Now we've created accessories for other drones and we have charging kits for the Mavic mini the sky do the evo, but for some reason we missed the para Dena fee and I fly this every week. So, a couple of weeks back, I sat down with the team and I said how come we don't have a charging kit for the parent anafi. We fly this thing an awful lot. It would be great to have a charging solution that would allow me to charge a bunch of stuff at the same time and as quickly and safely as possible. So we sat down and started designing a couple of different components that will help you keep this drone in the controller charged and I'll start off with the charger itself, we came up with a brand new style of car charger and what's unique about this car charger Is that it can supply a full 45 watts of charging power, which means it's one of the most powerful car chargers on the market matter of fact, a lot of the car chargers out there only put out about an amp of current for each of the port's. The other thing that's really unique is we have two ports on here: there's a full size, USB a and a USB see on this side. Both of those can handle a ton of current with 45 watts between them and, unlike most other Chargers, they can both be used at the same time and still supply their full current.

The other thing that's really cool about it is that it can charge both qc3 devices, which is most of the Android products, including this, and it can also charge pd devices or power delivery devices. So you can use two cables at the same time, plug it into your car and start charging like crazy, so I'll simulate your car over here I've got a power supply, I'll plug it in the middie you plug it in you'll, see a light pop up on The back that way, you know you have a good connection and then how do I use that with the anafi what's so special about that? I come by car chargers all over. Well, this one's unique for the reasons I'd mentioned a minute ago. It also has over current protection over voltage protection over temperature protection. We spend an awful lot of time, designing the smallest most powerful car charger. We could come up with the engineering team here at drone Valley now to connect it up. Tear anafi. We came up with a couple of cables, the first one I'm going to show you is a cable. We call the Hydra it's, basically a USB a on one end and three USB C's on the other end, so you can plug this into your car charger. Your we'll charge or anything you want to plug a USB a into and all three of these USB CS are active at the same time now the connections on the back of the anafi, whether the batteries in the drone or it's out, is a USB C connection.

So you can plug one of these in your drone and the drone will start charging. You can plug another one into your controller and your controller will start charging and then the third ones available. If you have a second battery or if you've got a phone or a tablet, that would charge over USB C, but you might be thinking Rick that's, a waste for me because I'm, using an Apple product, we've got you covered. We also include two adapters, one that converts this USB C to an Apple product pop that, on the end, you can charge your phone. You can charge your tablet with it if you've got an older phone or some other device, you want to charge. We also include a USB C to a micro USB, so I want you to pop that on the end of it this becomes alive and you can use it to charge a third device. So for me, I typically fly with an iPad Mini I'll use the Apple connector here, and I can pop it on and charge my tablet when I'm done charging my tablet, I have two other batteries. I can disconnect it and connect this directly to a second battery and charge that, at the same time, if this is full, I can disconnect that and charge the third battery, and the beauty of this is it'll transfer power from whatever connection you've got in this end. For your power supply to this end over here and all three of these are active at the same time, one other thing we're, including because you've got two connections on here.

One is a full sized USB. A the other sides of USB see the USB see standard for chargers. Is the one that's really coming that's on all the new products that are out there so we're, also including a USB a 2 USB C converter for that, and so this way you can use this cable. If you want to in the USB a connection on that charger or you can pop this on the end and turn it into a USB C and plug it into the USB C connection on that charger as well, and you can charge through there so the charger Itself is fantastic because it allows you to charge a lot of different devices simultaneously, but this cable kit that we put together really gives you all the connections. You need to sort of make this a universal cable. We designed it specifically for the anafi product, because we've got USB C's on everything in here and that way with one single USB a connection, I can charge all my devices at the same time now. I also offer this as a single cable, because, in addition to this triple cable, a lot of people out there have new phones and they've got kids that have different phones and they do so. We have a single version of it. Now I didn't mention the cable itself is a really high tensile strength. Cable it's got a really nice soft nylon weave on the outside. That'Ll.

Give you a lot of strength. So if you're yanking this cable around it's not going to break on you, it's got a tremendous amount of flex in it. A lot of these cables tend to be very, very stiff, so you can hold them and they stand out straight like this. Parsa is extremely flexible, you're gon na love, the cable we've also built an extra strain relief on both end. So we spent a lot of time sitting down figuring out what breaks and cables and trying to avoid that by designing the cable, though we did the other thing. That'S really nice about the cable is a little it'll carry a full level of current, so you can put three amps of current through this thing over a five volt charger on that end and it'll deliver all that, to the other end, that cable now what's interesting About the universal cable, which is different than the triple head cable, is you get the same kit, so it's got a USB a in one end, a USB see any other end, so it's a great cable to use as like a second spare cable. If you need it for charging your device, but you also get all the adapters so if you've got different phones, different tablets, game consoles, whatever you happen to have action cameras, you can use this to create any cable you want just by plugging in the proper device. So if you plug this into your charger and this end you're going to be charging an Apple device, you just pop on the Apple end over here and it's, an apple cable.

If you pop that off and you've got a micro USB connection, you can pop that on and charge whatever you're charging over the microUSB. If you've got a new style charger and it doesn't take a USB a you can pop this on the other end and turn it into a USB see. So you can go USB, see here to USB see here, which is the most modern way to charge things and make any combination work for you, depending on what device you're charging. So we had these separately. We have the standard we're, calling in a universal cable and for a couple of bucks more you get the triple head. Cable and we've got the Chargers in stock as well so we're doing our best to try to stay ahead of all the challenges you see out. In the field and what I love so much about this for me personally, as I spend a lot of time out in the field like you guys do flying, and I love having a cable that I can plug it in my car and when I'm driving between Locations, I can be charging that extra battery or pair of batteries that I've got so when I arrive at that second location they're, fully charged and ready to go now. These are designed by the team here at drone valley. We stand behind them. You won't find these anywhere else, but on our website, we're gon na have money Amazon as well.

We appreciate anybody that needs these hitting our website and picking them up. If you've got any questions of anything I've covered drop. Those in the comments below I'll get back as quickly as I can. I love putting these kind of products together because, as a flyer I'm trying to solve problems that I see out there in the field – and I want to make my – I experience a little bit easier – a little bit better. So when I design a product with the team that does this type of stuff, I love talking about it on the channel. So if you find this valuable and you want to pick them up – there are links below.