First happy 4th of July. Music. Tomorrow is fourth of July. By the way, if you're, watching this on Saturday of today's Friday to July 3rd and we're going to unveil the logo today, we're going to Vail the new drone camps, RC mascot logo, super cool. I worked with a designer to implement my vision and my dream of what it should be and kind of have some fun with it as well and make it look fun. So we incorporated half of this logo and I'm just going put it up on the screen. Here, half this logo is my regular happy go lucky personality, you guys have seen it on YouTube and I think that side of me is more like slow flow kind of cinema easy flying Sunday flying if you will Justin Davis side and then the other side of The flip side, my alternate personality, is probably my freestyle fpv personality when I'm really wanting to get on the sticks and smoke a battery, and that is gon na be now known as ghosty fpv. So I finally have a pilot named after all these years, but you guys can still call me Justin Davis, because everyone knows me as that. Obviously, but I've never really needed a pilot name. I just go by the same thing, but ghosty is kind of fun because he is definitely my alter ego and now I have a name for it and I have a visual force. You might see ghosty pop up in some of the videos coming up.

We will do two sides of a quad review. We will do the Justin Davis side and then we'll give get ghosties opinion on this as well. So any of the quads that we review there's, always a freestyle factor involved so we're gon na bring that into the the video this time so sort of a slow, easy chill part of the review with a Justin Davis format and then we'll go to the the Ghosty FPV side of things, so that is a fun new thing for the channel and the logos quite awesome. So I guess a props out to my man Brandon for finishing that up. For me he has done hundreds, maybe thousands of logos in our industry already. So he is one of the top professionals and one of the most sought out logo designers in our industry. If you're looking for an awesome, quad FPV logo look up Brandon DeLong, he is the man so props out to you. You did an awesome job Brandon and I appreciated working with you. It was a lot of fun, so, hopefully I'll. Let you guys out there really liked a new logo and enough about the new logo. It'S just awesome. I love it so and we're gon na start. Seeing that a lot more in the video, so today we're going to talk about the q6 nano, this is is DTS new micro charger, and this little guy is so lightweight. This is so much lighter than the p30 that we talked about yesterday or a couple days ago.

The p30 was like 700 grams, and this one on the scale by itself is a hundred and fifteen grams that's crazy. So it is so much so much lighter but way more portable. It charges up to a 6 s battery and this thing's, like 28 bucks, so let's go ahead and take a little closer look at this q6 Nano on the bench and then I'll give you my final opinion about this little ultra portable travel charger on the bench Or out in the field here we go q6 nano, alright guys. This is the box you get in the mail, and I think this one was a pretty good price. 28 bucks is not bad. It does have a voltage range of around 30 volts. That is just hooking up any type of external battery source. You can also power it with an AC outlet. If you use the ISDN T power, it has a little xt60 on the end of it and just plugs right into the DCM port, which is pretty cool, and then you can plug it into the wall. It will handle that voltage. So the maxim put current is around nine amps. We can do a charge current up to about eight amps so and this one's also 200 watts so that's the box, and then this is the charger right here. I showed you it before, but we have a USB port on the side for firmware updates, which is cool.

We'Ve got our xt60 there for input for whatever type of battery honestly you can charge up. You can use a success all the way up to success. I usually use one of my for us like 1300s or 1550s. This is the new online series. These. This is Jerry over at GNB started a new company very, very nice. Looking batteries we're going to test these coming up on the channel, but all you have to do is just simply plugging in on the side and then you've got the power. You'Ve got this little tiny, tiny screen here. The screen I feel like could maybe be like a little bit bigger. I wish it was kind of just a little a little bit bigger, but it gives you all the information that you need here in kind of this compact format. No, we do have. We don't have a wheel here for this one. We have this sort of updown push button here and let's just go ahead and see if I can get into it and start navigation. That looks pretty good. I can go up to the task I can charge here. I can change the chemistry at the battery and that's lhv lipo lie on LIF, EEP be and nickel metal, hydrides or cadmium see and then the back button let's see how we get back long press yeah long press on the button get us back condition. Four point: three: five volts now that was HP, so we want to change back to lipo here.

Okay, now condition four point: two zero. So if you're on lhv it's going to be 435, now it's four to zero, now we're gon na charge a to s battery. So I'm gon na go up here to two s you can see. The max is 6s there. So 2 s looks good. We'Ll select that it's kind of hard to get to the center of this button it's a little bit rocky. So this is a review. So I'm gon na tell you guys what the deal is with this we're gon na charge at 1 amp, there I'm just gon na grab a small battery to start with – and I have a converter here – we're gon na have to run a converter to an XT 30, you can make those up yourself or you can buy them on Amazon, but traditionally here we plug in xt60, so I'm gon na go ahead and plug in my adaptor here and, like I said you can get these xt60 2 X, 2 30 on Amazon, just Plug that in and then your balance board is here from 2 to 6 s. So if you want to charge 1s batteries, you're gon na have to get some type of 1s board, and you can also put some links down below for those it's just an xt60. That plugs in then you'll have a like, I believe, 6 or 12 different ph 2.0 charge ports on those breakout boards for the 1s.

You can also get the eachine style charger that has a 6 and 1 set up on there and i'll try to put a link down below for that charger as well. I usually don't use this type of charger for 1s, but if you have two breakout board for 1s adapter, that will charge as many as you want, as quick as you want, which is kind of cool you're, doing some flying and you actually can keep the batteries Coming to you as you're flying it's kind of crazy every time I go back to the charger outfly battery there's a couple more ready. So now we have this all set up here and you can see on the screen that we have full telemetry here for our battery 7 point 7 volt here 3 points set 8 7 volts per cell. This one hasn't been charged up yet, but if we go up and down here, it gives us a little more information about the system. We have 15 point 4 volt on the source and then the over arrow to the right is telling us this battery here and there's a little tiny arrow to the left. You can just barely see that he gives us the operating temperature, 75 degrees Fahrenheit and it looks like we haven't charged anything on this charge. Yet so zero pieces down at the very bottom, so let's go back to the main screen and let's clicks right in the center.

Now it sees that it's a 2's battery, so this is on auto select. It should see what type of battery I have hooked up to it: I'm gon na go ahead and start and now we're charging so the same setup as the p30 similar operating system on here. Updatable firmware this one has a little smaller voltage range. This one has. I believe was 10 to around 30 volts, so not not not a big difference but that's looking good there I'm putting in one amp and 6 milliamp have been put into the battery so far up here. It doesn't tell you the percentage, but it has a bar that lets. You know how far until a 100 of charge, then you have your time up here, time, elapsed and right here we have our current cell voltage, which is cool. Three point: nine. Three. Three point: nine four and it will balance those out I'm just going to go down here and you can get even more information, so I are here and system info, so if you're charged battery gets low, you definitely want to take this off and recharge that with The wall adapter, if you have a wall adapter, which I recommend it's nice to have a just in case – you need to bench charge. But this one could be a bench charger if you really wanted it to it's kind of compact and small and it's cool, because it does charge up to a 6 s battery so 28.

I think is pretty foolproof here and now, if you long press on it again right in the center it'll, stop okay and start again long press and it stops. We can take this battery off and you could also charge your 4s 13 hundreds on here with larger xt60 if you want to, but that is pretty sweet and pretty simple, all right, guys, that's pretty much the basics of the q6 nano this one's gon na, be My budget charger of choice right now, 28 it's, a small lightweight compact, and it pretty much – does any battery out there. Most of you guys. Don'T have a desk batteries so from 2 to 6 s, battery and 1s batteries with the One S breakout boards. So that is a really nice option for guys looking for the first charger or something just lightweight to travel with the next charger up that we were gon na look at on the channel coming up, it's the toolkit RCM 6d, and you guys you guys are talking About this one, yesterday that you said you already have this one, this one has dual ports. It is a little heavier about twice as heavy as the q6 nano, but this one comes in at about 225 grams. This one's around 115 grams, so a little bit heavier buddy to get two ports on there just depends on the type of charging you want to do or how much you actually want this one is 500 watt and will charge up to a 6 s.

Battery 15 amp max on this one 8 amp max on this one. So a couple different choices here. This one also has a full blown USB port with a 2 am charging output, so 2.1 am for your iphone or USB devices, so that's kind of nice. But in comparison this one to something like the q8 out there, they have the q8, which is kind of a big brother to this one it's a little bit more money, but the QA it's gon na bring in that full size, USB port and all that good Stuff that the the m6d has, but it doesn't have dual ports. You can use breakout board on that one, but you're gon na get a little bit bigger screen. You'Re gon na get 500 Watts up to a 30 amp charge or 20 amp charge rate on that. One and they also have the q8 max the q8 Maxx is a thousand watt and up to about 30 amps. So I will put the links down below you. Guys can check out the specs, but this is probably the easiest and best one to start out with and I'll put some links down below for some of those breakout boards. That told you about the 1s breakout board and the XT 30, and also an XT 60 breakout board. So you have all your bases covered with this little charger, but thanks again for watching my reviews guys and enjoy the new logo, it is a new year new logo and crazy times guys be safe and be careful out there this weekend 4th of July weekend.