What is the difference between a 6s traditional 5 inch versus a 3.5 inch, modern freestyle mini drone, and to properly answer this, i brought my smart 35 and in the back you see the e max hawk pro sport. I dont even remember what its called it has been. My favorite culture of the last year flew it out with it dvr only because its so small and if you compare it with the foldy props, its almost as small as this smart 35 still use the crystal hd patches and omnis on the goggles for convenience and Im excited myself to see how this works Music, so thats, the smart 35 thats, what im quite used to flying this year, its a wonderful morning, of course, if you want to go fast, you have to lean forward quite a bit and you can dive a tower In the morning, it doesnt feel intimidating to others, but it has not a lot of momentum to carry the moves over anyhow lets continue tree surfing here. One of my favorite things to do it, of course, can do power loops, but yeah shouldnt torture. This battery i had it charged for over a week now feel bad about it. Sorry, ah, but the sunlight sorry, but this makes me wan na fly. Cinematic image is very stable. The tune is kind of nice feels very controlled. I dont have any wind currently which of course helps yeah its just overall, a very, very nice experience to fly with until you hit one of those lightning poles, of course, mammoth 3.

a bit low to the ground. It makes the stuttery, and although this is a really tiny battery battery 750 or 850, i dont know 750. I guess i have a very good flight fan like currently im at 313 mah, so halfway through the pack in four minutes now. This is really far behind my patches. Okay, for the sake of a short video, i will bring this in for an early landing. Shall i i shall not just know its good to get it here and also thats one thing i would feel a bit bad with the five incher flying over populated area, but with the three and a half incher sub 250 thats totally. Okay, always keep in mind where line of sight is time for you to land. Okay, i should really set my alarms to volts rather than ma, if im using different sized packs but yeah. It has to go through this gate, of course, and also through this other gate. Oh, what a good segue to the next copter here and next i would have flown the emacs hog pro didnt, auto record and im so used to the art record function of the dvr. I should have recorded myself manually and i didnt so i dont have this flight, but to make this video to conclude this video, i flew after lunch again and thats what you see next so now im flying the smart 35 again thats, where i stand. Okay lets.

Try to do a speed run all around actually only this far its already a bit blocky lets do just one speed run here and compare it between those two in terms of how much shakes do you see in the image and how do they compare so to Speak, ah, no, they dont want to fly in there. Applause, you can enjoy flying this even in medium winds, thats the little takeaway of yeah, but now i see a lot of shakiness yeah wow, but thats not really much now theyre called a buck or something can you see the lateral movement, its amazing okay lets just Bring this one in for landing and swap to the five incher im gon na, throw it into the grass so lets check this out. So i dont see a lot of shakes from the wind has to be the longest train. They could find to disturb my audio track, dammit its not the best spot to stay here. If you want to do some commented stuff, sorry thats, an old habit of me wanting to tree surf here its actually better to tree surf from over. Where i stand today than if i was on my flight field standing on the flight field, yeah of course vantage point yeah this. This little copter is quite speedy and i know why i love it so much. Last year it hasnt been the first 6s cop that i got but the most flown one, because its so tiny, powerful and fun and raw fpv its not even a freestyle frame, because its a true axe, its more of a racer but yeah.

If you dont know you dont care, you just fly it. Oh with tailwinds. This thing is a rocket whoa. We got to be careful with the effects of wind, okay, 800 mah, a little bit of sightseeing and this time with a recording from my emacs. I will be able to wrap up this video, give rid of the samples the feedback hope you know now what to choose. Stick with five inch and success about three and a half inches Applause and stop recording lets just compare the peg size. I got around the same flying time. These cnhl pegs are not the best but yeah. This thing here gives me around 11 minutes on my recon 7 on the quite efficient craft, and it gave me seven minutes 20 on the e max, which is not really efficient. With different, no with quite similar flying styles, actually so there you see how much more efficient newer copters can be. This thing here was fun flying fast over the field, though, so that reminded me of how much fun this actually was potentially can do more damage. You can break more stuff because it flies faster is heavier, has more inertia, whereas this is very durable as well. I crashed it from a tree to the ground quite high and had no damage, not even the props and yeah its just cheaper to maintain can fly everywhere. I think i conclude with. I prefer this thing here, but its yeah, its also the way newer, copter so thats, not a surprise.

Sorry, if my video is a bit pointless, maybe it was just an excuse for me to go hard to fly in the morning instead of working uh anyhow, i wanted to try this for myself and i had these packs charged up and i wanted to discharge them. The fun way, so it was more of a question to myself. How do the five inches that i have compared to the newer three and a half inch class? If you have a five incher, you dont necessarily need to upgrade to or downgrade to a 3.5 inch copter, its very small cheap and can be flown everywhere. I i dont know how often i stress this, but as an fpv, you probably know as well that most of the times youre a bit concerned, can i fly here. Will somebody complain and so forth and yeah with the three and a half inches sub 250? They can kiss our asses. Did.