This mini drone. I buy this for a very cheap price. As you can see, there is one inside of the box, and i will be showing you today that i buy this product is on april 23 and it calls for about 1000 pesos and the shipment is 41 pesos. So right now we’re not going to open the drone. This is what inside of the box it’s written in chinese language and then the manual which is also written in, i think three three different languages, so these instructions on how to fly a drone. This mini drone. Okay and then we have here yeah, this is the english translation and there are three different languages in this booklet and how to operate this mini draw. So the english language will be seen on the first 10 pages of this booklet. Okay, so the other is written in different language like chinese, and i don’t know what language is this? Maybe spanish, a dutch yeah dutch, so let’s now go to the drone itself, so there is a clovers with a plastic cover and then, as you can see, uh the pouch box is looks very good and clean and we’re going to open it. We will be yeah. This is what inside of the the pouch bug, okay, so we have here the controller and then the media drone and then there how it has an accessories inside of it. So what are those so? Let us take a look.

There is a usb cord and then there is this accessories. This is inside of this plastic. There is an extra blade uh so that if you lose one of the blades of the drone, you have an extra blades to replace the the missing blades of the drone. So there are four pieces of it and then here are this uh. Maybe this is the protection for the the blades. There are four of it. You’Ll be uh attach this so by doing that, if ever your drone goes to the walls or or anything that is hard, it will protect your your blades not to be broken. So this is the mimi’s room yeah, and this is the battery. So all you have to do. Is you just need to spread it all over okay? So there are four plates on this road by the way. The drone which i that which i buy is it doesn’t, have a camera that’s why it only costs for about 1000 pesos only in a very cheap price. You can use this for uh for you to practice how to apply a drone. So this is the drone. Looks good as you can see, so we just need to put the battery on that’s just like that, and then we need to to push this and wall plus lighter flash as an indicator and also at the back. So let’s go to the controller. So this is the controller, the difference between a drone that has a camera uh the controller of a drone that has a camera you can you can detach this uh, i mean you can expand this and then you can put your camera here, your cell phone, but This is a little bit different.

You cannot do that because if there are different types or kinds of drones which which you can buy but which you can buy on the saddle, there are drone that doesn’t have camera. But if you choose a drone that has a camera it is, it costs a little bit pricey, but this one it all costs 1000 pesos. So this is how it works. You just need to to on oh, but we were going to put about it first, so let’s get the battery okay on so let’s. Try once the light is is steady. It is actually connected to the controller, so once it’s it’s it’s connected you can control it directly in the controller in order for you to control the drone Music. So so this is the little drone that i bought in lasata. So we will be testing this outside. So that you will see how it works on a very cheap price, you can actually play this little drone and we will see how it how it operates and how it flies. If it is good or not, so we will be going outside just wait.