Ktm 1290 super adventure. Oh this! This might be my new favorite bike. Oh my god, Music. It is an absolute beast on the road, its a beast off road and it just that engine is just so so so good so good. It is amazing, review over thats it you all just need to buy. One see ive only had this now for three days. Um ive done 370 miles on it so far. The reason i know that is because its only got 370 miles on the clock. It had zero. When i collected it yesterday i took a run to the coast. I will intertwine some of that into this review. Video look at this sunset ill intertwine, some of that with it. I wanted to just go to the coast: um ive loved it Music im all sure if id use any of it or what, but i thought id plug it all anyway and uh. It was merely just for me to get used to the bike thats it. I didnt know anything of the bike unless he said he passed this horsey, i didnt know anything about the bike. I just wanted to ride it and get to know it and yeah. I did all day took a ride to the east coast. The long way around took me about four hours to get there where it would normally take two fish and chips on the beach and then back, but oh, i fell in love with this part.

I fell in love with it on that run again, um not really know anything about it. I like to make my own thoughts and figure this all these systems and stuff out myself. When i first collected it, i was in sport mode and it seemed within sport mode. You can only have the traction on or off and i didnt really want to risk having it off until i got used to it on is set at number nine. I didnt realize there were numbers um, so mega intrusive. The second you give it any throttle its like it. Doesnt have to choke the bike, but you can tell that its not giving you everything um and its got. Ax 41 normally tires on bridgestones, so uh. You know thats, probably another reason why its kicking off the traction control all the time, but then i figured out that if you put it in rally mode, you can change everything and at the moment, as you can see, on the left side of the dash there Ive got it on number three and thats the amount of slip that itll let it do before it intervenes, so um number one being next to nothing, nine being most intrusive. You know plenty of time to get away from him if youve not been to my channel before dont think im fangirling ktm im, not that kind of person at all. I just like it im genuine and i like to um just be honest and say how it makes me feel, and this has something special incredible brembo brakes so much so much grunt.

I used to say that the super duke was the most aggressive bike id ever ridden the super duke car. This is the most aggressive bike, ive ever ridden that engine is so strong. It is so strong wherever you want the power its there, its just. There immediately got several riding modes, as you can imagine from ktm all everythings interchangeable. You can do whatever you want at this moment in time. I can only find one negative and ill. Tell you that later i know. Ktms design is not to everyones cup of tea, but i personally think this bike looks as impre. It looks as impressive as it as it is impressive. The quick shifter up and down is seamless smooth. As you like watch look perfect. It sounds well got a 23 liter tank and when you first fill it up, it shows around about 180 miles, and when i went to the coast yesterday, i was well pretty quite frankly, spanking it there on back. It went nowhere near that amount of miles. Oh, what a shot were going to go and take this brand new, literally brand new. Its only had my horse on its seat were going to take this brand new bike base price 16 and a half thousand down a dirt trail. Why not? Oh darby sure i love you, i love you is that going to give me a nice shot. Just before i get going again have a quick look.

Just look at that swing arm. It is absolutely beautiful what a stunning looking bike come on when they wheeled this out at ktm, and i saw it im thinking im having it for a bit holy. What is this? What on earth is that doing there? Its a bit weird, it looks like someone just dumped that someone has just done that arent, they you joking. How are all these cars gon na get by my way open to all traffic right so were going to the menu system? At the moment we are in rally which is full fat, so im gon na go. Look at this first of all bike info. Look at the green green means: okay, so ty pressures, front, oops, rear water, so radiator temperatures, fuel range oil, battery warnings, okay, trip info right rally, mode street mode, sport mode, rain mode off road mode. That shows your tractions on and it changes the actual dash for every mode that youre in is this gon na. Let me wheelie or anything or spin. Oh, yes, lets let plenty of slip. Actually, i dont really want to get completely caked up so im going to scrape it on the wall on this brand new bike inch front wheel, its a bit muddy down here, hows it so muddy. Its been bone dry for days. Abs is on on the back. Ax 41 tires, which are some of my favorites, what a beast! What a beast tubeless tires thanks to these new rims and theyve, got o rings on all the nipples, so they look like they look like they tubed tires tube rooms, but theyre.

Not so let me just show you that slip adjuster the illustration on this screens, beautiful right so center button to get in uh press down down mode right slip. Adjuster, look at this! Look at the picture of the bike. Sorry so number nine wont let it slip anywhere a lot and number one itll. Let it slip right out. I choose job number three, this way, youll give us some lovely road and some lovely off road or keyless, including the petrol cap, including the seat actually theres. A little touch pad at the side under the seat, where your key slot would normally be. So you literally put your key in your pocket when you get on the bike and leave it there. If you need to take your seat off, you just touch a little pad with your thumb pop your seat off, as this is not the s version. This is the r think of the um s for those that like to go off touring, doing a bit of adventure. Think of the r as just a full on lunatics that want to get into trouble. This doesnt have heated grips or seat, nor does it have adaptive cruise control where the s does you see, having said that, its very, very, very comfy weve been blessed with the weather this week in the uk and um again, these novelists are on you know i, Like im a fan of knobbly tyres on bikes, i think they just look better if its an adventure bike, i think they look better when nobodys on um and ive been hanging off this bike, ive been spanking, it obviously weve got the lovely, warm tarmac and the Tires havent shifted anywhere, but i did say that the x 41 was my favorite ones to date on my africa twin as well in terms of power and performance, its just well, i dont know its just almost untouchable im lucky enough to have the new v4s multistrada.

Recently as well and i fell in love with that bike as well, and although that one is uh a lot faster top end, this one has way way more character and way more aggression. And again it depends. What youre into someone asked me how this and the multistrada compare, and i said well put it this way. One of them is refined and elegant. The other one is shouty and aggressive, and you would not you definitely wouldnt put this in the beautiful bracket where you would put the multistrada in the beautiful bracket. This just looks like an absolute beast and it is every bit of a beast that it looks yes im going back to the knobbly tyres. You know these ax 41s grip, the road like any road tyre. Really they just feel to me. They just feel as smooth and as normal as any road tire thats just coming used to them now, but they know they dont twitch at all. I i think this is an absolute masterpiece. This bike – i would say this – is definitely aimed at the more experienced uh off roaders out there that you know want a bit of real, proper muscle. I love it and i i would absolutely love this bike. I would love it. I might have to see if i can blog a long term, then change your name address. Whole identity. The bike itself starts at 16. 16. 600. I think all right well, this is a lovely road.

So with the settings ive got at the moment. Um on this, the rally, the traction control or the slip adjuster set to number three gives me plenty uh. It stops the traction control light enough every two minutes, and it also gives me the ability to lift the front wheel whenever i want, but its not like fully de restricted. It will still look after me if i need it to but ive gone through. All the settings and found out whats best for me, and this just feels perfect theres, a rain mode off road mode, sport mode street mode, thats, just power. Did you see the front come up then, just under power, its got cornering lights, although we cant see them just yet drls like most bikes. Now i personally love the looks of this bike. I love the front end. I think it just looks aggressive. It looks like it means business and trust me. It means business, nice short screen with it being the lunatic version. You know for off, roading more for off roading its adjustable as well. That screen as you can adjust it up. Youve got the uh the luxury of comfort, of an adventure bike being able to crunch miles on it cruise control, all that stuff and the added bonus of being able to literally do whatever you want, literally whatever you want this will this? Will this will suck up any form of off roading its just? Oh honestly, i cant i cant um.

I cant describe enough how amazing this bike is. I will tell you my negative shortly. Just let me enjoy myself first of all so much grunt in all gears. No problem didnt even take a second, its just full of shouty penta progression like come on, quick shifter is just perfect man. I love this boy. I love this fly for dslr evening cows. Why the cows cross the road. My daughter taught me this one. Why did the cow cross the road to go to the moon youre welcome, oh gates, are open its normally closed. I shall leave it open if its open mode, i like how it does change all the um dashes of that Music stepped right out. Then, oh it just swallows it up. It just swallows all this up. Why is nothing? Yes, sorry, mr ktm man, but i shall use it for its uh intended purpose its more like it. I just love the new design of it. All just looks absolutely beautiful. The colors, all the fuel tank goes down here. Both sides, the collars of the bike, look fantastic and they match this lid. That might be a sign. What do you think? Actually, i might show you the difference between a slip just to show you what you can and cant get away with im going to show you this all right, so ill go back into actually, but the other thing is: youve got your uh with your cruise control.

Youve got your plus and minus for increasing speed and decreasing speed when youre in rally mode youve got the the choice there to alter the slip adjuster and it shows you at the bottom look minus to let you slow to let you slip plus to stop it. Slipping while ever the cruise control isnt activated, you can use the plus and minus to increase or decrease the uh slip. So lets go up to four sorry up to nine, so that means it wont. Let me slip ill come here and im gon na nail. It and show you the um traction will pop up on the dash all the time look ive got it pinned out, basically its still doing its job, but it is, it is getting involved, go back to number one now, so this will slip and let it just Basically ring out its its not its just opening the gas fully and its not doing that on three there we go. It went very, very, very tail happy. Then it was all over because i got it on one so, basically letting it slip wherever it wanted to and then with it off wouldnt, let it do it phenomenal bike tuck in here or not. I do not want to fall down there cute another thing. Its got, but i cant show you because ive not got the app ive deleted, the app uh ktm my ride on your phone connects to the to the bike itself and um.

You go. You start having everything as it seems to do with most bikes these days. You just connect your phone to the bike and it provides navigation. I still dont know why i mean this is like a almost like an ipad pro screen, its super sharp super high definition, but im sure its got more intricacies in it. I just dont know why you know why cant they have their own like little gps chip, just like a sat nav has but built in so you dont need to plug your phone in or you dont need to do this, you just you just its just there. I dont yeah its a bit annoying that they dont do that. Well, theres, obviously, a reason illuminated switch gear. I can see at night look thank you ktm that rear bag looks well on it and all dont. It looks like it belongs there for any of this interested swmo tech rear bag. I think its safe to say im a big big big fan of this bike. I dont think a bike has excited me as much as this. In a long time. Oh, the negative, told you im going to tell you the negative its this ive got. Ive got to pull up for this. The negative on this 2022 super adventure. R. Is this Music again? No again, this is one of the most aggressive muscliest bikes on the road and its got that that needs a denali sound bomb on it straight away.

Oh, what a beast! What a beast! I would probably remove the rubbers out of the foot pegs, because i found myself a couple of times: slipping off him only getting on it. You know ill get on with the side. Stand. Yeah ive slipped a couple of times, um talking to the foot pegs. You can move the foot pegs uh, these two positions, you can have them um, i think 15 mil back and up further back and up than where they are as standard. If you prefer that im not sure if this is in the highest or lowest position at the moment, i have to check that its a lovely white light that is look at this place. Just sat here, someones obviously live there arent they oh theres, much going on there. Now, though, dont look like theres anything going off in this farm: big old, lovely home like that yeah its definitely not what roofs missing wow! Oh! This would make an amazing prop. Dont. You wow what waste, what a waste its, obviously still a working farm, theres, another property somewhere, but what a waste? Well, i dont really know what else i can tell you yeah, perfect comfort for riding. You know like a good boy, perfect capability, for when you dont want to be a good boy and just be able to do that whenever you want ill. Tell you something you can see why the ktm fans stay orange once theyve gone orange theres.

Definitely something special everything feels mega quality like it just feels different yeah. The lights are definitely nice, well its not ideal being down here at this time of night, with a dark visor on folks, so im going to end it. This is one hell of a bike. Trust me, if youre into this kind of thing, and you want something a bit different to the rest. This is one hell of a bite. Trust me all right folks ill do! Thank you very much for watching. It has been my pleasure to show you around this brand new 2022 ktm 1290 super adventure, r dont forget to do your housekeeping while youre here please hit that like button, if youve enjoyed it and do subscribe, my name is richard ill. See you on the next one. Thank you very much, be good, be careful and be kind see ya.