You said something to me that i find interesting. You said: do you want hi lyle, hey buddy. Did you want me to drive this one or did i want you to drive this one, and could you please tell me when i said this one? What did you say immediately, after is probably one of my most least capable trucks, your most least capable truck yeah? Why? Because it's very top heavy and it it has severe torque twist in the rear. So if i'm going up a hill, it likes to roll sideways and backwards, because it has so much traction. Even the top weight makes it flip backwards more. When i'm going up a hill there's, nothing to stop it once she starts going, it's either rear throttle or nothing, and then it doesn't do well at side hills either. Steve hey just standing here, the whole time yeah. What did you bring for us to look at today, sir, come out and try the uh track today? Yes, the old power wagon and the gold bug we're going over lyle's relic there. Why don't we go over the sweet truck two of the more popular ones like lyles, the power wagon for sure has been enjoyed by millions yeah millions. What can you tell me about the the power wagon a little bit. Tell me what it is: it's a it's, a vitara's, ender yeah, originally it's uh, still got a brush system in it. What is the body? This is a 46 power wagon made by prolife.

It was a pro line beautiful. I built an interior for it, homemade interior, guys kind of lost my steering wheel last year, let's see we're all missing ttc this year, aren't, we no doubt yeah hey, we want to be over there. Well best thing: we can do we've been revisiting old videos and you guys coming down here for a trail run today, even though i'm all crippled up. Thank you very much guess what gets me out of the house? Yes, i'm, going to be running the gladiator that i have here. All the trucks are in a row here. This is my axial scx 103, the gladiator, which has a dig transmission or optional two speed. If you want uh i'm also running a 5000 three cell uh milliamp lipo battery everything hooked in i've got a little adapter there. Just so i could switch over and uh. Those are some big tires that come with yeah. Those are stock man, you're modded. Those are rc. Four wheel drive two two slingers two, two slingers, yes, not the excels, but the normal sized ones correct right and those are every second lug cut out. One of the best tires in my, in my opinion ever made. Absolutely if you mod them out like that, i believe so. Flash forward to my backyard scale trail park, guys welcome if you've never been to my channel before you may have never seen this backyard park before front yard, well backyard front yards hard to say when you have no neighbors, oh yard park.

So what did you guys? Just want to play, follow the leader or just walk around. I follow you or what oh, the leader is good. I like it. Yes sounds good all the way around. Why don't you lead relic, i own this place, it's almost unfair to lead. No, i think i'd. Rather, follow you because you know where you want to go. Yeah sounds good dude. How many people are doing this all around the world in their backyards. Lyle we've been in the game a long time, yeah yeah, we're, old, yeah, sleuth, many thousands right now. Thousands of people are using these vehicles i'm, going to put a link to some that you can get in the video description box down below you, can't get anything like relic, though these are things you got to build or ask a friend or yeah gideon's. So nice, hello power wagon – this is a counter weighted, uh, teeter, totter or see saw depending on where you're from he's got a chain. On one side we go past the shock towers, let the weight of the vehicle move, the see saw and then the counterweight. If i can dismount we'll reset the seesaw for the next competitor, perfect man, thank you, sir well done. Thank you here comes relic a nice heavy rig. This is a fairly simple type of obstacle. You can build just on a pivot system, buried the legs, so you can't see it just a standard box.

Oh well done well done good job. Thank you. I got a little lucky there. I need a little more drag break on there yeah. It did great sluicebox known for his name from our popular show: youtube gold. If you haven't seen it. Where have you been, of course you might be watching this in the future and it's been 10 years. Still, i ask you it's an og show. Where have you been? Oh, oh, almost falling victim, oh yeah bro, i don't know i'm gon na have to give you a half pointers on that. I don't have a high success rate on this tv. There you go there. You go it's that dismount hey, it always gets you over the side hill area working his way, working the suspension, making my way towards the ramp sluices power wagon coming around easily traverses one speed transmission having to choose where my wheels go. Four wheel drive, of course, everything's locked differentials there's, where the problem may lie right there. Oh there wheel, speed got me out of that. One up up and away next here comes pure power, hoping brute force will make it up there and it does easily doesn't matter. If it has a different brand name, it's going to have an argument right behind it, hey get the fuck out of the way. Yeah she's got momentum, dude there's an obstacle right there, it's like a hidden one. Oh yeah, i have a plan obstacle.

Okay, you may want to move that jeep a little bit. Oh it's fine, it's made of lexan it ain't gon na dance. Oh down, she goes. I think that means you have to go to the back of the line. Sir. No problem up up and away on to doom hill. Here this has been rebuilt over the years. You can never quite get the severity of the hill until you're here in person, but the wet soil, making all the difference. This scx10 3, the gladiator with the long wheelbase it it's, just a climbing monster. What are you mumbling about? The patio brick on the right is going to be where the trx4 tires have a little bit. Yeah there's lots of hang ups here. Good luck! First! Here comes the tara, oh stuck on the front yeah, just in the way good to see an old classic rip its way up there yeah! Well, i put lots more dirt on here: hey now, my tire's full of mud next time yeah relic no problem, three experienced drivers shall we try that? Shall we try wesley pipes here, Music, they are and recently dried, so it should be slippery with the muddy tires. This is a huge pit at the bottom yeah one handed here: oh nice, there. It is gentlemen, very nice. I made it look easy power wagon best advice to you, sir, is come down, so you can see where your tires are pointing. I hear that's a problem at your age, my age, our age – oh my god, nice job.

He is doing this completely from the side. I need to get my truck straight down. He goes. Lyle looks like you're up next buddy. Oh down goes the power wagon, no recovery, there's, another part that's a bonus of our scene attempt things you would never do normally in full size and easily roll your truck back over lyle's doomed. Was my land anchor hanging out that whole time it might have been? I should have told you if i noticed, but i got a lot of dust on the lens he's making it. This is impressive. I'Ve never seen this technique before this is doing it. Oh, my almost oh yeah great recovery, gladiator, making it through lyle could easily rip his way through here, i'm, taking my scale time, probably driving him crazy, with a rig like that. Well, it's, an uncensored brushless with very little drag break so relic just likes to go. It is a go machine, then it looks good though yours is a little too clean. It is thank you you're welcome. I i was playing. I don't want to get any dirt on it. You'Ve solved that everyone is commenting right now, more live. They really like the truck, get the fuck off me. I'M. Going this way: Music, you, Music, Music Applause, uh. I needed a shower. Finally, it's been a few days. Oh, i got one too feeling refreshed it's, not easy to turn around there dang and right off. Camera.

Look at this, my panhard bar snapped right off, but just goes to show if you're pushing them hard boys. What happens you break them, yeah, break them, doesn't matter, big or small. You can break them all. Oh lyle, attempting something very, very challenging here. First, this is normally he's going reverse right. Now that the sticky goes over, there normally is to meant to flip you off at the end, but in true lyle style he gets flipped off at the beginning. You can fix that you can self right it there. You go: oh that's, a bad spot. Oh nice it's, the branch, not the truck nice job as it goes to show you ready to run quality and then upgrade hop up. Quality can take a little bit more sluice. Making his attempt up here. Amazing toy grade hobby grade and an upgraded hobby group exactly well said – i think, that's part of the amazing part of the hobby is that you can customize your vehicles, while lyle's trying went away that no one has done in a long time, nice job saying that His truck wasn't outperforming other ones just because you can't make every obstacle doesn't mean that with practice you can't, you see his light, show looking baller right now sluice having a hard time here, lyle's gon na try it yeah yeah going backwards. Oh almost a nose dive! Yeah well weighted vehicle right there yeah well it's tough that's, because of that fucking stick right in your way: dude yeah slyle trying to go reverse his tires will have a chance on this.

Does it does he have enough control or wheelbase to get up there longer? Wheelbases seem to do better on a severe climb like that. Oh yeah man, damn lyle, do you know what your wheelbase is? I think she's 12 and three quarters: oh okay, 12 and three quarters yep. Well, not with that hump right there, it's designed to kick you off yeah that stick slew's, pointing out how slick his tires are right now, just full of mud. Yeah, oh an unlocked. If i see maybe i lost opinion last one left standing grub screw the grub screw yeah, it could be a combination, pin grub. That would make you, sir, the winner. I find the irony in this palpable. Oh she's, jittering. No, that can't quite it's the sensorless brushless motor that he has in there is making him jitter a little bit tons of power, but no control, yeah let's, see if we can bear more more power, more power. Oh you do you have cracked out the front one! All three broken we've done it: yes, okay, guys, thanks for joining us in the backyard trail park today, just three dudes hanging out with rc trucks. Hopefully you've enjoyed the uh, the carnage on the trail and uh sluice.