Two wheeled freedom, chariots motorcycling, will die out because of these lily livered whipper snappers soon the grizzled boomer will be the only species of motorcyclist, or rather biker, left the last of a dying breed riding that two wheeled and eventually three wheeled freedom machine into the proverbial Sunset, a steppenwolf plays born to be wild and peter fonda sheds a tear nonsense. According to the latest stats, the number of motorcyclists on north american roads is actually growing significantly with millennial and women riders, both on a steep rise and gen z, eyeing the two wheeled lifestyle as a viable alternative to congested and claustrophobic public transit or the relatively expensive Uber but now honda has given us a simple alternative everything you need nothing, you dont music to my ears, but the best part, the price. Will this bike do for honda what the c90 did in the 1960s stay tuned and subscribe if you so desire Music, so youre, a student looking for reliable, cheap transportation or a nervous beginner who doesnt want to mess with clutches and shifters, or a track rider? Who needs a pit bike or a seasoned two wheeler who doesnt want to commute on your gs or road glide through heavy city traffic or an rver looking to throw a bike on the back of the motorhome got 1807 bucks laying around well honda? Has you covered with the navi? No, it aint a gold wing or an africa twin it aint built to carry you across the continent or to tear up a track day.

This is a city bike, pure and simple, and it doesnt get any purer or simpler. 110Cc of air cooled carbureted, goodness. Yes, those are drum brakes, front and rear. The bike weighs 236 pounds wet so theyre all you need inverted front, forks, just like on the pan and galley v4. Well, not just like, but they are inverted single shock, vmatic transmission. So you can twist and go 12 and 10 inch wheels for maneuverability and agile handling and city traffic old school speedo, no ipads. Here a 0.9 gallon fuel tank 110 miles per gallon. Yes, you heard that right, a handy storage box underneath the tank and funky styling thatll appeal to the younger crowd and a price that undercuts every bicycle. I own, hey, i like nice, bikes at eighteen hundred and seven dollars. This could be the least expensive, reliable motorcycle on the market. You can get a cheaper chinese bike from amazon, but dont expect it to last long so whats the new honda navi like to ride. Well, honda flew me and a bunch of other youtubers down to costa mesa california to find out in the twisties. We get this up to a 50.. Here we go 50 miles an hour right. There were actually doing the speed limit yeah. This is definitely a bike that feels fast when youre going slow, gravel action Music. So what did i learn? The bike incorporates some of the same styling cues as the grom, which, incidentally, is hondas highest selling model buy a long shot.

The design is funky and includes four stock collar options: the more high vis, grasshopper, green and red, and the more subdued, not brown and ranger green. This thing is definitely style like a motorcycle, not a scooter. The engine and transmission on this bike are the most scooter. Like features about it, the cdt transmission cant be bump started, so honda provided a kick start in case. The battery conks out piece of kick, the bike is twist and go, and the power is definitely on the soft side. Acceleration is not for the impatient. The navi does city speeds willingly enough and tops out around 50 miles per hour or 80 kilometers per hour for those of the metric inclination. The power, while not exciting, is not going to catch out any new riders. Predictable is the name of the game here, but its not nearly as quick as a grom and in no way shape or form should be taken on the freeway, where the power band and delivery are scooter like the handling is all motorcycle. The seating position allows the rider to grip the tank with the knees and apply weight to the pegs, to turn the navi zips around corners, smartly. And while i would not want to test the limits of the relatively thin tires, the little honda nimbly makes its way through city traffic. The suspension kept it composed on bumpy roads and i didnt find potholes jarring its not as buttoned down as the grom, but it handles better than any scooter.

Seat. Height is 30.1 inches and the seat is relatively narrow in the front it felt low enough for most people if youre five feet tall or less it may seem high comfort wise. This is the best mini bike. Ive ever ridden. The bars are wide. The foot pegs forward theres plenty of leg room, the seating position is upright and the general impression is that the bike feels much larger and roomier than it is so. To sum up, whats there to like about the navi its an extremely practical motorcycle with plenty of storage, a reliable engine and maintenance, free shaft drive change the oil and hose it down once in a while, and the navi will get you around trouble free for years. It is ridiculously easy to ride and you can jump on it as a complete noob and take off with little to no coaching and without all the stalling that comes with manual shifting. It may be the best value in motorcycling my gripes with it. Only two really id like more power but im a long time motorcyclist, who has ridden some seriously fast hardware and the brakes theyre drum brakes, front and rear and lets just say that they require a firm hand. If you want to stop quickly, not a deal breaker, but you can definitely see where costs were cut to get that unbelievable price. There is a huge subculture around the minimoto lifestyle, with rides, rallies and many options available to pimp and customize your ride.

The navi will fit into this scene quite nicely and will provide an entry point for riders who are younger, financially limited or intimidated by clutches and more powerful bikes. The more riders on the road, the better for all of us, more political influence and greater driver awareness are good for every motorcyclist, safety and numbers, and all that jazz honda seems to be pushing the mini moto angle hard with a plethora of models. You have the ruckus and metropolitan which are accessible to riders without a motorcycle license, but are also considerably less powerful than the navi. Then youve got the grom, the monkey, the trail, the super cub and the pcx, all of which are more powerful. So where does the navi fit in? It combines the styling and handling of a motorcycle and the ease of use of a scooter and will make a confident motorcyclist out of the most ranked beginner. It is that easy to ride and its the least expensive of all of them. Yeah complain about the carburetor, the drum brakes, the air cooled motor. All you want, if you want more performance from your mini moto, get a grom but be prepared to fork over almost twice as much dough by the by while at the event, i got to take out every mini moto there for a quick rip around town and Compare them back to back so stay tuned to the channel for a mini, moto shootout coming soon.

In the meantime, the navi is what it is: a stylish practical runabout that will give you sticker shock in a good way, its a commuter, a shopping bike. It even has passenger peg, so you can take that special someone with you and theyd better be special because itll get cozy on that seat. So the verdict. This bike is perfect for the student, the commuter and the beginner. If you want freedom, its pretty much the lowest priced option, its an actual motorcycle and looks like one no step throughs here its fast enough as long as you stay off the highway and in tight city traffic, itll outpace, almost everything else by slipping through the gaps. So if you were ever hesitant about becoming a motorcyclist, if you found most bikes too, intimidating and unapproachable, if you want the most bike for your buck, the navi is your ride. If you want to spend more money on more mini moto than one of the others will probably tickle your fancy so riding the navi in sunny california was a treat, and in the afternoon we got some free time to take the bikes where we wanted. I chose to cruise down to huntington beach and parked just off main street. As soon as i pulled up a young guy approached me and asked if the bike i was riding was a grom. I explained that this was hondas new mini moto. Then i told him the price and his eyes just about bugged, out of his head.

He couldnt believe it yep. I can definitely see the attraction of the navi an 18 year old me would have bought this bike and put 100k on it. It is easily financially accessible to a high school kid with a part time job and it provides the freedom to get around on your own terms and isnt that what most teens dream of its the most beginner and wallet friendly, real motorcycle on the market. Right now and again, anything that gets more riders on the road is good for all of us. So is the mini moto life appealing to you or do you have someone else? You want to teach to ride a motorcycle and are looking for the least intimidating option which bike would you take to the mini moto hooligan ride, share your thoughts in the comments below and as always ride. Safe nice, chopper, dude, hard tail sportster chain conversion, pretty sweet, that is a serious bike complete with a rusty chain nice that dude is legit af. If youre interested in any of the gear that brooke and i wear or use or the camera equipment we use to film this channel, the links are below everything listed. There was bought with our own money and we are not sponsored by any company. However, the links below are affiliate links and the channel is paid a small amount for referring you to shop at no additional cost to you. We do not recommend any products that we are not satisfied with ourselves, but we do strongly urge you to do your research and select the correct size for items like helmets and clothing.

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