And not only are we going to try their deep, fried clams, which have been served for over 100 years, but they have everything from the seed deep, fried possible that you can imagine they are masters of deep. Fried seafood were going to order this gigantic fishermans platter, that might be the biggest mountain of friedness that ive ever seen on one single tray and im gon na share all of the seafood with you all of the fried clams with you coming up right now in This video Music – it has to be one of the most historical one of the greatest institution. Restaurants. In all of massachusetts, we came mostly for the fried clams they invented. The fried clams tell you all about that, and the steamed clams, but just walking up youll, see that they have lobsters on the outside. Jeffrey was just mentioning that you can get a live lobster. Theyll boil it here and then you take it inside, but inside is where you get the clams correct. Woodmans wood lets do this in the rough in the rough. I love it its not in the smoothie. No, this is its a destination iconic its another landmark of a new england, restaurant chubbys original, fried clams thats, exactly what we came for the chubbys original. Oh man immediately open the doors and theres this poof of deep, fried cloud. A cloud of deep, fried dish just hits your nostrils, it smells so good. You know they know how to deep fry some things here.

It was in 1916. I believe when chubby woodman he started off. Originally, i believe, selling potato chips, he deep fried potato chips and he also had fresh clams on the side because they have. This is the clam flats. Some of the best clams in massachusetts come from here right all right, fried clamstein, the originals on the dots Music. All right all right, ready, yep, Music, fresh clams. Thank you, oh theyre, gon na be so good. So fresh, oh yeah cant wait to try them steamed ones, you call steamers! Is it the same type of climb as the fried one same clam? Okay, so fresh clams, gon na steam, now nice just goes directly into the steamer and how long do these steam for 10 minutes 10 minutes cool Music? Of course, at one time right? What type of sauce is this tartar sauce? Okay, im gon na snack one in the kitchen real fast before we order more, that is a beautiful plump clam, though fresh hot, fried clam Music. Oh wow yeah its crispy, it just kind of melts in your mouth at the same time its hot, its fresh, oh wow, that is extraordinary the wooden. How many years has it been jeffrey, 20 years 20 years since in chubby women heres to chubby and bessie Music? Oh theyre, perfect, theyre, perfect, yeah theyre insane yeah. Oh those are thats the best fried clam ever ever. What i love about. It is theyre big enough clams to the point where its crispy on the outside, yet so juicy its almost an oysteriness on the inside.

Like that that melt in your mouth, like concentrated, seafoody, delicious, oh its, so good – that contrast wow all right, ready, 10 minutes later hot fresh, an entire tray of clams, wow, Music, hot, fresh steamed clams – i know i mean fried clams – are almost unbeatable, but steamed clams Is just the pureness of the clams that smells so good that clam steam we have decided to take jeffreys lobster tray and just pile it in a massive mountain of deep, fried seafood, everything from fish to the clams, to everything else, deep, fried that they have and Just a mountain, a tray of everything, deep fried so on this tray were getting scallops, shrimp, clams, chicken, fish strips rings and fries a 284 platter. Have you guys ever had a request like this before not while ive been here im sure? Yes, it is that goes on Music. Is there scallops Music, oh thats, the biggest mountain of deep friedness ive ever seen? Music, you guys are engineers, Music. Okay, these are clam strips is the final. You need to actually press it in for it to stick wow well done. Thank you guys. So much theres, even chicken strips on there theres clam strips theres clam bodies, theres onion rings theres a pile theres, a mountain of french fries at the bottom. That might be the biggest hello that might be the biggest mountain of friedness that ive ever seen on one single tray nice to meet you guys, hello.

This is how did you get upstairs? Yeah? Okay, thank you. Yeah youre, the man. You are the man! Thank you for kindly carrying this upstairs for us Music. Thank you enjoy wow. It was jeffreys idea, ten pounds of fried gon na get enough ten pounds of friedness yeah. I think looking measure its an entire head high thats, just height thats, just elevation, not circumference. Oh its heavy, its ten pounds of seafood well, fries too, but told them whatever we dont need. The staff is gon na get and the clowns. Yes, its kind of sad and small, its minuscule thats, a normal plate of food. Luckily, we have some reinforcements to help us eat alex nice to meet you ready for this. I am so looking forward to this. I didnt eat for the last 10 hours in preparation fried seafood in monumental proportions, but were going to start with what weve already tried. Some of the fried clams so lets start with the steamed, the steamers boom dip in there steamers and they call them steamers. You pull off that little membrane from the top there you squeeze it and it usually should just slide off like that. Perfect then youve got that takes off the kind of sandy area of the neck. Then you got the neck dipping into the clam juice to get off any excess sand into the butter. Oh wow yeah thats, just a perfect clam here. Oh, this ones huge kind of got, ta wiggle it up off a little and then it just really slides off nicely Music.

Oh that one had a big belly. Oh thats, the belly right. When you get that kind of. Oh the bellys incredible. It is a little bit of a different texture thats. Not only did you have strips where they cut off the belly, its like whats, that about yeah belly is where its at the fried seafood, the tartar sauce, which is the standard sauce that they serve with the fried clams. And then the cocktail sauce, which is a little lighter and more of a refreshing sauce, i think theres at least a few pounds of fish below there hidden treasure were gon na have to dig for some things. I think you have to eat your way through to get to it. You just pick up a fistful and see what you get its kinda, weird, okay, im just grabbing whatever i get. I think i got strips possibly some shrimp, oh Music, its so good. Okay. These are for sure the best fried clams ive ever had anywhere ever in my life, ive tunneled into the platter tunneled in looking for the face. What did you discover? No, the fish was like these huge strips, oh, my god, Music. This is like a lazy susan, but the whole thing is its one. Revolvable thing look at that shrimp. Im gon na try a onion ring. This is a fresh pina colada on the house, for you guys to try yeah a couple of straws here. Try an onion ring Applause: oh wow, thats, one of the crispiest onions youll ever have its so crispy onion just melts in your mouth, so good.

No, the fish were neatly placed over the fries on one side. I remember yeah its like having a treasure map. Wait or is it? Could it be? Oh, this one is fish. I see it, i see it. I see heres the fish heres, the fish i found it. I found it. These are all strips uh. There we go. Oh, oh, look at that the juicy fish underneath it underneath that batter that deep, friedness Music should i set a fellow fish on top of this mountain. Oh my god! Oh look at that fish yeah its so tender. Look at that, its just pure pure white meat flesh fish, deep, fried and flaky im gon na dip into the tartar into the cocktail sauce. Did you have it? Oh the cocktail sauce with that horseradish in it its so good. You did a mix. All the fish is amazing, its so flaky and just kind of completely dissolves in your mouth. Fish is great, so good here theres another filet coming up Music. Oh, we havent really tried a scallop either right have you found have it has anyone? Has anyone located a scallop yet theres some over here? You look like two got a twist: oh yeah. It says in the northeast on the northwest of the platter: the supply of of um, oh yeah, theres a hole, theres a whole two pounds of scallops below right here, im gon na dip that into the i love this cocktail sauce.

So fresh and refreshing yeah cheers welcome to the club Music silky just melts in your mouth. I love it with that cocktail. Sauce happy fourth of july to us right, silky, well, be here until the fourth of july eating this platter ways to go. Oh its! So good – and i think we still have the shrimp to try. Oh yeah, which direction are the shrimp lets, try a giant one over here, heres, some shrimp im. Definitely a cocktail sauce kind of guy love it. I think it just balances out the friedness so well. Music, the mountain, the mountain, all the firmness, the muscularity, the oh, the freshness of everything. The friedness is this among the largest piles of deep friedness that youve ever seen its among the largest piles of anything. You cannot send this picture to your doctors yeah. I do think after trying everything yeah. What do you think? What do you think its the clam? It is the clam, but that is what oh, what are the fish? The whole belly clam too yeah yeah the whole belly clam. That is the fish is awesome too, though, really french fries, i havent tried the french fries, yet you can just taste theres such a depth of flavor Music. Remarkably, the fries, which have been completely submerged for the last 30 minutes, are still crispy like they should be soggy withered up, but theyre crispy and fresh. Oh there they are theyre in the tunnel.

Another thing you can do is just reach your fingers in and get whatever you grab for the combination bite your crispy deep, fried joy, Music. I love it just really flakes up out of your mouth. Well, the fish is incredible. I think the clams are the best followed by a close second by the fish. One more thing that i wanted to say is that chubby woodman he in 1916, so he was selling fried potato chips, fresh, potato chips and it was actually a joke that one of his friends said you got. You should deep fry the the clams and all the customers thought. Oh thats, a horrible idea, but it was actually a joke. They thought it would be humorous humorous to fry some clams, so chubby eventually did it figured out that he stumbled into a great idea. They tried it, they loved it and its just been a sensation ever since 1916., and everyone in new england has copied him, but he invented these fried clams, chubby, still family owned, fourth generation, the definition of a culinary institution of massachusetts, the worlds greatest fried clams still In the place that they have originated where they were invented first, they still do them the best. Is there an argument to that theres, not even the best. The best and youre alex is from massachusetts. Is there an argument to still hold up? It still holds up. Nobody has able to been take taken down the woodmans fried clams.

How did it feel, but it still holds up. Oh man, you start to get the deep fried sweats, oh my god, yes, Music! So, of course, we, the three of us well, the four of us didnt finish that entire giganormous fishermans platter, but jeffrey went downstairs stairs. We shared it with all of the staff and they happily are eating. So, first of all, when they came in they applauded at how well we did thats awesome and then they were like so youre taking it with you and theyre gon na know were leaving it off even like oh well, big. Thank you to the staff to the management to the everyone at woodmans, so nice, so friendly, legendary place Applause Music. To continue this food tour. Just a little bit, we decided to drive not too far of a drive down the coast to a place called revere. Beach were just outside of boston here and were at a place called kellys Music Applause Music. Its another massachusetts landmark of a restaurant, were right on the beach. I mean right across the street from the beach and although they have seafood on their menu, you do not come here to eat seafood. Hello. Can i get a roast beef large, please and with all the sauces, its kind of windy and pretty cold out here at the beach and while they do have all sorts of seafood on their menu from lobster rolls to? Oh, they even have clams.

Here, too, were were not eating seafood. Here we came directly to eat what is their classic their roast beef. Thank you very much. Okay, thank you. Have a great day cannot wait to try this roast beef and they have some seating. They dont have any indoor seating. Its only uh, you walk up to the counter. You make your order, but they do have some picnic tables out here on the corner right across the street from the beach oh yeah, i got the whole meal combo, so we got onion rings as well, not that we needed anything more deep fried today. That is a beautiful roast beef sandwich and i got it with the combo. It came with the wind, the came with onion rings and fries, and then i also got it with all the toppings as well. The provolone, i think its the smoked, barbecue cheese, sauce, almost um lettuce, tomato onions in here and a thick mound of very finely sliced very thinly sliced roast beef. The bun is quite sturdy, topped with sesame seeds. Look at that sauciness of that and im sort of just watching behind my back all the time that im eating here, because theres a lot of seagulls flying overhead that look like theyre gon na swoop in at any time, for a bite of your roast beef. So do be careful, oh yeah, oh thats, amazing! Oh, that immediately lives up to the hype. The legend, the roast beef, oh its, so good, the beef is so tender and so lean, and so many fine thin strips of it.

You got the crunch of the onion. The that sauce, i dont, know what that sauce is, but its some kind of a smoky, slightly peppery barbecue sauce with that amount of roast beef in there too thats. What makes it so good thats a real deal roast beef sandwich and, although you often think about eating seafood when youre next to the sea, when it comes to revere beach here in boston, i dont think youd want to be eating anything else, but a roast beef Sandwich roast beef is the best Music oh cold today, but i can totally say that roast beef sandwich exceeded my expectations, so good the quality of the beef that sauce there was something magical about that sauce. I think it was just just the perfect balance of sweet tangy smoky, i think – and that was also a good contrast from that mountain of deep friedness as well, and thank you very much for watching this video. Please remember to give it a thumbs up if you enjoyed it, leave a comment below id love to hear from you and if youre not already subscribed, click subscribe and also click the little bell icon. So youll immediately get notified of the next video that i publish goodbye from massachusetts.