This is the steering wheel were gon na, go with the final choice on our now lucid air dream. Okay, four to one it looks like were going with something conventional, not something stupid or idiotic, but now its time for the big one were not alone in the eevee world. Okay, theres, a number that everyones going to be talking about. You know it horsepower. We need to pick a number thats going to accurately reflect our values and our product were going to do four options: 800, 900, 950 and the big one. A thousand cast your votes. Adrian, you first eh big one. Its gon na mean a lot Music Music. You cant vote for all of them: youre watching throttle house im, thomas and im james, and this is the lucid air dream p. When thomas says dream p, he doesnt mean like when you wet your bed when youre 14 years four years old. He means performance, so thats two and a half seconds to 60., and if this is anything like the plaid, its relentless from there, its act 2 where it keeps going, and it gets to a certain point where okay, this doesnt match it in order 60. But that power just starts to become pain and that shouldnt really be a surprise, because the lucid air dream edition performance has a skull. Crushing 1 11 horsepower a power number im sure they came upon very scientifically. If youre new to us, we do car reviews track tests and quite a lot of messing around so subscribe and hit the bell Music, Music and even though its 400 pounds heavier than the plaid, its still shockingly quick in a straight line and theres no funky increased Artificial sound like a tie can or the eqs its just motor.

Why? But it sounds pretty cool its like a formula e car, so im in sprint mode right now, which is the only mode that uses the 4 11 11 horsepower. Any other mode only has a maximum. I think 784 horsepower think of it as like the black and red key for srt and dodge this is red key mode, and that speed is available to you immediately. You know a combustion car theres, a torque. It builds this. You put your foot on the floor and suddenly this over 5000 pound machine is flying and on these canyon roads. That can be a little bit scary. Its pushing me back into my seat and im losing grip on my steering wheel as time goes on, because my hands are getting sweatier and driving. It im quite surprised actually because, apart from the fact that im granted the beauty of a full 360 degree wheel, there are quite a few similarities between this and the model s plan. For starters, the current ceo used to be one of the top vehicle engineers for the tesla model s, and then he buggered off and set about trying to make the lucid the ultimate road car one that could make both model s owners and even mercedes s. Class owners think twice about their decision and in fact, that insane horsepower number is kind of just a byproduct of the size of the batteries which, in this car, give the lucid air dream edition performance.

An incredible 758 kilometers of range, a number that climbs to 836 kilometers, if you get the dream edition, ah and one of the most important ways for an ev to be efficient, is to make it cut through the air to make it slippery the more it cuts Through the lower its drag coefficient and as we all know, drag coefficient is measured as two times the drag force over the mass density of the fluid times the flow speed squared times the reference area, obviously cant, believe i knocked that out in the first. Take anyway, lucid, have managed to make this have a drag coefficient of 0.2, which makes it the car with the lowest drag coefficient ever im. Sorry, did i interrupt you well apparently, im doing a video of the lucid mate. Why dont you stay in your video? I am in my video. You stay in every stay out of my timeline. This is my timeline anyway, as you were. Okay, so the lucid shares the 0.2 club with the eqs, but, unlike the eqs, the lucid has appeal. So sorry, so while it might not have the appeal of a ferrari laferrari that has a drag coefficient of 0.3, so this has a better outcome, vision than pretty much all the supercars but sitting here now. This feels like a luxury car first, despite its crazy straight line. Speed and initial reports of this suggested that it was quite loud on the highway and i actually havent got that experience at high speed.

Well, i am experiencing, though, is a bit of creaking in the rear of the chassis, maybe its some panels clicking together, maybe its a pre production thing, but still not quite good enough in a car that costs 170 000 us dollars. Yeah we dont mention that that is taikan, turbo s money and thankfully, like the tycoon, this starts earlier. The air pure, which no isnt something you plug in to make your washroom smell nicer, starts at just over 100, canadian or 77 400 us dollars, and you still get the other luxury stuff most of it. I, as as with all things like this and because of how well this drives, i would lean towards whatever for the money. Whatever gets me, the most range because range becomes the most important thing here, especially while the charging network doesnt match the gas station network and right now, im just driving this ive switched it to swift and the ride. Thankfully, because its an ev, the center of gravity is low, so the control is taken care of. So i can just drive it smoothly and it allows you to do that. The throttle input is smooth coming to a stop. It breaks smoothly. Ive put it on creep right now, because i dont actually like when its completely stationary after i left the break. I, like emulating cars that im used to, but over time, im converting im starting to use regenerative braking more and more, but i put it in smooth because this doesnt have air suspension.

This has semi adaptive dampers on coil and the ride is good, its its soft. It doesnt waft like a rolls royce, but its its just smooth and as a driver. It still leaves me a ton of confidence, so i can do the luxury thing and absolutely it can do the straight line stuff as well, but its also pretty good at stopping and thats, because it has six piston brakes in the front four piston brakes in the Rear stainless steel braided lines, a huge gap between the rotor cheeks to dissipate heat and some clever aerodynamics designed to move temperature away from the brakes which, by the way, was done by an x red, bull, f1 engineer. And it even comes with a car. Its not a twenty thousand dollar optional extra added to the website months after the car was released because people kept crashing them, but thats, not an innovation, thats, just common sense in a car with over a thousand horsepower that weighs five thousand pounds. What is an innovation? Are the motors one in the front and one in the back? The motor differential and inverter are all together and tiny and weigh just 163 pounds and theyre capable of producing each 670 horsepower. So obviously they dont weigh very much so where does the weight come from? Well, batteries clearly theres a lot of them at least uh theyve packaged them in an interesting fashion and theyre not taking up very much space and theyre liquid cooled in a cool way as well.

The liquid kind of runs over top of them. But even then, the car still weighs as much as james said, hundreds of pounds more than a model s plaid, so right around the same weight as an anvil factory. But, based on what im feeling here, the suspension must be made of adamantium, because i cannot believe how well this thing is controlling its mass. Like you could you can feel it? You can feel this is not a miata, but i can just chuck this thing into the corners and it just goes around the other side. It is so ridiculously quick, there is traction control and you can turn it almost all the way off. Theres still a little bit of traction control intervention even in off mode, but you can spin the tires lucids released, some pretty dope footage of this thing. Doing four wheel drifts, but oh yeah see when its off now i can feel it spinning its tires. It feels wrong to be able to chuck a thing like this now the front seems to give up the ghost first before the rear, based on what im feeling here. But one thing that i am feeling is confidence just so much confidence in the steering and the chassis and the brakes brakes are good, like im dumping. This thing im just im, just dumping 5000 pounds back to slower speeds over and over again going into these corners. Making myself a bit sick but being honest and its a hundred percent confidence still on the pedal.

No softness pedal is firm, its crisp its good. This is the most fun ev ive driven since the first time i drove a tesla model 3. having a good time driving this. You can just use the throttle and you know theres a little bit of slip coming out of the corner. Yeah. The performances is truly unbelievable. Like i dont, i have an iron stomach ill, be honest. I dont get sick. I can race for hours in a car, but this cars starting to make me sick, because its just generating so much four and a half g forces on the brakes and the throttle im starting to feel a little woozy yeah. This is a very well very well sorted car suspension, brakes power, theres, obviously, a lot of power i dont uh. I dont really think that i can critique the way that this drives, for you know kind of how big and luxurious it is and dont have any critiques. I mean i have theres some creeks. I have some of those. As james mentioned, i can hear them. Theres leather is kind of squeaking on itself, theres, some plastic panels. This is a semi pre production car, so maybe the one that you buy wont be as squeaky but uh ill. Tell you right now that, even with that kind of electric motor whine and a little bit of road noise, all i can hear is my heart beating in my ears and squeaky interior, but hey its the price of silence right all right: okay, a new player: this Is the scene yep a scene which, by the way, is quite nice yeah? I think you know im really glad we.

We made the effort to come out to california when we can its been. It was an effort. It was like a 15 hour travel day. It was horrendous, but its not minus temperatures and theres no snow. That is definitely a plus and the car is quite pretty yeah. I mean im gon na, say anythings pretty right now cause im like wow. Well, it blows mountains. It blends in with the desert mountains. Yes, because this is eureka gold, eureka, gold, yeah and ive seen people have commented on this. It looks like a kind of like a modern rendition of a citroen ds. Well, throw a picture up. Oh yeah! It kind of does yeah very similar, well, im not allowed to not like it, because i found out chief designer of this yeah also designed the fourth generation mazda mx 5, which is argued by few to be the most desirable guy by james to be the most Desirable car of all time is that true, thats really thats awesome: derek okay, theyve poached, a lot of people theres like a lot of like cool the cv, is pretty impressive. Okay, so i i do like the look of this car. I like to look at the front end and the lights are really. You know theres some really fancy headlights going on up there right. We know about those theres, a gazillion, a ray theres, almost 9 000 led lights, yeah and then and then theyre being cooled by the vents here.

Yes, those vents are to call the lights, but will they also help in achieving that 0.2 drag curfew as we know, and then theres? This is also doing that. So this this this is big like, while were here like it has to be said: thats thats, a frunk that is a very big frunk, yeah and and and its powered on the way down too. If i hold this watch yourself, will it okay? Will it auto? Stop i dont know thats not find out today thats, not fair anyway. I i want to say like so. The trunk is really cool um, but i dont know. I think that if they did like a shooting break version of this, yes, that would – and if you look at this, if you look at this as the profile with the trunk up, you can actually see what the shape you can like picture. What it would look like right yeah, but this is neat because theres no, like ledge, you just put stuff in and theres another storage bin underneath here well its quite shallow, though thats quite its wide, but and then it cuts in so yeah. I mean well theres lots of space inside as a result, right um. So i do like it ponder me this yeah, why, if, as you said, they put so much work into the brakes and why are they hidden them with what appears to be not very good? Looking wheels well ill tell you that um, because theyre more aerodynamics, you get better range, but then, if you need to you can just do this.

What you do, what are you doing you cant do that your hands out there you go hold that i dont know how much these are worth and i dont want to drop them right and now the wheels look freaking cool, so you can see the master brakes. I think i think these wheels look really cool without that on and much better like assuming that you dont lose that much range, i would totally just drive around without them on yeah, because i think this looks way. Cooler, honestly, i im still tempted and its obviously subjective, but i think as far as core evs go yeah, you know if the eqs is like here. I still think that tycon cross turismo is up here like visually visually. It does look very, very good, but it doesnt have the room that this has on the inside. We go look yeah all right. We got oh its soft every time i forget, and we have. These are really interesting. These days, i was distracted by the door handles yeah. They feel like toy gun triggers in like the best way, its weird, because, like you look at it and you go like oh well thats just over engineered, but its actually very intuitive you just kind of pull it. I think thats, my biggest top line compliment to this car. Is you get in yes and its? We havent had to guess anything. No, it kind of makes sense like that, like the menu isnt over complicated theres like this is this makes me sound so old, but i like how big the icons are like it doesnt make you sound old.

It does its everythings spaced out in a way that kind of makes sense, but on a touch screen it matters because, when youre bouncing around yes, you dont want to have to be super accurate right. This is the santa monica theme interior. So we have okay. So its like all the light grays yeah, i i think its horror, yeah alpaca wall alpaca wall yeah. This looks like a scandinavian chair. It does and weve got like the thai khan meat escalade floating yep, no, its ash, its nice. And if you dont like this, you just swipe that up out of the way its gone and its gone and theres extra space, its not the most elegant sounding motor in the world, but uh free production, free production, yeah and as a result of it being pre Production some this screen to us now its a little bit laggy weve, been informed that it will be quicker in the. Are you getting a massage right now, yeah, or did you do toot um women are going to like this? That is quite a vibration. Thats happening yeah. How do i turn mine? Women are going to like this car a lot. Where is it? Where is it? Have you whoa its aggressive, its really aggressive, yeah, theyve, obviously partnered with victorias secret? They have yeah stop looking at me like that turn it off. Why are you stop massaging its like abort eating a banana and looking into the items you cant? Do it you cant get a massage in a lucid and look at someone? No, you cant! Okay! Moving on and moving on, speaking of california yeah california, i feel like gets a bad rap as being a pretentious better than everyone states, yeah, and that certainly hasnt happened here in no way because they definitely added carplay and didnt.

Just shoehorn you into there lucid has followed suit with tesla, and i think rivian at this point anyway, where you dont get car playing android, auto, maybe available later on. We dont know yet for sure, but carplay and android. Auto is like the best thing to happen to modern cars so easy, and they just havent done it, because i dont know anyway, thankfully, were you to use the in car deck its quite intuitive and its quite easy to use um. It is, as i said, one thing i do like is that what are you doing? You click this? Okay, you click the car icon and then you click the steering, wheel, icon and then you can adjust. That is two clicks i will say, but it is there and it is adjusting out. This is the same amount as a tesla kind of really yeah and whats. Nice well actually theres a bit of porsche going on here, because they have blocked certain things. Yeah yeah. I dont think you can get away with that unless these lines absolutely follow the curvature. That would never happen because people are different driving positions, so theyre kind of stuck with it, no matter what right dashboard is cool nice and clean and simple, like the air logo. On the side, thats neat – and we have this massive glass roof yeah. I mean people have said that its the largest single pane glass windscreen, but is it i i dont the tesla model x felt i swear.

It was longer bigger, yeah anyway. Also, the tesla model x has these come in from the a pillar so that its completely clean its completely clean yeah. So i dont know what maybe theres legislation thats changed or something, but because this isnt as clean out here this looks like an ipad. These. These float um, so the back seats have to say they are big. They are big, big, big worlds away from a ticon, oh yeah, in terms of headroom theres, not a ton of headroom back there, but its its good. You could be over six feet and still sit and its got that glass roof yeah its a it is very nice and like the glass roof is nice because you have this like big pillar of alcantara in the middle, it kind of looks. It looks very classy and theyre nicely tinted as well like yeah, because people are concerned about that in the model threes and the testers. Yes, its just going to be sun all the time. Its uv yeah id like to see a magic sky type of thing like at some point right, mercedes kind of has the magic sky, yeah, yeah, dont, forget thats in a very small piece of glass. Compared to this right, itd be very difficult to do that. To between so so the magic, if youre, not if youre, not aware of magic sky mercedes, has a thing where you press a button and literally the glass goes dark its cool kind of like in the fancy new airplanes – oh yeah, thats, true.

But what else is going on here? Weve got these buttons which look like they would be touch capacitive touch but theres a click actually, oh, an actual physical speaking of actual physical buttons. This is nice right. Weve got like just the the three things that you need: the fan the temperature and the volume are just physical, yes right, just like just keep like thats the bare minimum of what i want to be. I would, i would also add, in personally a heated and cooled seat button which this does have, but you got to go into the menu to do it. Yeah i mean there are things that this is missing in my mind, like for 230 grand canadian, its a lot of money. This is the performance. One look at the pedals, yeah kind of reminds me of driving school when, like they have the pedal over here that they use thats. What happens like if vw id4 has the play and the pores of fun stuff like lucid, could have had some fun yeah yeah. It could be yeah, but i think they have done a great job with this wheel. Its it looks very nice yeah. Is it two spoke or four spoke? How does that? How does that work? Oh interesting. Is that a philosophical question i feel like its a two spoke identifying it as a four spoke thats right, it does uh. No, i i like it, listen theres, not a whole lot more.

I need to talk about this interior. I think its intuitive. I think its simple enough nice, its easy to figure out, do on apple carplay, but what i kind of want to do is: can we zoom out and kind of see how this fits in, because its expensive yeah well thats what theyve done theyve zoomed out right, Because this is california, proud, santa monica weve got the california bear on here proudly made in arizona in arizona all right lets talk about it. Okay, every tesla enters the world with a trust fund in the form of the supercharger network, its an added advantage, one that requires the alternative evs to be scrappier, hungrier, more innovative, not just as good as but better. Thankfully, the lucid air appears to rise to that challenge. Is this the perfect ev sedan? No, but it might be the closest weve seen yet. That said, it should be because for the average buyer, its still prohibitively expensive, even in base form. However, if the technologies and innovations made here are able to trickle down to lower priced models in the future, you might just be looking at the brand that can give tesla a proper run.