Today, im riding once again the brand new for 2022 suzuki gs x, s 1000 gt bit of a tongue twister that ive had the bike for about a week, ive ridden as much as i can and in this video im going to bring you the pros and Cons about the bike, the things that i like about it and the things that i dont like now, i must say in the main, it is a good bike, but there are a few things about it. That would it would take me if it was mine. So if youre interested in this machine stick around stay tuned and ill, give you my lessons, learned Music, so normally in these sort of more in depth reviews i what ill do is ill bring. You me riding in all sorts of conditions onto rose at night in the rain and all that sort of thing. However, ive only actually had this bike for about a week or so about seven days, ive been riding this and ive ridden as much as i possibly can in that time. Ive done a few hundred miles on it and in that time i think ive learned some lessons about it. A few uh niggles uh, plus some things that i really like about the bike, some stuff that you wouldnt necessarily pick up. If you just had say a one hour test ride, so to start with, lets go through the cons. Lets go through those little niggles, the things that i dont like about the bike right.

The first thing about this bike that i found a little bit irksome, particularly as a uk, rider somebody who rides all year round, including in the winter when its very cold, is that this bike doesnt come with heated grips as standard. I think a touring bike should come with heat grips as standard. You can get them as an option but thats. Something thats annoyed me about this bike, especially as im recording this. At the back end of february, its been cold out there and ive suffered with cold hands, so were lets. Get some heated grips at standard next time now. For me, one of the most important things about touring bikes is uh. You know what they like on long distances: boring roads when youre getting to wherever youre youre going so, of course, weather protection very important, and this scores well in your lower body, because its got this big fairing area. But this screen i dont, find very good im. Not a very tall chap but im finding wind hitting me from the chest above into the head, its its clean air, its not turbulent so its not a big deal, but i just think for a touring bike. They havent quite paid enough attention to wind protection off that screen. I dont know if there is a tourist screen available, im sure therell be an aftermarket one, but certainly thats something id buy quite soon, so thats uh another for the thumbs down list the windscreen, although it looks big, its non adjustable and uh it chucks the air Sort of mid torso youre not good that, from a practical point of view, the bike doesnt come with a center stand, which means, of course, that when you want to lube the chain, youre gon na have to wheel the bike around its quite heavy.

To do that, uh and um or youre gon na have to get an abba stand or paddock stands whatever to get the back wheel up. So you can lose the shade so no center stand. I dont actually know if thats an option or not but again on a bike like this. I would like to see a center stand as standard now. It may be sad, but for me something thats very important when you buy a brand new bike is how the bike looks and for me, the gt just doesnt look quite right. The bike generally is quite handsome, particularly from the side but theres something about this front. End that doesnt quite work for me uh, i dont know i think the snout is just a bit too long or something maybe its just trying a bit too hard. But for me personally – and it is just a personal viewpoint – i dont know the looks of the bike very much now correct me if im wrong, but touring bikes are often used for touring arent they and that often means again touring two up a bike like this Uh, nice and big, very capable big, powerful engine great for riding uh with the passengers as well, taking your wife on the on a holiday or something like that. You might think, however, the pillion accommodation on this i think its particularly poor. The seat itself is quite small, uh, just a tiny pad compared to the big comfortable pad that the the rider gets and then the grip handles all the grab handles being right at the back here.

Uh means that your poor pillion rider is gon na have to have their arms at the back all the time to hold on and uh i dont i wouldnt fancy riding on there. Myself, ive had a chat to mrs flora about it, whether shed like to ride on the back of this, and she said no way so for a touring bike to have poor pillion accommodation. I think thats a bit of a thumbs down as well all right. Another winch down the back end of the bike once again is uh the lack of a top box as standard. Now the bike comes with these panniers, which i find a little bit fiddly, but theyre fair enough, therefore, its fairly sort of standard panniers, but because the way the back is here, look its got, no rack or anything and suzuki dont actually supply an oem top box. For this im sure there will be aftermarket top boxes available, but at the moment i cant find any top boxes for this and again thats, not only a booboo, for if you want a passenger to maybe lean back on it. But of course again, if youre touring, particularly two up, you may not have enough room with just the panniers and no top box, so another thumbs down for the touring credentials of a touring bike all right. So this is something else about the bike that im not too keen on, and that is when youre in normal running mode.

Youve got this single headlight on. I quite like this v shaped bit the running light, but the fact youve only got that one headlight on when youre riding normally just annoys me start. It looks so much better with both, of course, both come on when you put it on full beam, but with just the one headlight youre gon na have smart accent. All we make your headlights gone, so thats, something not too keen on cool blimey. What a winter thats enough for the negatives! This then theres loads of things about this bike that i actually love lets get on to the positive things about the bike. One of the things i absolutely love about the gs x s 1000 gt is its superb four. Four cylinder engine talked about it, a lot before on various uh videos, because its derived from the old gs xr1000 k5 unit engine of 17 years ago, but just because its old doesnt mean to say its not a goodie. Of course, its not the same engine as it was 17 years ago, its been updated and upgraded, but thats where this basic architecture comes from and the beauty of it is that at any speed here, im at 20 miles an hour in third gear, its as smooth As you like, and then of course, when you wind it up as well, it howls it makes a great sound. It goes fast with its 150 horsepower, but it is as smooth as you like, and that, for me, is one of the definitely the best things about the gt that smooth four cylinder engine is an absolute peach, all right, a quickie on the pros list, the quick Shifter on this bike, i absolutely love this thing, its so smooth.

It works both up and down its a beautiful, quick, shifter, definite plus on this bike. So should we talk pricing on this bike, then, because i think thats something this scores well on and its made it onto my positive list. This bike itself comes in at 11, 599 for a brand new 2022 bike. If you compare that against some of its competitors, i suppose the one uh that comes up most often is the kawasaki ninja s1000 uh its just the 1000 sx isnt it these days, theyre big touring bike. I think. Arguably, the kawasaki looks better than this, but it comes in a little bit cheaper. The kawasaki when i looked to the web this morning, that was 11 449, so a little bit cheaper than this one. But as i say that is an older design bike. Then, when you look at some of the other competitors, the honda nt 1100, another new bike for the 2022 model, you havent seen that one yet looks again. Arguably, you know split opinions somewhat, as i havent seen that one in the fresh hope to get it in soon, but that bike comes in a little bit more expensive than the suzuki. The nt 1100 is 11 999 uh and then the last one to look at. I guess would be the yamaha tracer 9 gt, which is the sort of top of the range tracer touring bike. If you like that, one comes in quite a bit more expensive at 12, 300.

But then again the tracer 9 gt is quite a bit more sophisticated, particularly in terms of electronics, so uh, i think, from a pricing point of view. The suzuki gt comes in about right. Another thing on very much on my pros list of the gt is just the handling on this bike for a big tour. Theyve got this sorted just perfectly. These big sweepy corners some of these bikes – i just i referred to as set and forget when youre corner on it number one. It feels lovely and stable it just stays set where youve left it. So yeah stability in the corner is something i very much like about the gt massive plus for me on this bike is the comfort that it offers the seat for the rider on here is really really comfortable, nice and wide nice and padded the riding position itself. Youre, nice and upright the handlebars arent too low youre, not putting any weight on your wrists, its a really really comfortable place to be. You can do mile after mile on this in great comfort. So that is a very important plus for me. Something youd expect of a uh accomplished, touring bike, which this is uh, but yeah. The comfort on this bike really does score well for me. Okay, then, so to the last thing on my positives list that really scores for me on this bike, and that is the balance that theyve got with the electronics on the machine, its got exactly the electronics you want and no more besides number one, its got this Great tft, which i think is the best tft weve yet seen on suzuki, really clear.

Really, nice, six and a half inches wide tft got everything you need there, including a proper fuel gauge, im, glad to say and then, as far as electronics concerned, its got riding modes, its got abs, its got um traction control, its um and thats, pretty much it Uh, its got theyre, not lean angle, sensitive theyre, not the most up to date. It hasnt got an ime on it, but those are the things that you need for safety, its got them and nothing else. So you can set them up and off you go youre, not fiddling around with anti wheelie and all that other stuff, so yeah. The electronics package on this, for me, is very much something to go on the positives list. So there you have it thats the uh lessons ive learned during the relatively short time. Ive had the bike so thats. How im at about a week so were not quite as in depth a review, as perhaps id like to have done, but long enough to get a feel for the bike and uh. Overall, i do love it its definitely a contender, its one of the best suzukis ive ridden for a long time, lovely tft, beautifully comfortable this engine. Okay, it may have its origins in an old engine, but its a its a beautiful engine and a really nice touring machine, particularly one up thats. What i would say with things like the lack of top box, the small pillion accommodation im, not sure it would be.

My first choice: i was going touring two up, but certainly if i was going to well my holidays on my own, then this would definitely be one to consider the looks possibly not to my taste but thats entirely a subjective thing, but definitely worth looking at this Up against the s1000 sx from kawasaki, the new honda, nt, 1100 and, of course, the yamaha tracer 9, if youre in this market, huge thanks to suzuki uk for lending me the bike and, of course to you for watching. If youve not been to my channel before do consider subscribing, it would be great to have you along next time all right until then this has been the mystery flyer. Cheerio, hey kids, its best and fly here hope youre well out about today. Behind a white van, of course, on the gss gsxs lets: do that one again all right, my first little niggle about the bike. It is a touring bike and uh im here in the uk, so it works me irks me missed it again.