My sunglasses forgot my baseball hat its gon na be an interesting drive through the always lovely central valley of california, its like florida. Without the beaches, all right peter, we are standing here. We got two lucid airs. These are brand new. I believe, im the first person not employed by lucid to drive one im excited to get into them, but uh for everyone watching. What are they today were running dream arse. We have to make do with 933 horsepower. Why so much power? We wanted to put to bed range anxiety once and for all, and the answer for range anxiety is to create efficiency. If you have quite a big battery pack for the energy for range, that battery pack is also able to produce power, we get performance as a consequence of range. So the front of this car is fascinating because it doesnt look like a lot is going on and a lot is going on. Well, first of all, it doesnt look anything like a traditional gasoline powered car because its got very different functionality. Weve achieved a super aerodynamic shape, these are micro, lens array, headlamps designed, developed and patented by lucid, and we have nearly 9 000 micro lenses. This is influenced by insect eyes and what that enables us to do is create the most homogeneous and intense pattern of light. In the world today – and i was poking around – i noticed theres a vent right here – indeed theres an event here which leads air through to cool the heat sink for the leds and theres an exit duct here and, of course, the aerodynamics extend towards the cooling.

Here. We have our twin vortex duct system with computer controlled flaps. Just behind these grille elements we get a much wider distribution of airflow through the vortex system and thats meant that we can have a certain amount of cooling with smaller radiators, which makes the car more aerodynamic. So were generating less power to go down the road so were generating less heat, its a benevolent circle whats under the hood open the hood. So here we have a two level frunk. We have a trick here. We have two motors on this car uh, one in the front here for the front wheels and that is tucked behind this bulkhead, and this is showing the true value of miniaturization of the powertrain. Well, now more than ever, lets go drive, close the trunk Applause. Okay. Finally, driving it very surprising to drive car, i knew itd be quick, obviously, its a ton of power theres, a ton of torque, its really good, look at this and then theres so much traction. Ah, you just rock it out of these corners its light on its feet. I i cant call it a light car but its light on its feet. Pleasantly surprised with this thing, so theres three modes ive been driving around in whats called swift mode sharper throttle response, different brake feel uh. The steering changes its smooth smooth is uh its a combination of like comfort plus range and then theres ive played with it theres a sprint mode which is kind of like a launch mode but thats for doing drag racing stuff.

This car is incredibly fast and it grips really well, despite being on relatively narrow, tires two 45s in the front 265s, only 265s in the rear, great design, great engineering, its comfy, its luxurious. I mean im just having a ball with this thing. Oh my god. The whole time ive been talking to you, i havent even have a massage going. Let me let me let me there we go wave massage much better. Does it seem and feel like its worth the money? Yes, so i think its taking all those boxes, its very impressive, very, very impressive, Music. We are headed from beverly hills to san francisco. What i want to do is i want to replicate uh what an owner might very well conceivably do with their lucid, and that is drive from beverly hills to san francisco 503 miles in range and uh going 409 miles. This train aint stop digging the interior digging. It shape of the stream was really cool. Thickness of the steering wheel is good. Its like a bmw size, real meaty uh. I like that um, the controls are pretty cool. The cruise control volume control thing uh its nice. I particularly like the redundant physical control, so temp fan, speed, volume, uh, meaning you dont – have to rely on the touchscreen ride. Quality is very good, its very quiet in here its isolated without being an isolation chamber. You know the opaque opacity of the roof. It seems to be blocking the sun were in san francisco.

We made it lets. Lets never do that again, so i had 69 miles of range left. You did very well, sir, but i think i think the bigger story, though, is that you know we left uh. 503 miles of rain, showing we went 409 miles, yeah exactly about and uh still have 70 miles to go, and you still have a hundred over 100 and 10 miles in the real world yeah on the speed limit across california. Impressive. Thank you. Thank you, and now were looking at some watches were going to look at some watches, really well get mugged. Yeah were here to come. Look at some watches all right.