theyre available in different sizes, so if you have a single battery, theres, a single battery bag, a dual battery bag and a triple battery bag – and we have them for all the drones here – i have The mini the mini 2 – the mini sc over here is the mavic air mavic 2.. I even have them for the im: sorry mavic air, mavic, air, im, sorry mavic, 2, im, sorry, air 2 and air 2s.

We have them for the mavic 2 as well. Im getting confused because theres, so many dji drones out and we have them for other drones as well. If youre flying evo, i got a ton of the evo battery bags, evo2 battery bags and im a big fan of them because im all about safety but im also a cheapskate, which means i dont want to be replacing batteries before theyre done. I want to get years of use out of these batteries, so i charge them correctly and ive got a clip coming up talking about care and feeding of the battery, so stay tuned for that one, but the label bag is the simplest, most inexpensive way that you Can protect a battery that could be 30 times as expensive as the bag? Why would you not put it in some kind of protective bag and even if youre, using a case inside that case, youre laying these batteries down on a piece of foam or some kind of fuzzy material, its going to pick up jugs? So in that case, maybe you dont use a battery bag. Maybe you use battery contact protectors and we have those available for all the drones as well. I have new ones coming in for the mavic 3 in about a week, so theyll be up on the website. As well and again, im not here to sell your products im here to make you aware of some of the things that can help you fly better.

Keep your drone safe, keep your family safe and a lipo safety bag is one of those things i talk about. Probably once a year right about this time where it starts getting really cold and people are putting their drones away, i think its a great way to protect your batteries and really extend the life of again the most expensive accessory youre gon na buy. So if you have any questions about anything, ive covered today drop those in the comments below. If youre interested in any of these theyll get links below where you can go to the website, you can go to amazon and buy them. We sell them on both both of those venues and again we appreciate all the viewership weve gotten and your support.