These days, its rare that i see something thats, truly new huh that looks new. If you dont know, rivien is an american electric vehicle startup and their first production vehicle. Is this the r1t pickup truck and man? Is it interesting, but first cue, the quadcopter footage? Applause? Music, the r1t features an individual motor powering each wheel. Yes, math whizzes that equals four motors according to rivian, it can tow up to eleven thousand pounds it rockets from zero to sixty miles per hour in as quick as three seconds, depending on the surface of course, and itll cover 314 miles with the base 135 kilowatt Hour battery pack, according to the epa, a larger 180 kilowatt battery pack is in the pipeline for 10 000 that should deliver more than 400 miles of range Music. By the way, the company i work for cox, automotive, invested 350 million dollars in rivian ive never met the investment people. I have no idea how any of that works, but now you know Music back on task. Look at this interior, intriguing, textures, subtle, splashes of color, open, pour ash wood trim and these carabiner inspired elements on the back seat pockets. There is a finesse here that feels drawn from beyond the automotive realm. Nothing feels cheap. There are no unsightly gaps, the cabin conveys quality from top to bottom. On that note, these floor mats are made of chilliwitch, which you might recognize from crate and barrels, doormat selection as for dimensions, the r1t competes among midsize trucks.

Music lets see how my 5 foot 10 inch frame fits inside the rivion r1t moving up to the front seat. Uh lets see lets get a comfortable driving position here and its not moving because its not on, but i can assure you i can get a very comfortable driving position, theres a good telescope on the steering wheel here and the arm pad situation. This is squishy. My elbows, my glass, like elbows, will not complain. Oh and one interesting thing too look down here. This is the kind of thing you only see normally in a minivan, a big open space where you can put like a purse or something thats, really great functionality. I fit well up front lets see i sit in the second row and yeah. Oh my gosh, okay, im going to move over a row, so you can see how much headroom i have now. The legroom situation is not accurate because this seat is really far back. I can tell you that on the drive up here into the mountains from denver yesterday, i had a ton of knee space, something in this range right here. Good foot space underneath my only complaint would be a lack of static, lumbar support on the rear seat. Back id love a little bit more supports down low, so i might have to bust out my old man inflatable lumbar pillow, but besides that this is a plenty roomy uh truck for family duty, yeah awesome, other clever interior bits include a flashlight built into the drivers Door, this optional removable, bluetooth speaker that charges when stowed and doubles as a camp, lantern, supplemental storage beneath the rear seats, a digital driver information screen plus a separate 16 inch screen on infotainment duty as a fan of apple carplay and android.

Auto smartphone integration im just made there are no plans to offer either in the r1t. Thankfully, the r1ts infotainment layout is simple, logical and welcoming, of course the r1t is a truck. You should talk about truck stuff. How do you drop the tailgate theres a button right here on top of the rail just push that, and it comes down and this little guy right here. This platform connects the tailgate with the bed, so you have the seamless flat platform. So if youre loading things in its really easy to do so, if you look on the top of the rails, youve got these little tie down points and those also function. Theyve got a rail system that goes across. In fact, they have a version with a pop up tent thats mounted on these, which is super cool, but uh in terms of ultimate coolness check this out theres a button over here and then the power tonno extends out. This is optional um on the base model. This is a manual tonneau cover, but that kind of locked, safe space for all of your gear is super cool. Oh, oh, and i should also mention that underneath the bed here, as that tonneau noise kicks back in, you pull the lever on this side. This pops up and you have a full size spare which really comes in handy if youre going off road, you thought i was done, but im not theres, also an air compressor over here and then im going to leap into the bed and on this side.

If you take a little peek down here, love, you got two outlets, so you can charge your gear im more of a margarita machine guy, but make your own choices a truly unique feature of the r1t. Is this the gear tunnel push a button here? This opens up and you have 11 cubic feet of storage space that is secure and wont flop stuff around in the bed. Also, the door here doubles as a step, so you can load stuff up on the roof or you can sit down and contemplate your place in the universe. What does it all mean? Man, by the way the gear tunnel has a pass through, so you can grab items from inside the cabin. You can also fill it with a kitchen insert hackneyed everything plus the kitchen sink joke here seriously, though, for five thousand dollars ribbon will install this slide out camp kitchen, complete with a 30 piece. Cookware set an inductive stove powered by the trucks battery pack, a four gallon water tank and yeah. There is a sink Music like many electric cars. The r1t has a frunk and a pro tip on how to open it, go to the center camera here and then slightly to the left and theres the button, and then it powers right on up the amount of space is good. This is another great secure space to put stuff, although i will say that i like how the ford f, 150 lightning, the grille comes up with it, so you have a low lift in this.

You have to kind of lift up and over nonetheless, a useful space. Its been a minute lets cram a few more drone shots into the attic Music. Ah, that is nice and a convenient segue into how the ribbon r1t drives. Let me guess: youd like me to full throttle accelerate this thing from a stop for you anything three. Two one laughing under hard acceleration is such a cliche, but sometimes you cant help it prompt and relentless electric torque sure is cool. According to rivian, the r1ts four motors, cumulatively produced more than 800 horsepower and more than 900 pound feet of torque. If the novelty of gut punch, acceleration ever dims know that riviens truck is also a pleasure to drive at sensible speeds, leave the suspension in soft mode and ride quality in the r1t is outstanding. Key to that pleasing ride is an air suspension, featuring adaptive dampers and an electro hydraulic roll control system standing in for traditional anti roll bars in concert. The r1t suspension can vary ground clearance from 7.9 inches to 14.4 inches, while delivering a plush ride or, depending on the drive mode, keeping the chassis, taut and oddly flat in corners. I mean odd as a compliment as you might expect. A lack of engine noise means youre, more aware, audibly of tire and wind noise, but i can attest to the fact that you can have a modest level. Conversation at freeway speeds. Just fine, hey, lily, whats up hello.

There is a person back there. I swear one area where electric vehicles, often struggle, is with unnatural feeling brakes in this case. Regen is handled exclusively by coming off throttle the brake pedal only actuates the hydraulic brakes. Consequently, it feels just like a normal brake pedal. Ah, it is so nice to drive an electric vehicle that slows as well as it goes. Some nitpicky complaints include overly heavy steering efforts at higher speeds, at least according to my weak journalist arms. I also noted distracting reflections at some sun angles from the drivers side. Mirror arm and the metallic trim atop the steering wheel. That said, the r1t is, on the whole, very well sorted on tarmac, and yet you cant really appreciate its charms until you venture off road, one of the first things that jumps out to you when driving the rivian r1t. Besides, the absence of engine noise is the solidity of the chassis. So when you go over bumps like this, the only sounds you really hear you feel just a little bit coming from the suspension, but the chassis is so solid. Really, if you hear anything moving its stuff, you brought with you. Another thing, ive noted, is that in the softer suspension setting the ride, quality off road, even over the biggest of bumps, is really quite good. I do off roading with my wife and kid, and i dont want my daughter, flopping back and forth in her child seat, and this seems like a really great platform for driving with people uh and uh keeping them comfortable in the process.

Excuse me, while i tread lightly watercrossing im gon na point, one other thing out that i really like about the rivian. If you look at the steering wheel as we go over bumps, it kind of goes back and forth its alive with action. See that right there, its great, because it reminds you that youre going over terrain its really satisfying to have an analog experience in what could be a very digital kind of vehicle im on a hill here. And this is an opportunity to point out something interesting about the r1t, so theres a lot of dead space at the beginning of the travel of the accelerator, thats regen space, and so as long as you know that thats how the accelerator works, you can kind of Promptly get to the point where youll start getting pull so if youre, looking for really aggressive tip in you wont find it here, but thats, definitely by design. That also means that, when youre coming down a hill, if you come off throttle that regen means you dont have to use the brake pedal. All that much you can almost one pedal drive this on pretty much any off road situation. Last off road observation, one of the things that gives you confidence when driving the r1t is that when you see the other r1ts driving in front of you and you see that smooth belly theres nothing hanging low to get caught up on rocks youre not going to Drag a differential or a suspension piece: this is a pretty big rock.

I might be concerned otherwise. Nope didnt drag nothing in my experience over gnarly trails, the r1t just goes theres traction to be found. The ribbian will find it and exploit it right now. If youre thinking this video is a little too complimentary here are some points of consideration. One, the live camera view looks choppy at the moment, though, im told an over the air update should fix it. Two, the r1ts tightly curated drive modes should work for most users, but finicky folks, like me, might appreciate more room to customize three, the r1ts 11 000 pound tow rating is impressive, but how many miles you can tow that weight remains to be seen. Also, charging up with a trailer attached could be a pain. Four rivian lacks a dealer network. Instead relying on a mobile delivery and service approach. That could be a good thing, but right now the execution is unknown and five we have price youll need sixty. Seven thousand five hundred dollars to buy a base r1t explorer package, not including destination charges for perspective, the upcoming ford, f, 150 lightning. Electric truck will have a base price around forty thousand dollars. Tesla estimates a similar base price for their upcoming single motor rear wheel, drive cyber truck and now by mentioning tesla of the comment section well devolve into an impotent firestorm of hot takes have at it. While there are cheaper ways to drive electric, the ribbian r1t offers a lot in base form.

Standard features include vegan leather seats, heated up front five drive modes, all wheel drive because four motors, an in bed air compressor with a 20 foot, hose to reach each tire. A manual tonneau cover a panoramic roof that, while well tinted, might leave desert dwellers wishing for a sun shade and driver plus, which is rivien, speak for their advanced driver, assist system featuring 11 cameras, 5 radar units and 12 ultrasonic sensors on the pricier 73 000 adventure Package were testing youll, find ventilated front seats, an 18 speaker, 1200 watt meridian audio system that truly undeniably bangs and gear guard, which utilizes a locking eight foot cut resistant tether system to keep your stuff yours. The two included tethers are supplemented by 360 degree. Video abilities to capture any nefarious behavior ill also add that the gear guard screen animation is absolutely adorable. Helping mitigate the r1ts asking price are federal tax incentives to the tune of 7, 500 plus state and local incentives. Depending on where you live. As for charging options, you can use a standard household outlet if youve got nowhere to be or use a level 2 charger to gain 16 miles per hour. Charged with your r1t ribbon can also sell you a 500 wall charger that can add up to 25 miles of range per hour and when covering distance, if you can find a 200 kilowatt dc, quick charger, 20 minutes can add up to 140 miles of range. Oh and bonus points to rivien for the cool charger door at the risk of further inflaming.

The comment section ill mention that teslas vast supercharger network is a ubiquitous and quick way to charge. A car ill also say that americas non tesla charging infrastructure continues to expand. Based on my experience, driving an audi e tron from coast to coast, that charge will probably be in the parking lot of a walmart. By contrast, rivian plans to add 20 000 chargers throughout the us, dubbed the rivian adventure network, many of which will be strategically located at trailheads and other desirable outdoorsy spots. Besides the cybertruck and f 150 lightning, whenever they arrive there really isnt a competitive set for the rivien r1t yeah, you could buy a honda, ridgeline or jeep gladiator for much less, but the r1t really is its own thing. You cant buy another truck, this quick, the cabin is legitimately luxurious and for those who care the r1t offers a responsible yet thrilling glimpse of our electrified future. Viewed strictly by the experience it provides. The rivian r1t is extremely compelling its quick, its rugged, its capable and its filled with clever usability.