All right now lets test this thing: Music! Well, milk crates aside, ive been waiting to get my hands on the new klr 650 for well over a year, and now that ive had a week on this bike, lets talk about what you get for the very little money youre putting out for this very versatile Motorcycle ive had it on the highway, the back roads, gravel trails, even single track, believe it or not, and im going to give you the lowdown on this thing as an adventure rider who owns two bikes, which can be considered direct competitors to this motorcycle ive ridden. This thing on more extreme terrain than the vast majority of owners ever will so stay tuned to this one, and if you find this content interesting, please consider supporting the channel by hitting those like and subscribe buttons Music. The stand is my favorite book by stephen king. Its widely considered his best work and this scene from the amazon mini series probably features the gen 2 klr 650. Although the sound editors dubbed in a goofy inline 4 engine choosing not to showcase the real klrs, clockety 651 cc single Music. The actress that shall not be named screwing a guy over imagine that yep, the kawasaki klr 650 is definitely famous or infamous few bikes achieve the kind of cult like status that the klr 650 enjoys, and the main reason for that status is the price a base. Klr 650 has an msrp of 6700 american dollars or 7500 canadian without abs.

Strangely, the fully loaded adventure version with the bags engine guards, light bar fog, lamps and dc and usb sockets runs 8 000 us but 10 000 canadian, its weird that in canadian dollars the base bike is only eight hundred dollars more while the accessorized one costs 2. 000, more, in effect, canadians, are just getting a slamming deal on the base model. Now it must be pointed out that the klr 650 is, by a mile, the least expensive globally distributed mid sized adventure motorcycle on the planet. Its price actually resides in the small adventure. Motorcycle price range as its only a few hundred dollars more pricey than the 300 cc kawasaki versus x, the same price as my wifes honda, crf 300l rally and considerably less expensive than the 471 cc honda cb500x. So how does the bike the size of the middleweights manage to cost as much as the small bikes by having as much power as the small bikes so lets talk? Engine first 40 horsepower 40 pound feet of torque squarely in small bike territory, while weighing as much as a 10 ray 700, which is the least powerful mid sized adv bike with 72 horsepower and 50 pound feet. How does this big, 651 cc, thumper feel clunky and agricultural, its not refined at all, and the bike is definitely low in the power department, its road performance lags behind other bikes, its size. The brakes are mushy, the suspension is mushy. This is not a bike.

You want to hustle through a twisty, paved road chasing your friend on an r1250 gs. In effect, this bike feels like its from 1987 because it is thats when it was first introduced and despite the fact that it has since been updated most recently last year, it feels about as old school as a motorcycle gets once the older carbureted version from 2018 Failed to meet euro emission standards and got discontinued. We all expected a new twin cylinder, tenere fighter, perhaps built around the ninja 650 motor nope back comes the klr, updated bodywork frame and sporting fuel injection, but with the same engine and five speed gearbox as the last one and why not kawasaki is going to sell Them all to happy customers regardless wait a minute underpowered engine mushy everything, including the foot pegs and seat 1980s technology and performance and on top of everything else, five speed, trans and non abs option, which is the one i tested and theyll sell them all yup. And i started to find out why, on my first ride home, i hit the highway, got up to speed no problem and settled in behind the barn door of a fairing for the hour plus ride home, and you know what it was. A pretty nice ride. The engine vibrations were detectable, but not the high frequency unpleasant kind power was adequate, but enough to keep up even with the traffic in the fast lane, and the seating position was pleasant and roomy enough for my 5 foot, 11 inch or 181 centimeter frame and the Bike was stable in crosswinds around big trucks.

No small adventure bike feels this good on the highway. The 34.3 inch seat height feels slightly lower than my tenera 700. Despite the seat being wider, this may have something to do with the suspension sagging more on the klr. While my t7 setup is stiffer brooke didnt ride the bike, because at her five foot, six and a half inches or 169 centimeters, she was on her tippy toes and the bike was too top heavy for her its a big beast. Speaking of the seat. We have some good and some bad here. The seat is extremely roomy. Even for the two of us, we went on a three hour, two up country cruise and never felt cramped. However, both of our butts eventually went numb because the seat padding is on the soft side. I changed the saddle for something more firm, so on pavement, the ride was good at relaxed speeds. Although the pogoy suspension made me hesitant to push the klr 650 hard into paved corners, i relax speeds its a pretty nice ride. You could tour the world on this thing and many riders who are unencumbered by worries of image and ego happily buy these and go ride with their buddies on gss and ktm super adventures. No, they cant keep up at a sporty pace, but they also paid 1 3. The price for a bike that can essentially get you to the same places, albeit a bit slower. It even has the range of a proper touring bike with a pretty large 23 liter fuel tank expect to cover well over 400 kilometers before even having to think about a gas station, and so we get to the off road portion of this test and as an Off road enthusiast, i try to take off road bikes into their natural habitat and determine what theyre liking the rough stuff and klr 650 owners tend to care about that stuff because, unlike a large percentage of the riders of the expensive hardware, the klr crowd likes to Play in the dirt, so is the klr 650 an ace off road.

No, it is big and top heavy and the non adjustable suspension that is too soft on pavement is also too soft on the dirt. But here is where you find out why the brakes are so mushy on the road because for off roading you dont want them too sensitive or you wash out the front end. The non abs units on my tester did their job and hold this huge bike down. Decently, well, especially off road. The first time i hit the trail, the bike felt ungainly in vague and the stock tires did not provide great traction and the loose stuff. But then i started getting used to it. I dropped the tire pressure, slowed down the pace and let a couple of bars: tick off the fuel gauge, making the bike less top heavy. And what do you know? I started getting the hang of the old girl. I took her on gravel on atv trails, rocky climbs and descents, and even on some twisty single track and ill be danged if she didnt roll over everything. I pointed her at the ground. Clearance is listed at 8.3 inches but seems like less with me on the bike and the shock sagging. I bounced the engine guards off a few rocks and roots on the trail, but no harm done thats. What theyre there for dont be getting your motocross gear out. Yet this is no dirt bike on the rougher trails, youd, better, take your time.

This is a bike that does not like to hurry and, if, like me, youre dumb enough to ride this thing on single track prepare for a workout, but she made it and, more importantly, she made it with zero drops and, quite frankly, there are a lot of Bikes that cost twice as much that wouldnt have done any better as long as you harbor, no delusions of looking like a hero on the trail, you can get there be mindful of the fact that it takes a lot more skill and effort to ride this kind Of bike off road than a dirt bike, so despite the klrs deficiencies, you get a lot for your money here. The regular bike is a do it all machine which is comfortable on the road and has pretty decent weather protection, its basic and rather heavy. But you get a luggage, rack standard and a bash plate, a plastic one. You also get some plastic hand, guards that are going to keep the wind off your hands but will break easily when you drop the bike. The adventure version of the bike, which is the one i tested, has some extra goodies alright. So this is the adventure version of the klr 650. It comes with a few extras, as you can see, weve got this light bar over here, its attached with the lights. I love the lights, they are very bright and make you extremely visible. If you throw that on, you can see, you are really visible on the road.

The kawasaki headlight looks nice. The one thing i dont like about the lights is that they stick out beyond the uh the bars. So if you drop the bike, guess what youre dropping it on right there? In addition, the adventure model comes with engine guards right here, ive already taken it on the single track, and the bike is pretty dirty right now, but ive already banged it off the the some rocks on the single track and the bars came in nice and handy. The adventure version comes with these bags and these bags are standard. The top box is not so. The bags operate with the key for the bike and weve got the lock. This is the lock. This is the unlock. You can open the bag by just popping it open. You can see theres plenty of room in there. They are plastic, so this button here opens the bag. This button here takes it off, but this ones super finicky i find and it doesnt want to open or take the bag off. So there is a trick. I open the bag here, and this is the mechanism over here. How does it work right there that takes the bag off so thats the easy way to do it? If you want to struggle with it, you could do it the other way, but this is by far better. The top box is an accessory it. The lock is right here. This is locked, which means the top box is attached to the rack, and this is unlocked if you just want to un unlock the top box heres a handy carrying case, you pull that, and the thing opens this easily holds my adventure.

Helmet with a gopro on the front so that closes, you have to click this down and lock it and boom youre locked. Now, if you want to take the whole thing off there, we go, you unlock, take the handle up pop this open and off comes the whole case and heres the attachment for it. That goes on the rack. In addition, my tester had a dc socket. You can also get an optional usb charger and was equipped with the accessory heated grips and top box. The heated grips were excellent. Five way, units that roasted your hands at the highest setting, definitely appreciated by a canadian in terms of looks it clearly is a klr 650. It doesnt look much different from the previous model, which was discontinued in 2018. The lines are a bit sharper and more angular, and this new model sports, the new kawasaki headlight design, which i like with a proper high fender and 21 and 17 inch wheels. It looks the business though i would have preferred an 18 inch rear for its slightly larger footprint and expanded off road tire choice. The standard models come in desert sand and orange, while the adventure is camo grey. I, like the sand best as it looks military and harkens back to the klrs, that the army modified to run on diesel features and technology. Its got an engine and brakes abs is optional. I prefer not to have it because its better for off roading.

What about reliability? This is a japanese motorcycle, so the expectations are definitely high and japanese bikes are generally quite sturdy and well built. But what about the doohickey? You ask: you know the counterbalance tensioner system that has a history of wearing down and at best causing chain vibration and wear and at worst disintegrating and blowing up your engine. How pervasive was this more common in the first generation motors, but also noticeable in higher mileage? Gen 2 bikes so did kawasaki finally fix it in this third generation bike nope. You should replace this part with an aftermarket unit before you hit 8 000 kilometers of riding other than that. This bike will probably be the last motorcycle standing after the zombie apocalypse. So why is this bike so popular its tall heavy accelerates, slowly breaks leisurely handles like a wallowy cadillac and sounds like a john deere, its a handful off road and youd, better get that doohickey taken care of before it pooches your engine or transmission. Well, as i rode this bike back at the end of the week and monsoon level rain, the fairing keeping me decently dry, the heated grips keeping my hands cozy the bags not leaking through on my gear. I believe that i finally understood this is the ultimate utilitarian anti poser machine. You wont find many of these parked at starbucks youll find them in the forest or the desert, with their owners. Warming up a cup of instant coffee on a campfire stereotype, maybe but often stereotypes are based on some truth.

So, are you more rugged and individualistic if you ride a klr, maybe maybe not, but what you are is a person who hasnt shackled themselves to monthly payments for a 30 thousand dollar piece of high tech hardware, which you will be afraid to take off road because Fixing it would cut your kids college fund in half. Most riders are regular folks with mortgages and expenses and lives to live, and they want motorcycling to be a fun hobby. That doesnt require huge sacrifices in their everyday lives and the klr 650 provides the most adventure for the buck cross, a continent sure ride two up sure ride off road sure bushwhack to that beautiful spot off the beaten path to enjoy the view and solitude no problem Is the klr 650 the best bike for doing any of these things? No, but it can do them all competently enough without crushing your wallet. If i was younger and had a limited budget id get it over the more expensive adv bikes with the bigger power numbers. When brick and i went out for a three hour, two up tour – we had an extremely enjoyable cruise in the country and thats. What the klr is a bike that will get you there at cruise and speed. No hurry, no worry its actually nice having nothing to prove you take less chances that way. Yep in my week with it, i got what the klr 650 is all about, and i got why kawasaki will sell every single one of them in the future ill make a comparison, video between the klr and my tenera 700, although these two motorcycles, despite being the Same size are not the same price range.

Actually a base. Klr is the exact same price as brooks crf 300l rally, so maybe that comparison is in order either way stay tuned for a lot more adventure content. What do you think of the new klr 650, with the number that have been sold since 1987? Chances are youve owned one? How did you like it? Please share your thoughts in the comments and enjoy your summer riding. Well, it survived the single track. Everything still looks to be bolted to the bike: no damage the pegs took a couple of hits yeah. Maybe the uh engine guards did too a little bit but other than being dirty. I think its good and with the top case, a full top case like that all right well its not a dirt bike, but it is definitely capable of getting down the trail if youre interested in any of the gear that brook and i wear or use or The camera equipment we use to film this channel, the links are below everything listed, there was bought with our own money and we are not sponsored by any company. However, the links below are affiliate links and the channel is paid a small amount for referring you to shop at no additional cost to you. We do not recommend any products that we are not satisfied with ourselves, but we do strongly urge you to do your research and select the correct size for items like helmets and clothing. As always, thanks for watching your support is greatly appreciated.

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