Today i didn’t know the weather was going to be so perfect ring and barbecue that’s the best Music. Oh, that smells good awesome, that’s. One reason i missed this place: barbecuing in the rain, just tastes better anyway. This video you’re about to see was filmed at a place that i really had no idea existed until i got to texas it’s a gas station. Slash convenience store that actually has really good food it’s. Like the 711 of the us, i mean we all wish 711s here could actually have good food, but not really gon na hold out hope for that, but this place i’m ashamed. I didn’t know about this place before and before we get to that a big. Thank you to vessy for partnering with me on this video. I think i’ve been working with vessie for several months now and now all the shoes i wear on a daily basis, all from them – and i told you guys my parents were looking for a great pair of shoes, so i got them each repair. They love it especially now in the spring. It’S raining a lot, and i don’t know if you guys ever walked in new york when it’s raining it’s just gross. So the vesti shoes come in handy because they’re 100 waterproof not only that they’re breathable they’re comfortable they’re light and they look good. Although i do catch myself nowadays, whenever i’m outside it’s raining, i kind of intentionally step in puddles now, just because i can i don’t know just something i used to do when i was a kid.

I still find enjoyable. Also they’re super easy to clean. You can just toss them into your washer they’re, also sustainably made meaning less material waste, less water waste, and no animal byproducts, they’re also made from dime attacks, which is a dual climate net, which keeps you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Like i told you guys before my favorite pair of shoes now, i think i own about four pairs. So if you want to give these a try, go to my link down below use my promo code strictly dumpling and you’re gon na get 25 off your water. All right, i’m gon na get back to my steak and enjoy the best convenience store gas station i ever been to in the u.s with the cleanest bathroom Music. Ever i hoped we were gon na make it he promised. We would find the time Music dreaming for eternity creating perfect memories. Yeah we hoped we were gon na would make us to a place Music, hey guys good morning, it’s mike chen here in austin texas, actually wait: it’s, not austin, texas, it’s, a new bronze fells texas, and when i first got into the great state of texas, the Number one message i got in my inbox like exploded was everyone was like: what do you think of bucky’s? Are you going to go to bucky’s way? Is it pronouncing pronounced bookies? I think it’s pronounced bucky’s, so i researched this and apparently it’s this place.

That claims to have first of all, the cleanest bathroom in america, i think it’s largest convenience store and largest gas station in the world, and what makes this place amazing is apparently the food we’re gon na go find out what food actually exists in this place. So, for the next 24 hours about uh 7 a.m, 7 30, 8 a.m. Right now, i’m, just gon na be feasting on everything i can find in the largest gas station convenience store in the world. Of course, this being texas, this gas station has got to sell like full on smokers. This is a massive gas station, so it looks like it has. What two two two three four five, six, seven eight! Let me do some uh, not so quick math here so there’s 15 pumps per one single roll, there’s four rows, so there’s 60 of these gas pumps each able to serve both sides. So 120 cars can pump gas at the same time here and in the front. Oh my gosh 10 pounds of ice 20 pounds of ice. I feel, like this whole entire store everything i’ve seen here, has been very catered to barbecues and picnics and right here this is the very front of bucky’s, see sir especially everything lawn chairs in the front. Floaties, what is this it’s like a half tint oil table for seafood? Boil everything is so texas here giant equipment used for barbecuing hunting fishing. As soon as i walk in, i smell something: sweet, oh yep there.

It is. This. Is the food counter? There’S? Definitely a lot of stuff going on there um and then there’s a deli where they serve. Oh, my gosh. Look at that sandwiches roasted nuts. I got billion flavors of turkey, turkey, turkey, super spicy jerky, oh my gosh, oh dippin, dots, ice cream and then there’s a bakery that serves muffins donuts. I think everything is cooked on site a massive drink by the way i’m feeling a little overwhelmed right now. So let me just try to walk through everywhere and just get my bearings before i go into specifics about food, but look at this extra large soda for 79 cents and brand everything, bucky strawberry, bucky, fruit, punch, coffee, cookie, snacks, that’s, the like the biggest coffee counter. I might have ever seen wow. This is just powdered sugar. You can just buy tubes of sugar shots for like two bucks, there’s pickled eggs, pickled, garlic, pickled brussels sprouts in the end, aisle for all the snacks are just icy machines. Wow can cola white cherry cheese. Oh, my gosh and all different flavors in every single Music machine Music. This here is all devoted to picnics and barbecues i’ve, never seen a tabletop barbecue pit before i can’t believe this is a gas station. Overwhelming will be an understatement, Music. Sorry so many things i want to eat here, i think they have a breakfast menu, maybe and then a lunch menu. I just want to quickly take a look at the rest of the stores.

The rest of store is just merchandises. You know stuff you see in a typical gas station, but just a ton of more stuff i’m, not really interested in shirts. Right now i got ta go back to the food before they sell out or something so. This is apparently where you order stuff, so there’s hot dogs, breakfast barbecue, okay, let’s, do breakfast right now, let’s do a breakfast taco! Oh my gosh! This is all the breakfast taco variety. Do a breakfast beast: burrito quantity, one! Please! Next apple pie, sure apple pie continue. Breakfast breakfast croissant, okay, let’s, do honey butter, chicken, size, mustard, potato salad, barbecue chopped beef; yes, add jalapeno, of course, that’s a lot of sandwiches chop block roast beef pastrami reuben by the way, all the big sandwiches and everything even that monster burrito, is only about 450. It’S, how much the astronomy reuben is and jalapenos 6.99. So then this will be created at the daily. So this is not even what we’ve been looking at in terms of the little barbecue semi circle here. So this stuff, you just grab, i feel like. I should get a shopping cart, because this this could get excessive. I think everybody is waiting for the corned beef taco, this guy’s literally carving up a brisket right now. Oh, that is a tender. Oh my gosh, all right i’m gon na say something so for dinner. I think dinner i’m gon na have the cod sandwich and basically everything i didn’t get right now.

I feel pretty good with what i got got tons of tacos i’m still waiting for my sandwich waters let’s go get some snacks i’ve actually heard great things about these pickled eggs down for some pickled eggs never had them before mini cookies, lemon crisps, i don’t know I’M, just grabbing random stuff. At this point i don’t know what’s good, i don’t know what’s bad, but i will let you know. I just want to say this is a small banana pudding. My water is ready. This thing is about a five pound bag i’m gon na get out of here and eat this first. This is a lot of food. I thought i was like. Maybe i should have got more, but no no, at least for a brunch. I think we’re good. This is oh, my god. This is heavy, oh it’s kind of good to be out actually there’s so much going on in there. Oh look at this guy. Actually i forgot to check out the cleanest bathroom, see if it’s really clean. There are a lot of people in there, so Music world famous bathroom, obviously i’m, not going to take a camera in there. So i stayed in there a little bit and i think what they do is as soon as somebody uses a stall. Someone goes in right away and cleans it for a gas station bathroom that is really clean. You can actually get sliced briskets from this place and when it came out of the oven it looks really juicy and good.

So i got some so the briskets here go for, i think 15 16, a pound which is much cheaper than you would get at a regular barbecue place smoke green check, beautiful crust, check, that’s, actually, a really good brisket smoky flavorful tender. This is a good brisket. Brisket from a gas station, this is better than anything you’ll find in new york and i’ll. Tell you why i’m not gon na eat this right now, i’m gon na, take it back to the hotel i’m gon na microwave it and then i’m gon na eat it, and the reason is when i asked for this. But the person who gave this to me was actually sweeping or mopping or something so he was wearing gloves and the whole time he’s opening cabinets, just touching everything he’s going back to the to the deli area. I’M. Just hoping i’m like, please change your gloves or something, or at least use like a utensil to put my brisket in the box. He did none of that, so he just grabbed it put it into the box with the gloves that i saw was touching. The broom was touching the door handle of the cabinets literally the whole time. I was trying to use my jedi powers as much as possible. I’M. Just like please change your gloves. Please use some sort of utensil, unfortunately, did not work so i’m going to take that back to the hotel i’m going to microwave it just to make sure everything’s good i’ll eat it later for lunch, all right, let’s get to the taco.

So i got a couple of the brisket tacos. This is by far the number one thing everybody was waiting for. Oh i forgot to get hot sauce that’s, a shame you can see they put a lot of brisket. So this thing is four dollars: there’s a ton of stuff in here looking a little dry but let’s see you need to douse this with sauce. Flavor is fantastic, smoky delicious, but drier than that tumbleweed i had when i first came to texas. Ah, super dry just douse it with um hot sauce priming a lot better. This is the brisket with egg. Oh, this would have been so much better with some hot sauce. The brisket here actually looks a lot more tender and juicy much better. This is a tender brisket. I don’t know whether the eggs made it better or they used a fattier cut here and it’s not going to be the juiciest thing i’ve ever had, but that is a tender brisket mixed with a soft pillowy scrambled egg. I don’t know why this taco costs less than the other taco. This is a 350 taco i feel like it has about as much biscuit as the actual brisket taco and the eggs are an awesome compliment. This is a hundred percent worth it 350, for this i’ll come back for this any day. No, but next time i won’t forget, the hot sauce definitely need some hot sauce stuff. Let me get into what i got from the cafe wow, oh that’s.

This is the pastrami sandwich. This is giant stacked with jalapeno pastrami bacon. I think a little onion crisp on top of this with some sauerkraut as well swiss cheese. This is good. This is one of the best sandwiches i had since i came to texas. This is incredible. I think this is only six dollars or seven dollars. This is the sandwich they get. We can come here, wow, mind blown by how good this is roll. First of all got some amazing chew. I got the crunch from the jalapenos and the pastrami it’s, so soft the pastrami is so soft. It basically melts your mouth there’s, so much great fat on this as well, and the bacon provides a different type of texture and added smokiness. Also there’s mustard inside you got to get this with jalapeno that thing balances so well with a fatty pastrami. I really don’t think there’s much else i’m going to get from this place, that’s going to be better than this one bite. You won’t believe this from a gas station. Also the road is a little sweet, so you’re getting something sweet, smokey, spicy fatty, so much flavor and texture is in this 10 out of 10.. This is the brisket sandwich chopped brisket, and this one looks a lot fattier and juicier than what i had before, and they did put a lot of the stuff into the sandwich with pickles and jalapenos. Delicious really sweet though, but the brisket here is actually juicy.

I think they put a little less barbecue sauce in here. They’D be a lot better, because the brisket here is the best one i’ve had of the taco and the sliced brisket. This is the best version of it very tender, very juicy. A lot of smoke just way too much sugar. I feel like. I need to eat this with something vinegary or or spicy. Oh, i know just the thing ever see anybody eat a jar of spicy pickled eggs. Oh, that shower, if you’ve never had a pickled egg before just imagine, taking a bite of a hard boiled egg that’s, just completely doused in vinegar, that’ll make you pucker up i’m. Actually thinking this might go pretty well with the sandwich, because it’s super sour. So take a bite of this that’s how i’m gon na have to eat the sandwich it’s delicious. By the way i pretty much love pickled anything i didn’t imagine it’d be so sour. Oh my god. I can’t even open my eyes so that’s how sour it is. When you take a bite of that, you really want a bite of something sweet, which is where the sandwich comes in all right. So a couple more things from the deli. Oh, this is the chicken croissant sandwich, really just chicken tenders inside a croissant not much to it, and i feel like such a noob right now, because a lot of this would have been much better with some sauce and i just didn’t get any just like the Plot of the new wonder, woman movie it’s just really hard to swallow.

Oh man yeah. He definitely needs some sort of sauce. I mean having eaten that reuben sandwich and then taking a bite of this it’s like getting the hair with brad, pitting in afterwards meeting up with one of the orcs from lord of the rings. I mean this is much buddier didn’t work, hi guys. You guys see how much butter is in this. This is all i’m tasting. Is the butter from the croissant, the crunchy outside of chicken, which i’m happy is crunchy, but the inside is also so dry yeah. This is definitely super overwhelming all right. Last thing this is the monster burrito. I don’t even know what’s in this burrito, but it is ginormous. It looks like egg bacon, hash brown and sausage really good. This is called the breakfast beast burrito. You can taste different types of cheese on this as well. My second favorite thing today also the pastrami sandwich. I love the cheese that’s on here you get tons of sausage tons of bacon. Texture is great. Flavor is fantastic again. If i only have some hot sauce to dip. This in i’ll get some hot sauce on the way to the hotel i’m going to eat all this for lunch later. Oh, this is delicious here’s, my rule in life whenever there’s an item on the menu that has the word beast in it i’m. Getting it because you know the food is either going to be super big or super flavorful.

This is both great job: beaver guy i’ve not had a bad bread pudding in texas. Oh this thing is good for two bucks: ain’t, nothing small about this giant pieces of banana in here; wafers – hmm, not so creamy and nice. I’Ll put this on the must. Try list as well: i don’t know what this was it’s lemon crisps. This place really doesn’t kid around with these flavors when they say something: that’s, pickled it’s going to be pickled when they say something that’s going to be zesty and sweet, it’s super zesty and sweet. I mean they actually taste like real lemons, no it’s made with fresh lemons, but you have to eat this with something you can’t just sit here and just go on a car ride and just eat this all on its own, with a can of coke or something Got ta have some tea, some water, something to kind of dilute this a little bit, but this thing no artificial taste to it whatsoever. I’M. Just gon na put one of these cookies inside banana pudding. You know how like a banana pudding, they usually put vanilla away. First trust me on this: get a banana pudding and put some of these lemon cookies inside it is magical. You now just added some super crispy texture to that creamy banana pudding, that’s like aladdin and jasmine together, it’s a whole new world. All right, i’m gon na go see if i can check into my hotel drink a bunch of tea.

I’Ll have the brisket for lunch and then we’ll come back for Music liner, Music let’s grab. Some dinner heard good things about this seriously. This beaver makes everything from chips to candy, to snacks, to pork rinds. What bucky’s key lime pie cups. I love key lime pie let’s, see if there’s any changes in this little cooking section in the middle from this morning, so the breakfast tacos are now replaced with sliced brisket sandwiches and chopped brisket sandwiches wait a minute. I ordered an apple pie this morning. I never got it. This is the grilled sausage sandwich it’s, like a giant hot dog, sliced turkey, sandwich, pickles and onions. This is what i’m waiting for the pulled pork sandwich. Hopefully, it’s not sold out Music. Look at the size of that cinnamon roll. This place is so awesome, i’m getting a bunch of kolaches. I remember this now i had this last time i was in texas when’s the next time you guys have the pulled pork, it’s, cooking, it’s, probably gon na be a couple hours all right. I’Ll stop back later tonight, too thanks man let’s see. If anything is different here all right. I got the apple pie last time they just didn’t, give it to me sandwiches mighty cod, all right, some beaver chips, blt turkey melt chopping block roast beef. That looks good. Add jalapenos: okay, the burrito option changed a lot now: there’s like a 10 litre, burrito texas, cheesesteak, burrito, frito pie, burrito and with a spicy signature.

Burrito, oh pulled pork. Yes, now i don’t have to wait for the pulled. Pork is on a burrito, so everything else seems to be the same. Look at this. They make their own fudge. Oh my gosh, i’m. Pretty sure. If you come here, you fudge and get yourself one of those candy sticks you either combust or gain some Music superpowers. Probably a better place to eat dinner than up in my room. Kolache is really famous in texas, although it’s uh from the czech republic. The first time i had it was in houston i’m going to be just taking a bite of everything just trying out real quick, because the sun is going down. I’Ll probably lose filmable daylight in about 30 minutes, and i remember how great this is, if you ever have one of these, these things are doughy pillowing and stuffed with everything that will make you happy in life in this thing stuffed with cheese and sausage. This is so good. I almost wish that none of the other foods exist and i only had like 10 of these. I just sit here by the river and just slowly stuff my face, but this thing is so spicy and cheesy and so on the outside. I just want to cuddle up with it at night, whoa, okay, this this looked a lot heavier than it is. This thing is so incredibly light. This is the pecan pie, kalachi, obviously, sweet crunchy pecans, the surrounding parts that’s just pure air.

Something is looking real, pretty here: ginormous cinnamon roll for two dollars and they told me to take it back and microwave a little bit, which is what i did look how soft? How is this only two bucks and when you microwave it look at this the inside it just forms a pool of cinnamon and sugar. Oh, my new model is ibkit and bucky’s kitchen. I trust this tastes way too good to be two bucks wow. I can’t believe how soft that is. This might be the best tasting two dollar cinnamon roll that has ever existed like who’s, the competition like ikea. Oh, this is so much better. I’M. Sorry, i have to put this away for now. This is the fish sandwich. Oh, my god that is crispy wow, two fillets coleslaw on the bottom, two spare pickles and this bun looks great as well 100 serious. This weighs about a pound. We are not in the realm of fast food, fish, sandwiches, anymore, friends, oh, this is good. It’S still crispy it’s been like 20 minutes, love the pickles Music, all right, the mosquitoes are coming out. I’M gon na have to move this into my room soon. I saw some dangerous looking mosquitoes. You know the ones with spots on them. Oh my gosh. I want to stay here and enjoy the view, but it’s not worth getting my blush sucked for yeah. No, those mosquitoes look menacing. I mean everything is bigger in texas, including the bugs, so the beaver also makes its own chips not overly salty super crispy.

You can tell these are freshly made wait? What is this? What did i get? Why does it look like a piece of lettuce, it’s acting as a blanket? This is. This is no good. So, oh, this is a chopped roast beef sandwich. I remember this now chopped roast beef sandwich with onions. Oh, that beaver can cook, probably my favorite thing outside of the pastrami sandwich. It may not look like much but just a load of super tender slices of roast beef, spicy, jalapenos, crunchy, onions and melty cheese. This is not just good. This is damn good, see, see what i did there. Damn beaver. Oh, the roast beef is so tender. Everything on this is flavor perfectly. The bright even is delicious. I added jalapenos. I think i figured out the whole bucky’s ordering system anytime. It suggests that you add jalapenos, you add jalapenos. Oh, this is hefty. This is another one pounder the thing with bucky’s. Is you definitely get your money’s worth? I mean these are hefty hefty sandwiches. Okay, another burrito. I forgot what this is. Oh, this is the pulled. Pork burrito, oh my goodness, pulled pork, green chilies, cheese, wrapped in a toasted quesadilla. I learned my lesson from this morning. I got hot sauce. We bout to make something that’s already good, even better. I now know why that pulled. Pork is sold out. This pulled. Pork is more tender than some of the barbecue places. I’Ve been to look at this easily comes apart, that’s right all you, northern states, especially new york gas station barbecue in texas, it’s, probably better than the best barbecue joint in your city.

I am 100 serious about that. This is the one i saw them make the sausage sandwich with five ounces of sausage. I thought i got mine with pickles and onions, but i guess not. This one died a little bit. I don’t really think it’s the sandwich’s fault. If you ever go to buckage the strategy is order from the kitchen. When they call your number then go grab a sandwich. I made a mistake by grabbing the sandwich first, so this thing has been sitting around for probably 30 40 minutes, it’s cold already, so the sausage is pretty tough. I think if this is fresh, this will be amazing, because sausage flavor is great but it’s. Just a little tough now because it’s cold: this is the last of the sandwiches, so it’s turkey and then onions and pickles all right. To be honest, i never have much faith in turkey, i’m gon na predict. This is gon na be kind of dry and i would be wrong. This is a tender turkey sandwich, wow how’s it so tender it’s not dry at all, hmm smoky slightly sweet. This is turkey right. Let me just double check. Yeah turkey, bbq sandwich the last time. I actually enjoyed smoked. Turkey was at terry black’s and bucky’s actually made a pretty delicious turkey sandwich where everywhere else, this would have just been like a dry piece of cardboard, good job, beaver again, oh finally, finally, finally, finally, i got an apple pie.

Wow. This thing is covered in cinnamon and sugar. Oh, this is good. Oh yeah! Oh yes, you actually get crunchy bits of apple in here that doesn’t talk to you, mcdonald’s taste processed. The crust is still crispy, even after it’s been sitting in a bag for close to an hour, pretty good achievement. I can imagine what it tastes like. It was fresh. The outside shell is so thin and flaky i’m gon na log. This, as a must, try see see what i did there again blah i’m, actually, a huge fan of key lime pie. This key lime pie actually tastes like it’s made from key limes, even though this is like neon green color, which is like a telltale sign of what a true key lime pie should not be tastes, great that’s, all the main dishes, and of course i had to Give this the beaver nugget. Apparently this is what the number one must try snack item and i can see why these are basically caramelized little corn, puffs and they’re. Astonishingly, good i’m sure everyone’s had caramel corn before that’s, basically exactly what this is except it’s, corn, puffs tastes, good with the coulomb pun. I enjoy this even more than breakfast, the roast beef sandwich, the fish sandwich, the pulled pork, the apple pie, cinnamon roll. All this stuff, when i think of gas station food, you know, like i travel a lot i’ve been to a lot of gas stations. I never ever ate the food because they usually got you know the rolly hot dogs that looks like it’s been there for the last decade or some dried up chicken or dried out pizza.

This is stuff you would get at a pretty good restaurant. If you just take all this food here and just package, it kind of nicely and then open up a restaurant, i don’t know i’ll call it this damn place or something, and you start serving all this food. You get at least four stars on google and yelp. This place, i feel like is the closest america has come to offering something like the 711s that are in asia. Right now i mean this is truly spectacular, like it’s, not even a stretch to say i could go back to this place every day for at least a few months and not get sick of eating there, texas, i didn’t know you had this. This is like a true local gym that i don’t, maybe i’m, not that informed, but i had no idea this existed. Okay, so i think what i’m gon na do is. I still have plenty of food left. I’M gon na put on a tv show slowly eat some more tomorrow have the rest leftovers for breakfast. I am glad i got to try the breakfast menu and i think the lunch slash dinner menu, but i moved to texas now so anything else i missed i’ll get to you eventually also just want to say super friendly staff. Everything was very, very clean. The bathroom is super clean just that one sanitary issue this morning, other than that wonderful experience, and that is my food review of the largest gas station convenience store in the world.