Well THIS was a surprise 👀… FUJIFILM X-H2s REVIEW

What should we do? Lets start going and you could film when were working? Okay, uh coco, what you doing there hi guys im gon na give you a high five. When i started on filmmaking and a new camera would come out, i always wanted to see footage from a whole bunch of different […]

DJI Mavic 3 Review – King of Drones // 6 Months In

There are tons of videos on the mavic 3 online nitpicking, specs and tons of reviews over features and updates and hypotheticals will a competitor ever show up. The drone community has a lot of astronomers, not a lot of astronauts, its very different when youre using these things. In actual application, im doing this […]

How I Found & Fixed a 400 Gallon a Day Leak: Flume Water Meter Review

So the first step to this mission is going to be monitoring and understanding. Just how much you use it turns out. I just realized my house is leaking 0.28 gallons a minute every minute every day. Now this is what that about, looks like it might not seem like all that much and in […]

Ruko U11 Pro Drone How to & Review

A 2k camera comes with a controller that can connect to your phone. To give you a first person view so lets give this a go in the box. Weve got the drone itself, which has got foldable arms, a controller and theres a spare battery in here, and this part is to connect to […]

XK A250 QF109 3 Channel RTF RC Airplane Flight Test Review

Big, grin emoticon was fresh to say first on one of my recent videos and thus was just shot at so congratulations good morning, quadcopter 101, here with a review of another neat airplane. This is the xk a250 brave fighter. Now look at that. This thing you can see. This is a characterized version […]

🎯 ESTOS son los DRONES que MÁS uso + SORTEO 🎁

Si no has visto este vdeo pues te recomiendo que vayas a verlo te dejar por aqu arriba las tarjetas, o tambin en la descripcin y al cerrar, el vdeo os dije que tena otros 20 drones, o veintipico de leds que no estaban aqu porque bsicamente pues. No me caban espero que si querais […]

DJi Mini 3 Pro, The Revolutionary Drone Review, Functions Features and Footage

The mini sized mega capable dji mini 3. Pro is just as powerful as it is portable, weighing less than 249 grams and with upgraded safety features. Its not only regulation friendly, its also the safest in its series, with a small, sensitive sensor and top tier features. It redefines what it means to fly […]

Tesla Model 3 Review | The TRUTH After One Year

, its their smallest slowest vehicle with the lowest range that they ship in north america, its also their first vehicle that sold in a price range under forty thousand dollars. Today, the price of this car has increased, which is unfortunate to see, but it remains an incredible vehicle for some. This car feels […]

DJI Mini 3 Pro Review after a Week | Still Worth Buying #shaunthedrone

So i would expect that anyway, but i did notice with the screen, because obviously the screens open to the sunlight that got pretty hot, so thatd be interesting to see uh. If, especially, if i got three batteries, would it cope? Would it shut down, but it hasnt really warmed up yet in here […]

Unboxing dan review drone E99 pro

Dan Lex sugar Oke saya lanjutkan, kursinya, Musik, Hai, Musik, nah ini, dia, dari, depan, sudah, nampak, nampak, dari, Tipe, drumnya, hanya, adalah, Drone ace99, Pro ini yang, versi, 2 kamera terus ada, sensornya dan juga, dapat, sebuah, tas, kecil, yang men, jadi, sangat, murah, sekali, dan juga, sangat, Lengkap dapatnya percuma 350.000 and terhadapnya […]

Bike News Review – May 2022

Welcome to another edition of bike news. The month of may 2022 has already flashed by. Would you believe, uh so its time to go through whats, been going on in the world of uk motorcycling for the month, so if youre interested in that stick around stay tuned? Music? Okay! So in this months, […]

2022 Spanish GP Race Review | WTF1 Podcast

I dont know why ive got so much energy because its a spanish grand prix edition, but here we are welcome post catalonia and just like, i said in internets best reactions. I also thought this podcast was going to be quite a a difficult one to do, just purely because not a lot usually […]