Yes, this is a new energy vehicle im quite excited about it actually, but before i tell you about it, id like to direct you to the description below where there is a link to all of the rav4s, the used ones that we have on our website. Right now – and there are over 500 of them, 500 rav4s to choose from so if youre looking for a used, one youll find them all there right. Here we go a review of a new rav4 Music dream search, drive, cars.coza, Music budget insurance, affordable cause. You cant afford not to so what is this, this e4 well, its the only car in its segment, and there are many cars in the segment about 18. At the last time, i counted where you can have a new energy drive train every other car is just petrol or diesel. This is it so its one of the only manufacturers right now which has hybrids on sale. There is a val h6 hybrid coming, but until then this is your only choice and weirdly there used to be a cheaper rav4 hybrid. It was a front wheel, drive model. It was only on sale for about probably under a year and that one has been discontinued in favor of this one, and the big difference here is that theres, two motors, and so you get all wheel drive, which i suspect some buyers are looking for, and i Think if a car is called the rav4, it probably should be all wheel drive.

Maybe and of course, when youre, tackling gravel roads or slippery surfaces that all wheel drive will come into play now, its not permanent, all wheel, drive and its not what you would call a 4×4 theres, no low range, for instance, but the electronic torque vectoring system can Send 100 of the power to the fronts which saves fuel in most situations, or it can send 80 20 rear front if its particularly slippery, for instance – and you need extra traction, it does all of that for you, you dont have to get involved. So, of course, this being a hybrid, its all about fuel economy and fuel consumption, everything else is sort of a secondary consideration, and in that respect this is a lot better than say the other rav4s in the range. The other rav4s have naturally aspirated petrol engines with cvt gearboxes and, in my experience, theyre quite underpowered and theyre quite thirsty, so toyota claims 4.7 liters to the 100 for this car, which, for a car, the size is actually very impressive. Now, im currently averaging six, but this car has done a lot of highway driving and, unlike traditionally powered cars. Hybrids arent as good on the highway as they are in urban environments, does much much better in stop start traffic. So i think you could actually get close to that figure. You probably could get under five liters to the hundred in this car. So if youre coming out of a car in which youre consuming say 10 liters to the 100, then youre, looking at halving your fuel bill with this rav4 and thats, pretty cool right, the petrol price is just its just pain at the moment, its like being stabbed In the hearts and in the wallets its just awful its really terrible – and i think its only going to get worse to be honest and so saving fuel is a priority right now, and the thing is the best way to save fuel is to a not drive.

Your car, which is not very practical but b it would be to drive an electric car, but right now electric cars are still very expensive for south africans, and so i think many south africans are becoming increasingly interested in hybrid technology, and toyota is banking. On that increasing interest Music, now you might hear me talking about these fuel consumption figures and you might think to yourself. Hang on ive got a diesel powered car and im getting you know under six to 100, for instance, but i suppose whats driving this move to petrol, hybrid is european emissions regulations and the fact that a lot of european cities just dont want a diesel car or Diesel cars in the city, perimeters, you have to pay extra for congestion charges. Some in some european cities you cant even go into the city center with a diesel and so outside of south africa. Petrol hybrids make a lot more sense, Music, so whats it like driving a hybrid if youve, never driven one. So your instruments are different right. You actually dont have a rev needle toyota does not want you to know what the petrol engine is doing and its so quiet and so seamless in the way that it integrates into the drivetrain that sometimes you dont actually know whats powering the wheels, whether its the Electric motors or the petrol motor, its really quite impressive in that respect, so on the left of the instrument cluster, you have a needle which swings between power, eco and charge.

Now, when youre in eco youre in electric, when youre in power, youre petrol, electric and when youre charging youre recharging the batteries through regeneration Music, i think this energy monitor has been around since, like the first prius or the second prius, its looking pretty old. But it is very easy to understand and you can see when the electric motor and the petrol modes are working together when its charging the battery or regening the battery its actually its pretty cool and its nice to see. You know when youre saving fuel when youre using absolutely no petrol quite exciting. I love that sound when youre regening, when its like. So i got that sort of slowing down chewbacca noise Music. There are two spec levels of hybrid available: theres, the cheaper gxr, the one im sitting in and then the is the vx. Now. The price difference is about 75 000 rad. This one is 670 and then you add 75 for the vx. But even though this is the lower specs model, im pretty impressed by both the quality of the cabin and the amount of bells and whistles and toys that you get in here, so whats really nice to see is heated and cooled seats thats why the seats are Perforated theyve got little fans in there to cool your backside and your back and trust me on a hot summers day. Thats a very nice thing and now that its getting cold heated seats are nice as well.

Dual zone climate control youve got a wireless charging pad down here for your phone two drinks holders, usb port there and two more here. Youve got cruise control in this model. Youve got an electric drivers seat, but in the vx model the front passenger would also be electric in the vx. You also get a mirror which changes from a mirror glass to a camera view out to the back of the car thats. Quite a nice touch, but in this car you just get your camera view on the infotainment system. Now talking about the infotainment system. For me this, and the screen in front of me are the only two aspects of this interior which sort of let it down a bit. This feels very old. I feel like ive, been looking at this in toyotas since i started car journalism. Basically, the screen is very small. The resolution is pretty low. The resolution on this screen in front of me is even worse. I feel like its time to update all of this happening over here i mean, for instance, theres no sat nav and you can sort of see its age by the cd player. I mean you just dont really see that anymore, but overall there is a feeling of premiumness to the cabin i mean theres, just leather everywhere, leather, leather, leather, nice, leather, sock over there. The seats, of course, are all leathery and in terms of the theme, it feels a lot like the fj cruiser from a good couple of years ago.

Its got that sort of chunky aesthetic to it. I quite like these orange insets. Those are actually quite unique. Havent seen that too often and then youve got these chunky dials these, they sort of look like tires like off road tyres, its all pretty cool. Actually, it comes together to make you feel like youre, getting your moneys worth, but the one downside, the big downside. I would say is that the seats are actually not particularly comfortable and its because of the width i feel like the side bolsters, are a bit too tight and i mean im not im, not a particularly big guy. Although i have picked up some weights during lockdown, which many of you have pointed out, so so thanks very much for that, but i suspect, if you are, you know pretty heavy set or if youre i dont, know a big springbok forward or something like that. Then im not sure these seats are gon na, be good for you, Music right. The back seats of the rav4 lets start off with how much knee room ive got thats my driving position im about five foot, nine, so thats pretty good knee room. I think pretty much any adult will be comfortable back here. I also just wanted to point out this design element. Look how nice. That is the way the headrest integrates into the backrest. I think thats, actually thats thats, pretty cool the rear passengers are treated to the same leather fest that the front passengers are leather everywhere.

Leather up here, electric windows, all round youve got air vents. Two usb ports down there. Ive got two drinks holders in here, which is quite handy. General comfort in the back is pretty good, actually feels a little bit more comfortable than the front seats and then the all important third safety belt. So if youre, transporting three kids or whatever the case is youve, got a proper safety belt as well as isofix child seat mounts if youve been procreating Music, i was going to tell you about the spare wheel later, but then i thought to myself. If i lift the suitcase into there im going to have to lift it out again to tell you about the spare wheel so lets start there full size spare south africans love a spare wheel anyway. I have brought the suitcase along to show you how big this boot actually is. Look how far back it goes and then look at the height you get. I think its impressive that you can load below the parcel shelf, a decent sized suitcase sort of standing, ish height, wise width, wise, not sure how to describe that so good height, good width. Now, sometimes, manufacturers measure boot sizes differently to other manufacturers. So toyota quotes a massive figure of 733 litres for this boot, which is probably not correct or its just measured in a way that doesnt match the other manufacturers. So if youre looking at boot, specs, for instance on our site – and you see that the figures are way out its just because of that little quirk of how things are measured.

But i would say just by eyeballing it that this is probably a little bit larger than the subaru outback now something that i think is such a nice touch, which you get on other cars is remote seat release its normally a handle over here somewhere, but in The toyota, you have to lean over and flick the seat down such a hardship. Some of this cars rivals also allow you to store the parcel shelf here underneath the blue floor, which is quite a nice design feature, but you cant do that in the rail force. Youll have to leave that somewhere. Potentially, if you want to remove it, but there is some convenience features. Youve got four tie downs over there in the corner of the car some netting over here and a 12 volt socket to run the fridge or something like that. Another hardship is that you dont get an electric tailgate after it pulls down all on your own life is so tough out Music. So lets say that, right now you are thinking about your next car being a hybrid well. First of all, you dont have many options. You pretty much have to buy a toyota, but maybe youre also thinking to yourself. What are some of the issues im going to face? Will there be reliability issues? For instance? What is the resale value on the car going to be now? Look, i left my crystal ball in my other pants, so im not sure what the reason values are going to be on hybrids.

But if i were to take an educated guess, i would suspect that if these cars do prove to be reliable, then it will drive up the second hand, price of the car and it shouldnt be too difficult to sell your hybrid in a couple of years. Time and in terms of reliability, because much of this technology is shared with cars like the prius and the crotacross, hybrid and toyota have been working on hybrid technology since 1994, im not kidding thats. How long theyve been at this for 28 years now? I think theyve pretty much got it right and the thing is the nature of electric motors is that they pretty much do not need to be serviced. They are reliable, inherently Music, so there are two versions of the e4 available. One is the gxr which comes in at 664, 000 rand, so that is your entry point into rav4 hybridness and if you won the top spec one with all the fancy bells and whistles youre looking at 744 now, i think its a bit of a pity that Toyota discontinued last years, rav4 the the front wheel, drive one because that was about 560 000 rad, which was a much more palatable entry point into hybrid technology. But toyota reckons ive, asked them about this. Ive asked them why they discontinued that rav. They reckon that the corolla cross hybrid fills the gap that that rav4 hybrid has created so its a bit cheaper, but also because the rav4 hybrid to get the price down the spec was very low.

You actually get better spec, more bells and whistles in a top spec corolla cross hybrid for about hundred and fifty thousand rounds, so thats teotas reasoning, whether you agree with it or not. I suppose theres another question im not sure why they couldnt have just kept both rav4 hybrids on the market, but that was the strategic decision that they made. So what is your coverage like in the territory? Rav4 hybrid? Well, your warranties on their f4 hybrid are a combination of very decent and not so decent. In my opinion, the standard warranty across the toyota range is a three year hundred thousand. Now i think thats quite short, especially if you consider that a lot of other manufacturers offering five year or hyundai as seven year, then when it comes to servicing, to her to accounts their services, not necessarily in terms of time but in terms of number of services. So you get six services or 90 000 ks. Whichever comes cheapest now, you might be interested to know that the service intervals are still the same, even though its hybrid, its 15, 000 ks or once a year. But the extra warranty that you get because youre buying a hybrid is on the battery, and that is a eight year. 195 000 kilometer warranty on the battery itself, which i think is a very healthy warranty and its actually a bit better than the warranty you get in cars, such as the bmw ix, one of the downsides of moving over to hybrid technology.

Is there anything you should be worried about and its difficult to say its difficult to point them out. I mean the car goes and stops and turns corners like a normal car. I mean youve got a cvt gearbox, which people arent necessarily a fan of. But if you bought a normal rav4, youd get a cvt anyway and yes, it can drone a bit. And, yes, you do have to change your driving style a little bit, but i dont think its that much of an issue. For instance, if you buy a subaru outback as well, youre also getting a cvt, so you just have to adapt a little bit. Use your right foot a bit differently to get the best out of the motor. And yes, when you are on open roads, the hybrid technology doesnt work as well as it does in urban settings, but still youre youre still going to be averaging around six. Maybe six and a bit to the hundreds, so itll definitely be more efficient than say a standard, toyota rav4 or a standard petrol engine model from just about any other brand right, thanks very much for watching. I would love to know what you think of hybrid technology. Do you think that this is a good stop gap between now and the electric future, which we are barreling towards at a rapid rate? Let us know in the comments below and check out all our other videos well link to the other rav4 content we have and the corolla cross content we have as well and well see you on the next one right be safe, cheers bye! Do you like clothes? I do this is available right now on our sentimental shop, just go to kazakusa forward, slash shop or look for the description in the link below see what i did there just trying to catch.

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