Damn happy japanese has been reloaded now, theyre all in the gate spring that goddamn gator and theyre off and 148th running of the kentucky derby. It looks like a pretty good start. Time is straight out of there, but in the middle of the room it is number four summer is tomorrow, well, be able to set the pace down, number four being pressed on the outside by the number. What is that? The number seven thats crown pride weve got the uae derby runners going one two three one: two, oh its gon na set the pace here. Oh unexpected thing is, i think we got classic cause. We will set up third on the outside slim 21.78. For that quarter, 2178 is a very quick pace and zozos is up. Zozos has gotten the position that we were looking for, but summers tomorrow will set the pace. With crown pride onto the outside messier gets that cush spot that were talking, but zozos is pressing. The number 19 zozo is that 48 1 messier in between horses as we go back to taiba in fifth place, tie by the number 12 and to his outside. We have epicenter setting up a good shot ever since cuts down to the inside as summer is tomorrow. Brings up the 45.36 – this is oh, my god, theyre flying hes, sucked in messier looks like hes gon na take the lead and messy now takes the leads. With crown proud, epicenter is making a big move, and this is gon na be pace.

Meltdown city. You can just smell it messier and crown prize nose to nose epicenter behind them and, as we move everest makes a big move to the outside. Messi might be giving away crown pride when there becomes messianic come out of the center hold on epicenter, come on bring him home baby come on joelle its gon na be one off standing. Its gon na hold off standing. Yes, oh my god come on episode. Come on dig baby Music to win the kentucky derby, i didnt bat any win money on one rich strike. I i thought i wish i played a box. I wish i played a box 91 to one. I think he was. I think he was 90. 91. 1. What the hell just happened, it looked like the two favorites were gon na go head to head and they did go head to head and then rich striker said to buy me a tesla. I would have had a tesla if i played him in the top spot. All day, all day i tell everyone rich strike. I had a tweet rich strike adverse strike to your tickets, so i knew i knew i said it, but im not gon na make a goddamn dime. I hope somebody out there took my advice on rich strike because ive been talking about rich strike for the last two hours on this feed, and i sent out a tweet about how i like strike, that we win and now hes going to be the longest kentucky.

Derby, winner in the history – maybe i i dont know he was – he was 90. He was. He went 81 80 to one. So this is worse than mine. That bird i mean its not working. There was a 91 to one shot, donna rail. I think it was uh assuming this holds up, and we have absolutely no reason to believe that, my god, if i just box epicenter zandin, who were easy second and third horses and i wrote a whole tweet about this rich strike but rich strike. He was fourth. He talked down in the rail. I i got to see his trip. His trip must be ridiculous. I mean im gon na watch this thing you know. I will be back this this week on the the dudes channel to talk about this, but i mean going into the uh preakness at this point is theres nothing else to talk about its like epicenters, and this should go to the preakness and rich strikes. Should those three horses ran really well and we dont think an 80 to one shot. I mean how what what odds will this course be in the preakness i mean thats. All i can talk about at this point because theres really nothing else to say i mean whyd. He be eight to one ten to one five to one in the preakness i swear to god. I did not know whose jockey was when i was right, sunny leone.

This was his first like they only got in because ethereal road scratched yesterday, like yeah, which was which was which was really crazy because ethereal road right, they didnt, want to run him if he wasnt in the they wouldnt have put them on an ae list. So the story here is how this horse got into the race. In the first part right, they were not going to run ethereal road if he was on a lead list, but then, who was the last affection that got ethereal wrote in uh? Someone got sick, um, uno, hojo, right, uno, hojo got ta need, lunoho got sick, then ethereal road dropped out and yes threw into the field. But what was crazy? I dont think duane lucas actually wanted to run a theater road because on ae, because if you draw in you get the outside post right so rich strike so when they drew the post. So he won because of the post position, because when ethereal road ran to 20 theyre like ah, we didnt want to run this horse out of 20, so thats why they scratch im pretty sure of it. So the reason because d wayne lucas didnt, want to run ethereal road out of the 20 is why this horse won the kentucky derby, thats thats thats, the only thats, the only sense i can make watch this happen. Imagine youre imagine youre eric reed youre, eric reid, the trainer and, i believe the owner earliest part of red tiara racing um.

You claim this horse out of his maiden debut for thirty thousand, you claim him sight unseen, he wins and he doesnt win again until his eighth start and its the kentucky derby and by the way, was third beaten. Almost six links in the jeff ruby to says the bomb and tawny port was fourth beaten. Three links in the jeff battaglia to tis the bomb was fifth beaten, 14 links to epicenter, who i still cant believe did not just win the kentucky derby uh. That was in the gun, runner stakes, its a son of key nice out of a smart strike, mirror, but slim im with you. I need to watch that replay like 10 times, to figure out how that happened, because at the top of this stretch i thought for sure epicenter was going to win and zandin was going to get second, and i do not know where that horse came from yeah Um, i am at a loss for words, and you all know that doesnt happen very often i just came up. They sold the photo for fourth uh, your running order, which, by the way, if any of you out there had hal. I i im genuinely curious about this, because there are horses in this field that, even if we didnt necessarily like them, we could have made cases for, for instance, i wasnt crazy about simplification, but simplification ran big and ran forth, and i understand why so rich strike.

Nothing, i got nothing as far as how i could have had this horse without the all button. Your final order of finish, assuming this goes official and again. We have no reason to believe that it wont 21. 3. 10. 13. 1.. I mean the will pays on this im gon na pull them up 21 to three on the exacta pay. We dont even have that. I dont have that option here on tvg to see it. The tote board blew up 21 yeah, its maxed out its maxed out at 499 to one for the exacta, so this exact is for a dollar to epicenter the favorite by the way mattress mac. I dont know how much you put down, but you think mattress mac thought he was gon na make a nice little payday on that race, epicenter looked home and by the way, episode in a really nice race he got asked a little bit early. I dont think it made a difference, but epicenter hit the top of the stretch. I thought he was home. Slim you mentioned the zandan exaggerator comparison. Xander ran the exact same race. Exaggerator did the exact same race to where he turned for home. I thought. Maybe there was a chance: zanden was going to call her epicenter. Not only does he not call her epicenter, he doesnt run second again. If, if it seems like were befuddled its because we are, we could have made cases for horses.

We didnt necessarily like i dont know if we could have made a case for this one, so simplification got. Fourth, fifth was mcdonalds, so you know this was this was really fast. You know 21.78. 45.36. 110. Four, you know so. I said this was gon na, be a forty six one eleven. This is gon na, be one of the fastest derbies. In the points error, i could probably log in right now and do it and tell you what it is ill do that real, quick um. Since i have the spreadsheet, but you know, pace meltdown is what i called for and um i i knew that this first strike. I you got to get that you got to get that that sound by when i said rich strikes going to buy us all teslas. I said it, i said it right. I hope someone gets a tesla from this horse because i mean i said it. You got to get that quote. You got to drag that sound bite. Rich strikes, gon na buy us all tesla. This is what i said, and i bet it wrong. I bet it wrong. I mean i swear to god. This horse had the fourth highest ranked late, bris net speed figure coming into this race. I knew he was dangerous if he drew in, and i just didnt think he could win the race. I said, ah third or fourth, and he should have got third if he got third.

I would be so ecstatic right now, because i had obviously uh. I think i had episode in a second in one of my tickets, but you know epicenter sanding over rich strike and third, but he just got up a couple more jumps. You know i he won the race um. They did a little bit too much work early. This was so fast. This was so fast that ill have a lot more to say. Once i digest the numbers uh coming up this week on the live feed sirs, i just want to point something out, so they brought rich strike in theyre, taking pictures and stuff. They have frozen the ticker down below the odds board to where the changes are shown and the change that is shown number 21 rich strike will run yeah. You think someone is right, theyre doing yeah. He ran all right, hes wearing the roses right now. He definitely ran that race, its tough enough to make sense of it, but you know its an unexpected thing and you just got to deal with it. We all lost money, the people that won money – i dont know how they did it, but well so i want to bring that up, because minnesota legal defense did mention this in the chat, late pace. I dont know if this is true im assuming this is true. Late pace last race was the high five box and then threw up the numbers mo donegal.

Fifth, one 21 zanden third, 114 rich strike 109. One epicenter second got the 106. um. I assume you know who are we missing? Oh simplification well figure out where he was, but still i mean youve got look at the late pace ratings on those horses thats who was there and its official its officially official rich strike. Is your kentucky derby, winner Music, that was jody im. Sorry i was with you with ive been epicenter since he won the gun. Runner stakes i mean listen, forget all of the things that happened. Lets celebrate the connections, the small connections from turfway park. 160 360. He pays 163.60 wow, hey your boy. Key nice has got a kentucky derby, winner slim. How do you feel about that yeah? You know thats a good story. I knew this. I i was gon na say something about that and downstairs. I have keen ice on the wall. You know and uh its crazy right, keen ice had the biggest upset in the travis history. As far as i know, you know the last 50 years, probably and now his son biggest upset in the kentucky derby in the last millennium, pro at least his millennium. Probably last hundred years or so donna rail was that was either 1913 or 1914 that one by the way. So this is the super price. 321 500 for a dollar for the super theres your light. Honestly, that seems light. Well, you had epicenter and zanden in there.

Thats why its true got? Fourth, someone had that pick: six twenty cents hundred and sixty one thousand dollars joe blow uh the horse is on the screen rich straight. Oh, the the words are cut off a little bit. Sorry here let me plug the light ill realize you cant see it there. There we go rich strike, heres your kentucky derby, winner um. Nobody go to the youtube channel and watch the video of me uh talking about his chances in the kentucky derby. That was when he hey when i made that video he was still 24th and i didnt even think he was going to draw in um wow yeah im going to leave it late. This is a great point. Lets focus on the positive congratulations to the winners. I have no idea who any of these people are yet, but i come tomorrow were going to know everything about them where they went to high school, who their first uh first crushes were uh in grade school, um man im with you, i thought i thought it Was gon na be epicenter uh? Gentlemen, do you have any final thoughts? This was an overall uh. You know didnt end up on a positive day for me winning wise, but i had a great time with you guys with everybody in the chat. Oh man, uh. No im just im processing because i had epicenter on top and everything i had doubles. I had exactas. I had picked fours that were that started with santan, who was seven to one um yeah, its uh thats, a shock right there and thats, something that i think were all gon na.

Remember for a while uh, both as far as gambling brutality and as far as stuff thats history, i mean this is the biggest price to win the kentucky derby since the 19th youre talking a stretch of more than a hundred years and looking through the contenders from This race epicenter ran a huge second uh. Zanden runs third um taiba did taiva get a call. I dont think taibo was ever close. Messier looked loaded going into the far turn and then came up empty uh by the way tim yachtine today with former baffert runners over four with uh, not hitting the board um. I im still a little bit in shock here. Youve got simplification and fourth, simplification ran well mo. Donegal ran fifth still think he wins the belmont magic. You remember that stream. I still hold true to that because he didnt have one of those sweeping runs. He was a grinder type. He was coming and coming and coming and coming in common and im thinking were going to see him again in five weeks. As far as the preakness goes, please run secret oath. Pretty please please uh t we brought up uh tim mcteen, uh, uh ive got it his new hat. He likes to wear hats, heres the new hat. You can wear uh, you can scratch off lions and put anything else, but you do not want to show your face. How do you have a lions paper bag there just lying around im a lions fan.

We have these everywhere around im. So sorry i didnt know it comes with the fandom, its thats thats. Definitely uh theres some love for from the venezuelan crowd in the chat i wanted every time i see that i see i want to throw it up so uh yeah shout out to sunny leone im telling you were gon na, find out some cool stories about this. Guy and eric reid here all right um. Do you see my screen magic? Oh yeah! You want to all right. Well, if you want to revisit this, you want the slideshow or the other one. No just share my screen. That im, showing is this the one i dont know youre, trying to show me thats it yeah right here. Okay, now there we go about the inception ourselves. You see this holy, so the orb this was this was it you know. We talked about the palace, malice, orb, its point: zero, three, its as fast as palace palace, ram uh the pace in this race, and it was a bit shorter than how fast palace mass kept on going to the three quarter. But, as you can see, rich strike with the second fastest half mile time that he closed in to win this race, it was meltdown city. I kept on screaming it during the live feed and it occurred that it was the meltdown and thats. What rich strike with that late pace and those late pace? Horses really did it um.

It was just. I think you just got if youre trying to make sense of this right now. I know its tough uh nbc is in commercial. So, thank you for all who have joined the racing. Dudes live stream right now, as we make sense of rich strike, was won the kentucky derby at eighty dollars, eighty to one paying a hundred and sixty three dollars and eighty cents or something right, yeah, one. Sixty three sixty so close, i mean when you get up over 160, its really just a matter of picking nits but its a lot of money. So how does this happen if their people are coming looking at the pace, so we had the second fastest pace in the last decade, 10 years. Right here is what were looking at. Is the kentucky derby points system? This is the 10th year anniversary of it, and rich strike is the second fastest that he was able to close into uh the fast pace set by summers tomorrow, who got out of the gate and was pressed by the other uae derby winner, who ran with him. There um, i forget his name already, rich, no, no, who is the uae derby, winner, oh sorry, grand prize, so i forgot his name already because hes meaningless, but they set a torrid pace, set up for a closer zanden. An epicenter really looked like they were going at it. Looked like it was going to be. Those two rich strike was able to use that fast pace to get it just like orb got it.

This is a lot like orb orb. Obviously one florida derby discourse hasnt won anything, but i did say that this was a possibility of a pace meltdown and um. I got it wrong. I had zandin on top of uh madonna goal. Mcdonald, didnt really mo donald got fifth, you know somehow you know somehow there would. This was hittable. This was hittable im telling you rich strike. I really did love that horse. I you got to find the clip where i say, rich strike is going to buy us. Teslas and hes definitely buying teslas for a few people out there today. So congratulations. If you had rich strike. This has been a presentation of racingdudes.com your destination for all things, horse racing and sports betting. Whether you want free winners, expert insider picks, up to the minute trackside weather reports or podcasts, and videos for bettors of all skill levels, never make another wager without visiting the racing dudes.