This is a newly updated model for the 2022 model year. Its had some engine upgrades and some bits and pieces for euro five when i last rode this a few years back, i absolutely loved it. Lets take this new one for a spin, see if shes still as good as i remember Music, so the new speed master. Then it came out in this sort of incarnation in around about i think 2017 ish, something like that. It was announced. I lost row one in 2018. I absolutely love the bike, but uh for this model. Year 2021, stroke 2022 theyve made a number of changes to the bike like they have with a lot of the bonneville range. They need to bring it in line with the euro 5. I think, but theyve taken the opportunity to make a few tweaks to the bike, and given i like this bike so much when i rode it back in 2018, i thought id give it another go see if i cannotice any difference now. Of course, it is a while back when i last rode it so im going to come at it afresh, but i have to say its somebody that never regarded himself as a cruiser man. I do find the speedmaster a very nice bike, of course, when youre riding cruisers, you do have to adapt your riding style a little bit. One of the things you do notice with the speed master. If you push on, as you go around the corners, you can scrape the foot pegs and that could be a little bit alarming when you first do it, but you kind of adapt your riding style accordingly.

Now this particular bike has trunks 1200 cc unit, its brilliant. The high torque version, i think, and its got loads of shovel low down and goes like stink, but these bikes arent all about speed. Of course, theyre about enjoying the ride. Im gon na be a little bit careful today, as you can see its a bit wet and slippy on the road, so i dont want to come sliding off this brand new model. That trump view coping card enough to lend me for this review. So some of the changes, then, are things like some cosmetic changes to the way the bike looks and ill. Show you those when we do the walk round, but also some engine internals, some lighter moving parts to make it spin up a bit quicker. Make it a bit more efficient and, of course, i guess to help it pass those new, tighter euro 5 regulations. I have to say it feels lovely on here. One of the complaints i had when i wrote it before im just gon na knock down a gear, was that it was a little bit vibey in certain gears, particularly the second gear. Now in second gear. It has a little bit of vibration through the seat, but its nothing to write home about. I would definitely mark that down as character but character in a good way. Okay, so uh. What do i make of the comfort on this bike then? Well, the first thing that you notice, when you jump a cruiser of course, is the riding position.

The handlebars are nice and laid back with the under what you call this style of handlebar. But i do love these big swept back handlebars. They make it very easy to control, and personally i find it very comfortable. Ive wished before about the fact that ive got arthritis in my shoulders and if my hands and arms are out the stretch too much sports bike style. That gives me a lot of pain in my shoulders, whereas this, my arms are virtually by my sides, which makes for a very comfortable ride. For me, the seat itself has been redesigned since that 2017 ish model really comfortable seat on here. You are sitting pretty much bolt up right on here, though, so you get the full force of the wind, and i imagine if you did a long ride on it, you might start to get a bit of pain in the lower back, because i found that before On cruises, where all your weight is back down through your coccyx, as opposed to some of it on your legs and arms, as it would be on a bike when you counted forward? That said, this is one i think im, not exaggerating when i say this is one of the most comfortable seats ive been on on cruiser, it feels beautiful, then the other thing about the riding position, of course, is youve. Got this feet forward position theyre not too extreme on here, theyre sort of middling forward if youre on a harley theyll be up here and youll be getting draft up your trouser leg.

This is sort of a middle way if you like hello, first white band problem of the day, and i cant actually play the white band because its actually a couple of cyclists, thats holding it up, get a lot of cyclists around. This way turns out cyclists like exactly the same routes as motorcyclists, which is fair enough and, in the case of these particular cyclists, well cut them. Some slack morning, ladies lovely day for a bike ride. This engine is beautiful on here its one of the favorite things. I like about the speedmaster it just rumbles along, i mean its the same unit, all bit tweaked, i think, probably for a bit low down talk as you find in things like the t120 bonneville, the bobber. Even the speed twin all have variants of this engine, but its an absolute peach in all those bikes, and i really love it for real world riding the sorts of speeds that you do on on roads. You know naught 70., absolutely brilliant brakes on here. Team. Okay got twin discs on the uh speedmaster. Just have a little look behind me. Lets give them a handful. Yeah seem pretty good abs, just cutting a little bit there, but it is a slippery day. Music and a quick look at the rear, brake yeah. Not a lot on the rear, but just enough to settle the bike down in the corners if you need it right, just being a little bit careful to come around the corner, just wear those pegs, no problem so far, just listen to those beautiful pipes on here.

This is one of the very few bikes that ive ridden that i think i would just leave the standard exhaust pipes on they not only sound lovely, but they look lovely too trump have done a top job on the styling of this a lot all traps these Days fit finish on it, its just beautiful things like the mirrors are nice. They look a bit mickey mouse, but ill show you later. When i do. The water theyve got little embellishes on the back that look nice, the little sprinkling of trout, badges around the place. Look nice, the writing on the fuel cap. Here i love the fact its not got any sort of fakery on the fuel cap. One thing i dont like about it is the instrumentation, the big dial on here, which is straight off the bobber. I think it looks alright, i mean in terms of its clarity, you can read what what you need to see on it. Its got a fuel gauge and a uh get a position indicator which are all things i like. I just dont like that big plastic surround. I think it would be nicer if it was the twin dials, like you get on the t120, that would look brilliant, also yeah, unlike the bobble one, its unadjustable. It just sits at that angle. I think on the bobber. You can adjust that, but a small point im trying to find things. I dont like about the bike and i do struggle a bit yeah if this sort of riding around the back lanes its absolutely brilliant, sit nice and low on here as well.

So its very confidence, this sparring, even though its quite a heavy bike ill go through the numbers in a minute when i do the walk around, but it doesnt feel heavy when youre on it or if you sat on it, moving it around on your garageway driveway. Rather and its easy to move around because the weight is nice and low handling is surprisingly good on here as well. I actually prefer this bike over trumps bobber and when i rode this last time that previous variant of it, i was very close to buying one. I must admit, im still quite tempted if i had room in the garage. This is the standard bike. They come now, of course, in the gold line versions as well, which are limited editions for a few hundred quid more with slightly nicer paint schemes and a bit of hand painted gold line. Work on it think id probably stump up the extra cash and go for one of those, because theyve toned down the the paint scheme on the standard bike a little over the previous model, by which i mean its now just in this solid color, its nice, and This red get out there quick, but the standard bikes previously had some coach work on the tank, which i rather liked some nice pops and crackles coming out the back of the exhaust as well stuck beyond this car now, so i cant really thrash it, but uh Yeah this engine just sounds glorious, well, be better.

On a summers day, mind you recording this middle of december dont. Let it be said that i dont bring you real world reviews nice to see a decent brake reservoir on a new bike as well. Not those horrible plastic euro and sample ones switch gear on here, its all nice and positive, as well. Very simple, its a relatively simple bike, but theyre all quite big and chunky. Easy to fill through your gloved hands talking to gloves, got a new pair of gloves on and a new jacket that youve not seen before. So, if youre interested in what im wearing stick around stay tuned to the end of the video. Until after the little credits bit and ill do one of my little fashion segments and ill talk, you through the new jacket, gloves that im wearing just to save all those questions about. Oh, what was that jacket you were wearing or whatever so uh, if youre interested in that stick around to the end of the video for that handling is really nice. Such a nice relaxed ride on here, summertime along the coast, would be beautiful, as opposed to middle of winter, just outside aylesbury, all right. So, while im traveling along behind this car lets, use the magic of uh, editing and ill do the walk around show you the bike, all right lets, take you through the spec, then ive written these down. So i dont get any mistakes as im prone to do.

Lets take a look at this bike all right here we go first off the engine on here, as i mentioned its the now fairly ubiquitous bonneville 1200 cc engine. This is the hd high torque version uh in the speedmaster, absolutely lovely unit on this one theyve gone for a bit of the old fake carbury, again im, not too keen on the fake carbs on things like the speed twin. They dont do that, however, its in keeping with the bike. I guess that aside, whether you like that or not the engine is absolutely beautiful to ride with, in terms of the numbers, its a 270 degree crank. So that means youve got that lovely noise that you heard on the ride. Its euro 5 compliant puts out 77 brake horsepower at 6100 rpm and 106 newton meters of torque with 4000 rpm. In other words, it gives you loads of power when youre not giving it loads of revs, which is exactly what you want on this sort of bike for going around the lanes. Well, i reckon so anyway brakes wise. The bike has got twin discs, im glad to say with some decent two pot brembo calipers. The discs on here are 310 mil on the front and on the back, weve got a single 255 mil disc, i think with a single pot. Caliper, probably there we go, looks quite small, but it does the job in terms of stabilizing the bike. One of the things i do love about this while were looking at the engine.

Sorry about the dirt on it by the way is: are these exhausts look at these beauties theyve done that clever thing again: trump, where theyve actually got all the um catalytic catalyzers? And what have you underneath the engine uh, but it looks like its a straight through pipe, very clever, how theyve done that top bit of a bit of engineering by the guys lets take a look at the suspension, then, on the front. Weve got these. What look like pretty massive forks? These are from shower and theyre 47 mil non adjustable on the front and theyve got these um gators on here as well, which i think just help with the with the retro look of it under on the back here. You can see weve got this single spring here. I think its adjustable for preload by the looks of it. Weve got to get under the seat to do it so thats going to be quite tricky. Well, we talked about the seat newly designed seat for this model year. Its got this extra sort of bolster to give you some extra support at the back, and i have to say i think this is one of the most comfortable seats ive ridden on on a cruiser really really nice. Also on this particular bike, youve got this sort of rack arrangement as opposed to the pillion seat. I think the little pillion perch comes as standard im, not sure, but i prefer the looks without it in terms of the seat height its very low at 705 millimeters.

So absolutely no problem at all getting your feet on the deck, even if youre the shortest of riders uh, what have to say the weight of the bike. I said that was a heavier bike comes in at 263 kilograms wet, which definitely is heavy. But having said that, because it is so low, it doesnt, it never feels like a heavy bite, even when youre moving it around in your garage. These big old handlebars help out with that, give you lots of leverage and you can move it around fine and uh yeah, because your feet are so secure on the ground. It doesnt feel anywhere near as heavy as that and the handling again just doesnt suggest that sort of weight on a bike uh. What else? Uh spec wise uh the tank capacity on here a little bit disappointing. Only 12 liters that tank so youre going to be visiting the petrol station fairly often do love this badge on here. This uh, you know with a proper relief old school one, and also i quite like this fuel cap, where theyve got the um. You know trump motorcycle stamped on it as well looks really good. The the paint on here is lovely this red. I do like it, but its now lacking all the coach lines that the previous model had. If you want a bit of a fancier paint scheme, then youve got to go for the gold line versions, which cost you a few hundred quid more talking a price uh, the price of the bike.

Uh. If you want this standard, one, its twelve thousand one hundred pounds or if you wan na, go for the gold line version which comes with some fancier paint, then youre, looking at twelve thousand nine hundred, so uh eight hundred pounds difference um. So up to you, i guess whether you think thats worth it or not. Just while were looking at some of the bits and pieces on here, i mentioned on the ride that the mirrors were nice. I, like the fact, theyve got this little bit of the back here. I think that looks really good. Weve got this really nice light on here now. Let me just switch her on switching around by the way ignition is down here at the side. Look! So if we turn her on there, we can see what the running light looks like there we go, looks really cool. I like that uh some nice led indicators as well. I i quite like these theyre big, but i think theyre, in keeping with the bike and lots of little um touches on here. That are really really nice. Now things like you know, on the back of the seat, youve got the triumph. Logo youve got the uh nice logo. Here, let me show you the switch gear as well. Very simple. On this side, youve got your information button cruise control very handy to have and on this side, youve got your riding mode button. Its got two riding modes on this one rain and road, which really is all you need isnt it.

You certainly dont need more than that. I dont think all right, i think thats pretty much it for the specs. What else weve got to tell you lets? Have a look at my list: oh yeah, i should say as well as cruise control. Of course, youve got abs, its got, switchable traction control, uh, talk, assist clutch and all that lighting is of course led. Okay, so welcome back aboard the bike then, and uh yeah. So whats my sort of closing feelings on it have i lost my love for the speedmaster in the four years, since i rode one three or four years? No, i havent. I absolutely love it still. I would definitely have one of these in the garage of higher space. Do those changes to the engine make much difference? Well, if im brutally honest, i cant tell the difference. So if i had a speed master already, i wouldnt rush out to buy the new one, because it doesnt feel that much different to me. If youve not got one, you fancy, one youve got the money for a new one, then go for the new one, because its definitely a better bike. Unless, of course, you prefer those old paint schemes which i did so black marks for me are paint schemes now. Arent, quite as nice, as they were before purely personal opinion, of course, other than that everything about the bike is beautiful, hate, doing reviews where theres not much negative, to say people always accuse me of being desperate for content and not want to say anything to upset People that loan me the bikes, but i can assure you nothing – is further from the truth ive way more bikes than i could possibly review.

This is just a lovely bike and i still think of all the cruises ive written, which isnt those to be fair. Its a few harleys a couple of indians, the big rocket three, the thunderbird this. I think this is still my favorite. You know its nice and accessible its not so big and unwieldy that you feel like youre gon na become a cropper at any moment. Yeah its got this amazing engine theres, so much grunt, if you want it handling, is beautifully assured yeah, really nice. So thanks to trout, uk for lending me the bike for review, thank you to you as ever for watching. Do leave your comments below what you think of the new bike compared to the old and, if youre, an owner of one of these, if youve had one for a while any hints and tips for people that might be interested in buying one its always interesting. For others to read those below as well and dont forget fashion segment after the credits, if youre interested in the jacket and these fancy new gloves that im wearing all right, thats it for now look forward to speech again soon till then. This is paint the mist and fly cheerio. Well. Thank you for sticking around to the bitter end of the video for my now infamous fashion segment, i said ill talk you through the new bits of kit that ive been wearing particularly my jacket and gloves. This is the new jacket for me: ive had it about a month.

It is a motorcycle jacket, but ive been wearing it just as much off the bike as on its from a company called segura, and this is called their nacho jacket. N, a t c h, o its a lovely bit of kit, its a ce rated at level, a which is the lowest of those ratings which basically means its for urban youre so ideal on a bike like this around town stuff, like that, maybe not so good. If youre going to go out on a track or something but its got, you know padding in the shoulders and elbows its got a pocket in the back for a back protector. If you want it, it has got a hood but and its but its removable, but i find on this particular jacket. It doesnt flap around or anything when youre riding so thats, absolutely fine and its really comfortable and stylish to wear. I think price wise. It comes in at 259.99 recommended retail price. If you want to find your local dealer check out, ill put a link below the video, so you can find your local dealer. If you want to buy online, then sports bike shop is where i go. You can get them for a bit of a reduced price there at the moment, when i last checked as well again ill put a link below to that all right. So thats the jacket great bit of kit thoroughly recommend that next up new gloves all right new gloves.

Then here we go. These are also from that same company segura uh. Here we go. This is what they look like um, they theyre sort of um. I suppose theyre retro style, um, gloves i cant remember the name of them ill, put it up on the screen um, but i really like these theyve got that zip on the back, which means that you can actually unzip them easily uh to take them on and Off, even if your hand is already gloved and theyve got these little um bits on the front here, it says sensor system, so you can use your sat nav or your phone uh through them. Okay, theyve got a bit of double stitching and padding at the palm. If you put your hand down obviously and theyve got this hard knuckle bit on the back so yeah, they feel lovely and warm as well. Even though technically i think they might even be a summer glove but, as i say, im recording this in december and ive only got these on. My hands have been absolutely toasty. I really like them. I think theyre theyre, stylish and comfortable. You can feel everything nicely through. You know through the handlebars and stuff you dont have to kind of break them in ive. Had these again for about a month now and have been theyre kind of my go to gloves. If im on this style of motorcycle, i think i retail about 89.99 again ill put a link below to buggerheads., so you can find your local dealer or ill put another link as well to sports bike shop and full um disclosure. If you go to sports bike shop and you click on that link and you subsequently buy something – i do get a little bit of a kickback, so no extra cost to you. You will be helping out the channel so uh. Thank you for that. All right, thats! It for this fashion segment look forward to speaking again soon uh this engine, as i mentioned its now familiar 1200cc liquid cool parallel twin uh. Lets. Do that again because i said cool not cooled. Its got a torque assist clutch which is quite heavy to use actually, but it works absolutely fine, um and all led lighting as well so yeah. Oh two lets do that again.