You know what you get the idea. The competitive landscape is rich with choices, but the gv70 sets itself apart. In a few regards. Not the least of which being design im not one to pontificate on style. You know what you like, but in the case of the gv70, i have to proclaim my admiration. In fact, i like it so much were gon na bust out. Some drone footage super flies. Music ive said it before everything looks better from the sky, including the gorgeous gv70 genesis. Design philosophy looks brilliant when applied to a compact suv form. I especially like the muscular profile and forward swept c pillar wing treatment here, enjoy a few bonus seconds to draw your own conclusions: Music inside the style parade continues with a bounty of ellipses ellipse ellipse ellipse theyre like ovals, but fancier and yes, i know thats meant To evoke the cross section of an airplane wing, of course, i know the vibe throughout is smart and sporty. I especially like how the climate controls remain invisible until you start the vehicle. The gv70s interior proclaims a strong stylistic statement by shape tactile quality and by color blue red beige, and black themes are all available beyond appearances whats it like to occupy the gv70s cabin lets, start in the back seat. Ive already set the front seat for my ideal front, seat position and well. First things lets angle. This back a touch. Oh, that goes back pretty far.

Actually, okay, so we got some angle: the rear seat, doesnt slide, but it doesnt need to. I have adequate clearance in front of my ideal front seat position. Headroom is pretty good in fact ill even notch over here, a little bit as i lose my mic pack and uh lets see. Do i look like i got enough room ive got enough room lets. Go to the front seat and see how that works. All right, i mean unsurprisingly theres plenty of room up here. I really like the driving position too, the wheel telescopes far enough back that im in a very comfortable driving position. Oh hey! You know what we havent done a little while the mike and muzio elbow comfort index, so on the outboard its a little bit firm, underneath this padding here and then on the inboard. You get the seam and sort of a hard edge, its a little bit padded. But it could be more padded im gon na go. Maybe sixty percent squirrel on that hey buddy good, to see you again, Music. As for cargo space, if you want to open up the hatch, you just push this little button right here. It opens up to reveal 28.9 cubic feet, which i think is a very workable amount of space lets see whats under here. A little nook that you can put some genesis, branded uh pressed materials. Perhaps is that where you keep your press materials underneath there thats what i would do too one thing i like about the cargo area is that youve got these releases back here for flipping the seats forward, though one thing i have noticed, if you use this one And the access function is um working on the drivers seat.

The headrest hits it so it doesnt go all the way down, though, in the pantheon of automotive complaints thats pretty minor, i got it as long as im lodging complaints im, not a fan of the standard. Two spoke steering wheel. Consider that motivation to choose the gv70 sport model like were driving, which boasts a three spoke steering wheel along with dark chrome trim, carbon fiber accents and 21 inch wheels. I also think a traditional volume knob would be easier to use than this roller volume control. Another interface to consider is the 14.5 inch infotainment touch screen whose distant placement is accounted for by a round control knob, as stated in other genesis videos. I like how genesis puts the screen high here in a very wide aspect: ratio, because, when youre, looking at that screen your eyes arent far from where you should be looking, which is out at the road ahead, everything here is controlled through this little knob and i Think the interface is easier to use than lets say something you get from mercedes or something along those lines, though, i will point out that, on more than one occasion i have reached for this drive selector instead of the infotainment controller theyre, both round and very very Close to each other, youve been warned with that helpful segue lets talk about driving the gv70 built on the same rear wheel, drive architecture as the genesis. G70 sedan. The gv70 comes standard with rear, biased, all wheel, drive.

Engine choices include a base 2.5 liter turbocharged 4 cylinder or an optional 3.5 liter twin turbocharged v6. Each paired with an 8 speed automatic transmission. We happen to be driving the v6 because of course, we are hashtag. Blue book life lets put it to good use, ooh pepe theres a slight delay off the line, but once that power kicks in it kicks strong besides snappier acceleration. Another good reason to choose the 3.5 liter v6 is that it comes with a camera based adaptive suspension, which reads the road ahead. Adjusting the suspension in real time for improved ride and handling. In my experience, big bumps even in comfort mode are met with controlled, but firm reactions from the suspension Music, despite the gv70s taught nature ride. Comfort is generally agreeable, elevated by minimal wind and road noise. Meanwhile, outward visibility is good thanks to rear quarter windows and a slightly raised vantage point, because this is an suv, though it doesnt really feel like an suv from the drivers seat. Maybe its the assertive brake feel maybe its the quick heavy weighted, steering, maybe its the surprising amount of speed you can carry through a corner if youre feeling motivated whatever it is. The gv70 drives much more like a sports wagon than a proper suv, considering how most people use their suvs. I think a speedy on road spirit is a good thing. Oh and if youre curious here are the fuel economy, figures huh, it might be nice if genesis added a hybrid to the lineup and now, just because i love pulling mike danger into my videos, were gon na.

Do a mini comparison between the audi q5 and the genesis: gv70. Hey mike youve been driving the audi q5 as our camera car quick. What do you think of it ill? Tell you what i think: Music Applause Music. I think the audi q5 is a great luxury compact suv, the fit and finish is proper. It looks premium and its very comfortable, but that can be the bad part. Its too comfortable. I like a little bit more performance out of my vehicles, and if you want that in the q5, you will probably have to step up to the sq5, but as far as checking all the right boxes for a compact luxury suv. This does just that. So, comparing the zv70 to the audi q5 i mean since were on the subject of checking boxes ill, give you three boxes ill check off number one. The looks this definitely checks off that box. The audi q5 is a bit more conservative. This is really dynamic. I mean check out the red stitching on the inside and the outside youre, going to definitely turn heads when youre driving down the freeway, which leads me to box number two, the performance. The base model of the gv70 has 300 horsepower, which is more than the base model in the audi q5. Not only does it have more power, but it also has more weight to the steering and the suspension isnt as cushy its a bit more firm. So you could do more spirited, driving and feel the road up under you.

The most important part is box number three. The price the base model gb 70 is 4 600 cheaper than the base price of the audi q5. To me, more performance, better looks lower price thats a win. So if you had to choose between the genesis gv70 and the audi q5 using your own money, which would it be, you know what i want my car to look as good. As my kicks im going with the gv70 there, you go, danger has spoken as mike danger mentioned. The gv70 has a lower base price than the q5, but at 41 000 to start not including 1045 in destination charges. The gv70 still comes well equipped with heated front seats, wireless phone charging, android, auto and apple carplay; smartphone integration, a hands, free power, liftgate, smart, key access, a range of drive modes and a fingerprint sensor that you can use to buy fuel pay for parking and start. The vehicle, though annoyingly youll, have to use the genesis mobile app on your phone to unlock the vehicle. First, a fingerprint sensor on the drivers door screw would be cool theres. Also, a standard array of driver assist attack like lane keeping assist automatic emergency, braking with pedestrian detection and full speed, dynamic cruise control on pricier renditions, youll find ventilated, front seats, napa leather, a panoramic roof, a 360 degree camera system, a remote parking feature to dazzle your Friends: a 12.3 inch 3d digital gauge cluster, an electronic rear differential with torque vectoring abilities and an occupant alert system with ultrasonic sensors that can detect a sleeping infant breathing in the back seats or a whiny, kicky caffeinated journalist Music, compared to similarly equipped renditions of the Bmw x3 audi q5 and mercedes benz glc, the gv70 costs thousands less.

Of course, the genesis lacks the brand cachet of the germans, which may or may not matter to you more accessibly priced alternatives like the acura rdx, lexus, nx or lincoln corsair, better match price wise with the genesis gb70, but personally, im drawn to the gv70 style. Lively road manners, abundant feature list and comparatively strong value.