Give you some of my impressions on the car and a lot more right after this, so under the hood of the toyota corolla cross, we only have one engine option: that is the 2.0 liter four cylinder, m20a fks dynamic force engine. This engine is exactly the same as the one found in the corolla hatchback from 2019 and select models of the 2020 and up corolla sedan. Nothing really have changed. Theres only been one minor tweak to the engine which were going to talk about in a little bit. A little bit about this engine, its a dynamic force engine youre, going to hear that term a lot, and this is basically what that term means the air charge. When it comes out, it does not come out and spread sideways into two as it passes across the valve. Then it goes into the combustion chamber. The everything is lined up in a way where the charge will come in and then make a twirl as it goes in. That is basically it and theres. Of course, a lot more to it were keeping things simple, because its actually very complicated, but the thermal efficiency of this engine is very high. The super efficient engine and it gets really good gas mileage and really low emissions. Lets talk about the fuel system a little bit, so this engine has toyotas d4s fuel injection system. What that is, is it has the old school four injectors just like older cars had, but it also has four direct injectors.

The way they did, that is to get the benefits of both worlds. There are cases where port injection is better. There are cases where direct injection is better in this engine. You have the best of two worlds and the most important thing that people when they hear direct injection is there is no chance of carbon buildup associated typically with direct injection. Only cars because the port injectors will also wash the back of the valve, and you wont, have issues with carbon buildup because of the direct injection on these cars. The variable valve timing system is also carried over from the previous generation. It has an electric motor on the intake side that spins the cam and it changes the timing as it speeds up and slows down very similar to your 2.5 liter camry rav4 and other models, the a25a and also the corolla and the corolla hatchback. The exhaust side has just an old school oil, controlled vvti, available valve timing on the coolant system. We have same thing: nothing really have changed, except one thing: the electric water pump is there theres, no mechanical water pump. It has the coolant valves in the back that distributes the coolant and keeps everything very efficient, and this engine actually warms up very rapidly and it sends the coolant where it needs to be not flowing everywhere all the time. But the only change in this engine and specific to the corolla cross different from the corolla hatchback and the corolla sedan with this engine is the thermostat used to have a heater in those models in the corolla cross.

That thermostat heater is gone. Its just a good old school thermostat, because really that heater a little bit did not make sense, but it was there, but now its gone now, one common thing about this engine that you can even hear. Corolla owners talk about this engine can get a little loud because of the direct injection theres, nothing wrong and thats just how this engine sounds and mainly its really the the high pressure fuel pump. That makes that clicking sound when it is running in direct injection mode, and you dont get any notice with this engine, sometimes its loud and often it just quiets down every time it runs in direct injection. It is loud every time it runs on port injection, its very low, sound and nice, and quiet Music Applause Music. That is normal. I just dont want to associate that with a problem that is normal on these engines. Lets talk about the transmission of the crawl across. It is a cvt yes, but hear me out here. This transmission is exactly the same as the one in the corolla hatchback and in the coral sedan. With this configuration of engine, it is the k120 cbt transmission or actually direct shift, cbt transmission, thats official name for it. Basically, what that marketing wording means is this is a conventional cbt transmission, but it has first gear a physical first gear, just like any other automatic transmission, and the idea this is usually with cvts whats annoying about them is when the car takes off theres that big Drone that is super annoying and most people really dislike this about cbt.

So toyota put the first gear there, so your takeoff would be very smooth. You wouldnt have issues and then, as you pick up speed, it shifts into the regular cbt that continues. A variable ratio and life is great. This transmission actually have been out for a few years now, from my experience as a toyota master diagnostic technician, i really havent seen a single issue with these transmissions, unlike other transmissions when they come out new, they usually have a few issues here and there that are Taken care of, but this transmission actually have been solid and the previous version of it, which didnt have the for the first gear, actually is also reliable, thats from 14 to 19 corollas and actually still being made in select model corollas sedan. One thing that changed about this transmission with the corolla cross specifically, is: there is a coolant shutting valve on the transmission that got removed. It just didnt make sense its for the size of the corolla that valve got taken out, so theres actually less stuff on this transmission, which is always good less stuff. There is the less stuff there is to break 15 20 years from now now. Having said all that lets, lift the car up were going to look at the bottom of the engine. Bottom and transmission just see how everything is laid out as we continue on our tour Music. This is the bottom of the corolla cross with the engine cover removed.

You do not have to remove this cover for service theres, actually a secondary cover right here, but i removed the whole thing. So we can look at everything. First, the engine is very simple. Maintenance. Wise oil filter is right here, drain plug some. Everything is extremely simple here: the transmission is actually a very large unit in this cvt transmission with the first gear. The direct shift, the k120 is extremely large and can look intimidating. It does have a transmission pan in the front. It is plastic, really havent, seen issues with these at all with the plastic transmission pants, but it is front facing right. Next to it. We have the coolant to transmission oil heat exchanger. This can be a warmer or a cooler, it depends which which cycle of the engine heating you are in starter is right here, very simple. Everything is extremely simple folks. These cars are getting very complicated when you really start reading into their technical details and how everything works, but, looking at everything, everything is very simple: theres a lot of room here, theres a lot of room on the side. Everything is very simple. This car is built on tnga tnga has been a wonder to cars, because everything is starting to look very similar. They come apart the same way and everything is nice and simple and uniform lets talk about the all wheel, drive system while we are still under here. Things are extremely simple: with all wheel drive system i mean nothing really have changed, and this design of the four wheel drive system takes its routes, all the way back to 2006, believe it or not in the rav4, when it further that generation rev4 first came out Very simple system, very simple components: very simple operation were going to go through it in a few minutes.

Here, youve got a transfer case that is mounted to the transmission. From the transfer case. You have a drive shaft. That goes all the way in the back. Well, go in the back for a little in a little bit, but this transfer case is always being driven by the transmission because the axle goes through it and its always driving the rear, drive shaft at all times. But how do you engage all wheel? Drive? Well, lets go find out in the back right. Here is where the magic happens. If you look at the differential in basically any toyota, with this style system, going back all the way to 2006 rav4 youll see that there is a differential and then a device in the front of it, and it has fins, and it has cooling and thats, where Your drives your drive shaft connects to that is an electromagnetic coupler. It basically uses electricity to engage and disengage a magnetic clutch kind of like your ac compressor, very simple, very old school when the computer determines that we need all wheel drive wheels, are losing traction, youre cornering hard. Whatever the case may be its going to send a very simple signal to engage this clutch basically now connecting your drive, shaft thats, always spinning, coming from your transfer case to the rear differential, and now you start driving your rear wheels. Very simple. I mean this system has been used forever. It is in when it first came out back when the 2006 was new and proud.

They did have a few issues with oil leaks, but over the years were talking a very long span of this system. There has been nothing with the system really that goes south at this point, which is a welcome thing. The corolla cross does not have the torque vectoring system like found in the rav4 limited and adventure and those not that system. That system is completely different. All new. This has the old school system which works. Great, very reliable life is great. I am happy to see this here, because this is overall, a very functional and simple car and needs to remain simple. The only thing that will be different than your say, 2006 rav4 is the mounting, because this is tng a completely different chassis. So the mounting of this system is actually very similar to a camry. All wheel, drive avalon, all wheel, drive, they use the exact same setup and the exact same mounting exact same everything. Even the differential and transfer case lets talk about the brakes, suspension and steering of the crawl across, and here things are very familiar. If you have looked ever looked underneath a any toyota actually and specifically the corolla hatchback and the corolla sedan with one minor change in the back were going to talk about it in a little bit. But the front struts are mcpherson struts and a refresher for those who are not familiar struts and the spring sits on top of it and a mount that mounts to the knuckle.

Very familiar design goes way back with toyota very simple, very reliable, very functional the brakes in the front are disc brakes, so its the rear, the rear, has electronic parking. Brake and brake hold very simple this. I know this sounds like new technology, but this has been out for a while now and its becoming the norm. Nothing really have changed about that. Its very familiar everything works exactly the same way for the steering, while we are still in the front theres. One thing that is a little bit not different, but actually kind of a throwback old school. This does not have a rack mounted motor, so its an electric power steering weve been seeing more toyotas. Have that moved the electric motor that actually assists when you drive from the steering column, which is inside the car to the outside, where its mounted on the rack and pinion itself corolla cross keeps things old school with that it is actually still mounted inside the car. On the column, very simple design been around for a very long time works great, no real problems with it. Nor is there problems with the one outside, which is a little newer, but keeps things very simple and very roomy here, because when you have that big motor, it takes a lot of space lets go in the back because thats when things slightly changed with the corolla Cross and the corolla hatchback lets look at the back suspension of the corolla cross, where there have been a few changes here.

If you have an all wheel, drive model like this one behind me very simple and very familiar and similar to the corolla hatchback double wishbone suspension shock, not mcpherson in the back. This is something we started seeing with the introduction of tnga platform, all the cars they have very similar suspension. But one thing that is different is on the front wheel, drive model. We actually went a little bit old school with a beam type suspension. Folks many people have voiced concerns about this, especially my viewers. I actually see it as a good thing, because the beam suspension, yes, if in the handling department, might not be the best, but if you buy this car for handling, i think thats, where the problem is. This is a simple car, its functional it. Does this purpose and does very well the beam suspension is actually polar proof. There is not much that will go wrong with it. There has been some updates to the bushings and whatnot, but the may overall design remains very familiar, very similar, so thats really the only thing. There is a little bit of a throwback. They could have went with this style for the all wheel drive, but they decided to go with the beam style, keeping things a little old school here while were talking in this section. The one thing that is a welcome addition, actually is the tire pressure monitor, is actually the new style tire pressure monitor where its not a metal valve stem its a rubber valve stem theres, actually, a sensor behind it.

That sensor is separate. You can separate it from the valve stem and these sensors – you actually replace them dry for some time and theyll automatically program. So thats really a welcome feature. Some models still dont have it that are being sold in 2022, but the corolla cross, of course, being a new model. Has this feature? Let me share with you some of my initial impressions of the corolla cross. Note that i did not have a lot of time with the corolla cross. You know to take it home, drive it for a week, get the feel of it because were in the car shortages, theyre really hard to come by and theyre always coming sold and done. So this is not a full review. There will be a review in the future where i go through every little thing of the car, but let me give you some of my impressions. This is a very nice size, suv and its actually, not too small or its like a corolla hatchback, but its not too big, either where its hard to park hard to maneuver, and this is just about the right size. If you think the rav4 venza is a little too big, this is actually a very nice size suv and to me its a nicer size than the chr thats. Just my personal opinion. There are some interesting touches about the coral lacrosse, which i found very interesting for such a simple and basic and honest to god.

Transportation, car on the headlights and the taillights corolla cross is kind of engraved in the design. I thought that was pretty cool touch just to give you a little bit of an interesting feature just to distinguish this car. The interior of the corolla cross is very simple, very basic but very functional. It looks actually very similar to the corolla hatchback and the corolla sedan. It is almost like they took that dashboard and they made it slightly taller, slightly wider and slightly deeper and there you go. It is folks theres, nothing super exciting about this interior, but theres. One thing to me that they do well with these cars: it is very basic and very functional. It has a lot of features, but when you sit down theres, not an array of buttons and everything is very confusing. Everything is very, very simple, because people who buy this car they need an honest to god, reliable, good, comfortable transportation. That will not give them a hard time to figure out how everything works, and this is exactly it, its very basic, its very functional and another thing that was kind of a surprise. Actually, in a slight letdown, this car has say: toyota safety, sense, 2.0, being a brand new model. I thought they would put 2.5 plus, or at least 2.5, but it actually is a 2.0. Not a major deal still have full speed. Cruise control still have lane tracing assist, but not the latest version of that.

Then we move in the back which something at least to me. This tail light kinda resembles that of the first generation toyota sienna. I thought the first time i saw it in the picture. I was like ive seen that before then, when i saw it in person, there was actually a sienna park right next to it. Im like that looks like a very similar design. Kind of this is inspired by that another thing in the back, i, like the space, its a nice space, something that is very welcome is the actual spare tire. Many of these cars are going away from spare tires to give the consumers more space and all that they give you that inflate kit, but its really nice to see a spare tire still in 2022, believe it or not, thats becoming a thing. But it has a spare tire, not a full size, its a smaller size, but hey its better than that little inflate kit. I really welcome that looks wise. I think it is a very simple and not daring design, and i think that is a good thing, because again, this is a simple, sensible, honest to god, functional car. I think the look is not too much. Some people will have a problem with a big grill. I think it looks very subtle: it distinguishes itself enough from the corolla it doesnt look like a just a big corolla. It does have a distinct look to it, but its not too much too angular and too much going on which weve been seeing kind of trends.

With other cars trying to look the part but theyre not really the part, this does not disappoint, it is simple, it is basic and its really functional looks like a crossover drives like a crossover and its actually a very good crossover. So far, and actually one more thing about the corolla cross, this is the first model made in a brand new factory in alabama. Some people might have issues with that. Some people will say all kinds of things but heres a god, honest truth. Folks, looking at the overall quality of the paint of the fit finish of everything ill, give it to the folks at the alabama factory, they do fine work. I dont see anything standing out quality wise, and this is something you expect from toyota. But someone with a trained eye like me ill look at the car. We usually see one thing or two and thats normal, but looking at the corolla cross, i dont see anything standing out. Even when i am when i turn my ocd to max and my trained eye. I dont see things standing out from a brand new factory that just started not the factory has been in production for 10 15 years a plus. I am not concerned that this is a brand new model from a brand new factory, because most of the components here actually been in production for a few years, some of them a lot more years. So i anticipate this to be a good model.

Once i get one to drive for a week and live with it for a week ill be able to give you a more thorough review of how is it to live with, but initial impressions are very good. I like the size. I, like the looks i like this a little bit. Understated intentionally, gives it kind of a purposeful look. This is a car with a function, and it does that function very, very well. Folks, before we wrap up the video id like to give a special shout out to breedman toyota and park race for allowing me to come in their facility use their car and film this video. So, thank you very much, bradium and toyota for allowing me to do this folks. I hope this video was helpful or informative. I hope you learned something new if you like it, consider giving it a thumbs up if youre, not a subscriber, consider subscribing to the channel check out some of my other videos and until the next video folks may.