Sharper Image Mach X Drone Review

Sorry, the fellows over there mowing his grass. If you hear that noise in the background and cars going by theres a lot of people in town, look at the mountains arent they pretty anyways this one today Sharper Image, mock x, video drone or Mach 10 Im, not sure it says, live streaming. There […]

BIG POWER!!! – FOXEER AURA 5 Fpv Freestyle Drone Review

. They sent me the sort of a Truex version with replaceable arms. It has an F7 flight controller in here it has 2306 uh, 0.5 1850 KV 6s motor, so anything under 2000 KV is generally going to be on 6s. We got a 1300 pack on here today were gon na run and […]

Drone Selfie – Gatto Review!

I s Risate da oggi, potrete farveli grazie, a ecco nome manco, il nome Musica; no Musica bene: questo il mio regalo di compleanno di due anni fa di vuol, dire di chi di mia sorella che sar molto contenta di vedere, finalmente questo, video e centralista desideri perch Non lo so un dolore per […]