The case you get with most dji model. Combos is big enough to take the drone body, the remote couple of batteries and the charger if youre lucky. Sometimes you need that little bit of extra space. So today, its all about cases from the sock hard case soft case right up to the jumbo Music, hello, im ian and i play with drones and an awful lot of photographic equipment as well and, like i said, sometimes you need a bit more space. In your cases, so today i thought id just go through three cases that ive been using for the last few weeks got the uh hard case from pgy tech, which is designed for the air 2, and the air 2s ive got the soft backpack from dji, which Is the goggles combo which is designed specifically for the fpv, but its fully modifiable inside to pretty much handle any model of folding drone? And then ive got this behemoth from uh from newer, which is a carry case, its uh on a little trolley as well as a backpack, and you can carry multiple drones and an awful lot of equipment in that one. So without further ado lets get straight into them. So first up lets have a look at the case from pgy tech. Like i said, this is a hard case thats designed for the air 2 or the air 2s, its a hard case, an absolute monster open it up, and you can see that youve got this firm foam and softer protective foam with cutouts for all of your key Components youve got the drone body.

Youve got the remote control batteries slot for some filters, maybe and maybe some sd cards, and underneath there a little bit more space to put in stuff like the charger. So all perfectly formed and ready for a very specific model of drone. You cant configure or change any of the foam unless you start cutting it. Obviously, this is going to provide the greatest protection against crushing you can pretty much stand on this case without any issue whatsoever. Keep in mind, of course, its a hard case, so any bangs that you have as you throw it about, will be transmitted straight through into the foam and because the foam is actually quite firm. It is going to result in a fair degree of transmission of any knocks to the drone itself, so youre always going to need to keep your gimbal guard on a soft case if it drops on the ground or obviously have a bit of crush and crumple to Dampen out any any shock, so its just something to keep in mind in mind theres, no doubt this is going to provide the absolute top protection for your pride and joy, and one of the other features is that it is rated ip67 waterproof, which means not only Is going to keep things dry in the rain, it should also keep things dry if it actually falls in the river or in a pond okay time to put money where the mouth is uh.

Here we are with the case outside on this uh chilly day. Next to my fish pond and uh, the ducks and goose, if you hear them cracking away in the background, so ip67 means that it should be waterproof down to a meter or three feet, uh being held under water, so uh. What im gon na do is uh gently. I dont want to scare my fish too much all in one take as well, so you know exactly whats happening here. We are lets, see how we get on, and here we go well. It floats so thats good lets. Flip it over, i dont know if i can actually force it under the water, its its pretty light, actually theres a lot of air going on there. So what ill do is uh angle, the thing push it underneath there we go so its completely underwater now and its at least a foot under the water that we come yeah. I know ted its a bit mad didnt it. So all in one take lets. Have a look at how its fared i know its crazy in it so very wet case, undo the clips. Now you dont think im mad enough to actually do my uh. Oh there we go blown away, but here is wiping his hands a bit of kitchen roll. I put inside and it is completely dry right up to the edges. So obviously its got this perfectly molded uh rubber seal here, which fits onto this ridge going all the way around and until i put my dripping hands on it, the kitchen roll was completely dry.

So yeah a completely waterproof case and you can stand on it, throw it in the river do what you like, and your little air 2s will stay nice and safe, so full marks for this one. Okay, back in studio, uh lets have a closer look at what was going on there so always good to throw your kit in the water. You can see. Weve got a little bit of water on the outside here and around. Obviously, the the buckle and a little bit on the on the hinge, but crucially, of course its on the outside of this protective rubber ring the inside completely dry. So, like i said you know, this case does not offer much flexibility with regards to what you can put in it its either the drone and the accessories or not a lot else, but it is going to offer complete protection for you. You can stand on it and throw it in the water and your drone is still going to be fine and dandy. So um there you go, that is the bgy tech, hard case and ill put a link below uh in the notes, for that. So now lets move straight on without further ado to the dji uh fly. Fpv uh fly more goggles case. Uh lets just put the camera back up on the tripod and carry on okay. So next up weve got djis own uh bag. This is for the fpv goggles combo, so idea here, youve got your uh back straps to access all of the equipment you actually have to unzip from the back now.

This is one of the things i do like about the dji bag. A lot of dslr cameras that you cant actually ever just open the flap up and see everything its normally opening a zip here and a zip there and grabbing your camera out. Theyve designed this. So you can just open the thing up and see here. Weve got the fpv drone itself, um youve got the goggles, youve got the remote ive squeezed in the joystick as well. Youve got the uh three batteries and the uh and the connecting cables for the batteries to the goggles as well. So its actually got everything it needs and a little bit of space. If you had something else that was protected and wasnt going to bang around too much once its zipped up, you can also access the top via first of all, youve got sorry a little flappy bit at the top there. So you can keep some of the accessories and the rotors the propellers in there and then weve got the secondary zip here which allows you to grab the drone straight out. So i guess thats handy if youve, if youve got all your equipment out and you just want to keep it safe, you can chuck it straight back in, although obviously youre going to have to remove the propellers each time. So you know it is what it is. But uh very very good case because its actually a pretty difficult drone to to to bag because it doesnt fall.

You kind of get spoiled with all of the mavic series and the airs and the like, and only to the arms fold and the propellers fold on the fpv. None of the arms fold and the the props are actually fixed. Uh, try rotors so its actually a bit fiddly to put in the bag. Now, of course, one key advantage with this type of bag, though, is flexibility so, like i said um, it comes pretty much set up for the fpv, but all of these compartments are actually uh velcroed in so you can actually move things about all of these compartments Move so if youve got a different drone, if youve got the 2 pro or the 3 pro – and you want a a case specifically for that, where you can also keep some of your other equipment, then this might well be a very good, a very good case For you at the back here, you can pop in a laptop uh, probably up to a 15 inch laptop would easily fit into that sleeve. There and, like i said, youve got a number of different little pockets where you can slip in extras. Um a little sleeve down there, youve got a little hidey hole pocket in there and youve got an additional zip that top it goes, and you can put some more down there and even some more down there. So its got a number of different pockets. You can always pack in filters and cables and the like and spare props.

So for me this is actually a surprisingly good, versatile bag. It looks pretty good. Water is probably gon na uh if youre carrying it in the rain. The water will flow off there, but im not going to be throwing this one into the pond, but um all in all. I mean its 100 and i think its about 115 pounds so can be about 140 or euros. But for me it was actually worth it. Its a really decent well made bag, and finally i can keep my fpv in a nice case rather than just sitting on shelves and being thrown into her backpacks with socks and the like. So that, as i said, is the fpv fly more goggles case again ill. Put a link below so last but not least, is this absolute monster case from niwa now uh this really is uh the case you want if youre carrying multiple drones or youve got quite a bit of photographic equipment as well. You need to be able to carry your drone all the accessories, dslr batteries chargers and even your tripod on the side. So lets have a quick look inside, so you can see exactly what it can handle its got before. We do that on the back. Youve got the carry cases, its got nice big, thick, padding that uh also supposedly uh, keeps your back cool and if it all gets a little bit too heavy for you then lets just have a quick look here.

There we go that comes out and you do actually have it like: a carry on cabin bag. Now on that ive, measured it if its not packed out 25 centimeters or uh ill, do the math later 10 inches. I guess um most airlines, certainly british airways, easyjet and the like you – can carry up to cabin bags up to 25 centimetres thick. So if you dont over pack this, it will squeeze into the little thing you see at the airport, so its cabin baggage by the skin, of its teeth, its got a really good decent, strong fat handle for you to carry by hand like i said its got. The shoulder straps and youve got the um the little whizzy thing, whatever youre going to call it handle that lets you wheel it through the airport and the light lets open the beast up, like i said again. What i love about this is that you can actually open up the entire case and see all of your equipment in one go now. There are not many cases where youve got a laptop, and i really have got my laptop in there at the moment. So lets take it out before it falls out its damaged so theres, my uh 15 inch, 14 inch, travel, laptop and then crucially down here. Ive got no less than three drones in here at the moment. So again, all of these compartments are completely uh customizable. If thats a word, you can move them around theyre all velcro, so ive got my 2 pro.

Your 3 pro would fit in there. Quite happily, so. Ive got this for the 2 pro charger remote and some spare batteries. Ive got the autel evo 2 pro in here with its remote and its battery and ive got the mini with the remote and the charging hub and down the bottom uh sound recorder, uh mini tripods and um anything else and look were not. It. Weve still got space on top, like i said you can put your laptop in there as well and zip it up again and then at the front, you have got plenty of additional space. Uh youve got a waterproof pouch that will cover the whole thing again good for the rain, not good for a pond, so i aint going swimming um some filters and more charging cables. Now, like i said, the more you put in this front – pocket of course uh that will push it beyond the uh cabin baggage limit of 25 centimeters. So if you leave that empty, you will have no problems at all. Dropping this down right now, i think, is a little bit narrower so watch out for that. But then you always have to watch out with ryanair dont you so um so yeah. This is an absolutely amazing uh bit of kit. I think its heavy, its four and a half kilos thats getting off at 10 pounds. So again. If the airline has got a weight restriction on the actual cabin baggage, you can take on board watch out.

So there you go. Look, this really is i mean you know if youve got a lot of equipment that youre carrying this really is the case for you, because, um being able to say dslr, uh, big drone and the mini as well, plus all the charging cables and batteries youve got Absolutely everything in there but again ill put a link to this below. So there you go three very different cases today, all with their own very specific uses, um the pgy tech, absolutely fantastic protection for your drone, not a lot of flexibility, though you literally put in the drone the components and not a lot else. Dji uh, goggles combo. Well, yeah, that is a really useful everyday bag, and i would absolutely be using this whether or not i was taking the fpv. If i was going out for the day and i just wanted the mini and the 3 pro or the 2 pro in there. I would easily be able to fit both without any issue im going on a big trip, though, and i need to carry all of my photographic equipment, then thats, where this monster comes in and again it should keep things nice and organized and make for a much Happier trip anyway look.