And Im also going to get to the fact that Im standing on a rooftop in Birmingham Alabama., So what the heck is going on. Why do I have a 69 on a rooftop in Birmingham Alabama? The results of the explanation might surprise, you. And by surprise you, I mean its not at all interesting but thats the hook to keep watching the video.. So here we go. Whats, going on everyone Jacks here, today. Im with a 20 22 Mazda C x, nine. So were going to talk a little bit about the C x nine., But this isnt so much a review of the 69 as a sort of declaration of Like where Mazda seems to be intending to go and what obstacles they might face in trying to get there. And its coming from me a fan of the brand., I do like Mazda a lot and I want to see them. Win. And Ive already done a video about why I think Mazda should only build SUVs. Crazy.. I know. Go check that out. Link in the description but Im here today to talk about something Ive been thinking about, since I drove the Genesis 80 last week and then replaced it with this Mazda 69. This week. All right., So lets talk about the last 69 for just a second in case. Well, maybe youre new to the mods and 69 or your new to the brand. The 69 is mines. This large three row crossover and, as you can see here, it has a decent amount of cargo space.

Im going to put the number on the screen because I literally just forgot off the top of my head, but its on the lower end of the class.. However, among premium vehicles such as when compared to something like the Acura MDX X, the mods, this cargo space fares favorably. Its its not that bad.. I didnt find it to be a problem, although, as youll notice here, the 69 isnt the large just three row SUV. But big enough for Mrs. Jacks and a 16 year old to go on a weekend trip., I guess somehow we keep accumulating things. Im, not exactly sure how thats working but like more stuff keeps getting added, even though theres only three of us. Haleys, not even coming On this trip, when packing the car for three adult sized humans, that space fills up pretty quickly, especially when one of them is Mrs. Jackson, your 16 year old volleyball playing daughter., You run out of room relatively fast and I keep the third row folded down because Its not super useful in something like the 69., But thats, not really the point of this video. As a vehicle.. I will tell you right now that the 69 rides incredibly well.. In fact, if there is one noteworthy characteristic about the 69 is that it rides phenomenally well.. In fact, I am not Im, not exaggerating when I say this., I had the Mercedes glass, the big one, a couple of weeks ago.

And this Mazda with its single suspension tuning. It does not have adjustable dampers adjustable suspension in any way.. Its just tuned. One way rides as good or better than the glass did in any of its settings.. The 69 is a fantastically riding vehicle, but thats kind of what you expect for a Mazda, at least. If you know anything about the brand, you expect it to ride pretty well.. Oh hey, look University of Alabama Birmingham.. Oh, were here for a volleyball tournament by the way. Spending the first weekend of spring break in sunny sort of Birmingham Alabama, which you know its not bad. I guess. I mean its, not the beach anyway.. Its. No surprise that the Mazda rides well. But heres, where we have to have an honest discussion about where Mazda intends to go. Mazda would very much like to become a premium brand.. They want to be held in a little bit higher regard than Honda and Toyota. And thats an admirable goal, and definitely a lofty expectation.. The problem is sort of twofold.. The first is that Mazda is are better in terms of driving dynamics than most vehicles, but not noticeably better to command a higher price just because of the driving dynamics., And the same is true with the interior materials. This 69 has a really nice interior with lots of thoughtful touches, but its not that much better than the best interiors from like Honda and Toyota.. You also have to consider a brand like Acura, here.

Acura. You know their styling is hit or miss.. You can take it or leave it.. I completely understand.. I I like some of their models., But then you know something like the integrity stirs up controversy., But the Mazda isnt necessarily a direct competitor for something like the MDC.. The MDX has some even more premium touches, especially when you start looking at some of the technology. Ill. Give you an example of that right off the bat. Driving a three hour car ride out to Birmingham. The Mazda Radar. Cruise control works incredibly well, especially gauging distances and how it accelerates and decelerates in traffic., But the Mazda features no sort of lane keep assist or steering. Control.. You have to do everything yourself and Mazda has some lame excuse for this, something something yadda yadda. Driving, experience. Thats, bull crap, because when Im driving 3 hours and Im an enthusiast dad and Im driving my family as an enthusiast dad and what should be an enthusiast? Dad type of vehicle, I still want the freaking car to take the edge off when Im in our three of an interstate car trip and thats, not to say the Mazda cant get there.. I mean this still looks good. And then the 69 has been around. For many many years. Now and it still holds up. Mazda styling still looks good.. In fact, I would say its one of the sort of the most enduringly beautiful styling design languages in the automotive kingdom.

. I love the way that Mazda is look and I like the way that theyre evolving their design, language. And Im looking forward to see how that design language evolves on some of their upcoming rear, wheel, drive models. And yes, Mazda plans to go rear, wheel, drive or At least partially rear wheel, drive. And heres, where the Genesis comparison comes in. I had the GMAT last week and that car was quite good. And if you watch this channel, I had the V 70 at the end of last year and that car is exceptional.. That was my favorite car that I drove in 20 21. This Mazda 69 is not in that league.. It just isnt. Im, sorry its not right. Now, this 69 is trying to compete with the Acura MDX Fullstop. That is my 100 sort of recommendation., And on that note it largely succeeds.. This 69 is 48000.. An MDX was sort of similar equipment is going to come in a few grand more and I think the master represents a compelling alternative.. In fact, in three row, SUVs in my opinion, you should either buy acquire Telluride which is better than this all around or you should buy this. If youre looking at mainstream brands. I think the Honda pilot is too old into ugly now.. The Highlander is so average.. This in the Telluride stand out for various reasons, but is it up to MDX level yet Not quite., Oh, and one about where I was going with the Genesis.

JT lets talk about that for a second. See the interior of this Mazda is nice. Its very nice. In fact., But compared to something like the Genesis – 80 that I just got out of which to be fair, cost 30000 more than this Mazda, but but Ill get to that in a second.. It doesnt quite feel that much more elevated than something like a really nice Highlander and its based securely playing at the same level of the Acura and the X, and there are sort of examples of where Mazda is exceeding.. These seats are extremely comfortable.. They are heated and cooled up front heated in the rear.. I can sit behind myself, even though its a little tight but thats still pretty impressive in a vehicle of this size., But with the G 80, it felt no doubt like a premium vehicle. You get into it and instantly it feels like it is the equal of A Mercedes or a BMW. – And that was true with the G v 70 as well. Now, the v 70 that I had was fully loaded and cost over 60000. But this costs almost 50. And I feel like if Mazda took the time to sort of extend the soft touch materials further down the door carts and it added some of these more premium features. It had a fully developed like lane cube assist system and it had like a digital gauge cluster in a different infotainment system.

And Im a defender of Moores, this infotainment system.. I still think its one of the most simple, intuitive and functional systems on the market, but its just not there when you want to be taken seriously as a premium brand., Also its worth, noting that this whole seating position for me looks really stupid.. So thanks for bearing with me. Look, I want Mazda to win.. I really do. Ive always enjoyed the brand. Ive owned a few Mazda over the years and every time I drive one Im reminded of how much attention to detail. Mazda pays to the driving experience. And I really liked it.. I admire that about the brand, but they definitely want to move up market and theyve done a good job up until a point, and now theyve kind of reached the decision point where they have to decide. What are they going to do? Are they going to prioritize some of these more luxurious features, even if they come at the expense of the sort of driving dynamic like the lane? Keep? Is this thing like like that to me is silly. You cant play in this sort of pond this premium level and not have a dedicated steering assist mode in your cruise control.. I know I keep harping on that, but I just drove 3 hours to Birmingham and it definitely made itself known. At the same time.. I praised the ride comfort.. The 69 is fantastic on the highway., Its one of the best long distance tours large SUVs.

. I mean easily. Its at the top of its class., So you have these sort of diametrically opposed things, and then that brings me back to the whole Genesis thing with Genesis has done in such a short amount of time putting the V 17, the 80 and the G 80 sedan near the top of the luxury class., I mean honestly, unless youre a badge snob. I really dont understand what youre going for with some of the German brands. Genesis is there and, if theyre, not all the way there theyre, like 80 90 of the way. Theyre way way ahead of a brand like Acura and still noticeably ahead of a brand like Lexus Mazda doesnt want to be left behind.. It wants to be a player and theyre sort of in this weird limbo, right, now. Theyre in this limbo, between mainstream brand, where they are noticeably better kind of like with some of the higher level. Kids are doing. Theyre, noticeably better than the competition, but theyre, not quite there, playing in the premium level. Yet. The prices reflect that., They certainly do. And the depreciation Ill say all day long that a used Mazda is a phenomenal buy, because the depreciation hit is pretty Big., They tend to be reliable over time and theyre utterly joyous to drive.. So getting a used. Mazda is always a great value proposition, but thats not what brands like to hear.. They want to hear that people desire their vehicles and they want to buy their vehicles outright because they like them so much.

And I would be inclined, having tested a fair number of cars over the past couple of years, to feel that way about a genesis. Honestly Guys, if Im spending my own money on an upstart premium, slash luxury brand, its going to be Genesis because theyve achieved that.. If Mazda wants to get there, if they want to be taken as seriously as Genesis is trying to be taken, then theyve got to look at what Genesis is doing, look at what they give their customers and then make a play for that. Trying to go after Acura trying to go after Lexus is not going to be good enough to differentiate Mazda.. They have the driving thing down., They have the experience down and help. Theyve got the styling down.. I love the way Miles does look.. I love the way they look inside and out.. Now they have to go after the quality of the materials, the technology, all of those little things and also fix the key fob with a cute little buttons on the side that sets off the emergency alarm more than any other car.. I test stop with the side buttons Miles. Thats, annoying guys. Id love to hear your thoughts on Mazda as a brand, especially go watch. My older video, where I talk about how they should just make SUVs and theyre sort of quest for premium supremacy.. I just have a lot of thoughts on the matter.. I really like Mazda a lot.

. I really do.. I really want to see them win.. I enjoy driving them every single time, but Im curious to know where do they sit in sort of your brand perception comment down below what you think of Mazda and what Id be really interested if you made it to the end of this video, and you followed Me all along., I would love to know where you would rank them sort of give me who you would rank just ahead of Mazda and then who you would rank just behind Mazda.. I find that to be very curious. And what Ill do is Ill pin. My own comment to the top.: What do I think in terms of who ranks just ahead of Mazda and who ranks just behind them And maybe give me a reason why Id love to hear it? Because I want to know what what can Mazda do to sort of insert themselves more into the automotive conversation. The way that I feel like Hyundai Kia in Genesis have, I feel, like those brands, have done an unparalleled job in the past couple of years of inserting themselves into the sort of pop culture mix inside the car community., Where they are now sort of looked at. As the equals to Honda, Toyota, Mazda and then even some of the luxury brands like Lexus and Mercedes., You know what what could Mazda do to get there in your opinion, Let me know. Thanks so much for watching.

. I appreciate you being here.. If you enjoy these types of videos, please consider sharing and please consider liking., Please consider subscribing to the channel for more automotive discussions.. I would like to do more sort of discussion based videos like this., So please, let me know as well, if youd be interested in that and not just straight up reviews all the time. Dont get me wrong, thats fun, but it can get a little tiresome sometimes.. Just filming the same old thing. And Id like to expand this car community on this channel. So let me know what youd like to see more of in the comments. Ive got to get back to volleyball this weekend and until next time ride safe, drive, safe and Ill. See you in the next video. All right. Peace. Also Mazda please..