So. This video is my more in depth review its gon na cover all the lessons. Ive learned about the bike. So if youre interested in the new multistrada v4s stick around stay tuned, this video is for you. So what a lucky chap i am to have not one but two ducatis in my garage this week ive got my trusty 899, which i rarely ride, but i absolutely love: ive got the incredible multistrada v4, which is the subject the course of this video. Now ive been lucky enough to be riding this bike for the last couple of weeks and ive, read it pretty much every day and what i want to bring you in this video, the sorts of things you wouldnt necessarily find out. If you just took the bike out for say a half hour, uh test drive so ive ridden it at night, ive ridden it in the wet ive ridden on motorways, all sorts of conditions so ill. Let you know what thats like and ive, also sort of come to know the bike, as if its my own, a little bit so ive got two lists to bring you all the things i love about the bike, as well as all the negatives about the bike. So, as i often say, no bike is perfect. This one has a few niggles that i want to tell you about. These are the sort of things you wont see in other reviews, and also i want to take you through some sort of practical items as well about what its like to actually live with the bike.

So if youre interested in the multistrada v4 stick around stay tuned, this video is very much for you lets get on with it, Music, all right. What about the urban environment and then riding the multistrada in town whats that like well here, i am in uh, beautiful aylesbury, put a bit of a test to see what shes like in town and uh. I have to report absolutely fine number of things in favor of the bike for in town work number one. It feels nice and light when youre riding it. So if you need to knit between traffic and stuff thats easy peasy on this, much lighter than it looks, but it feels lighter than it looks next thing id say is: it is a big old bike, big frontal area, its got a great sort of a presence About the bike, so people see you coming but thats a definite plus point when youre riding in town and because youre sitting, nice and tall is where youve got great view over traffic. You can work out where you need to go and then the other thing that id say about the multistrada. If you find yourself you queueing up and stuff in traffic, the fueling on here is lovely these days, its pretty hard for manufacturers to get fueling sorted with euro 5 and all that, but on the multistrada, slow speed handling in town absolutely lovely. So, as far as i can find out and decipher im concerned whatever the word is, i find riding in the town on the multistrada a breeze Music all right before we actually ride the bike at night.

Let me show you what the headlights are on. I like normally here we are. This is what the lights are like when youre just riding normally youve got these amazing daytime running lights, sort of eyebrows, but they look kind of mean. I really like that, and the controls of them very uh makes a lot of sense. So youve got the normal button here, put it back to flash them like so and then you just click it forward to bring the full beams on and the full beams look like that. They look very bright indeed from where im looking at them. Alrighty with the magic of youtube, then lets see what theyre actually like at night. Okay, here we are then riding the multistrada at night. Lets see how those lights do in reality and, as ever, the gopro struggles to show a bit the lights. But i have to say here: we are on dip beam and theyre. Alright, a fairly wide spread, not bad at all, and if i go, if i get a chance to meet without these oncoming cars to go to full beam there, we go now full beam. Absolutely incredible! Look at that! Hopefully you can see that on the gopro. That is absolutely lighting. The way ahead brilliantly. Those lights are excellent right. So im now going to go down my favorite dark lane that i do these sort of night tests on and the other thing that is immediately obvious.

Is the lit switch gear on here? What a treat to see that lit up in red, so it doesnt dazzle you quite a lot of switch gear on the multistrada so having it is a real nice thing i just wish more bikes would do that, but yeah it looks, looks really nice in the Red thats excellent and the uh brilliant tft on here as well, nice and clear at night time, obviously its already white on black, so it doesnt change at night. It is quite bright, but not particularly distracting were going back to full beam. Look at that. That is amazing. These are night in today, type of lights, really really good on there just trying to work out if ive got cornering lights on here. I dont think i have actually, i might have said i did earlier, but i dont think these lights are cornering on here. That said, theyre pretty good at night, again, theres, dip, theres, full full is just staggeringly good. Yeah nice, no problems riding the multistrada at night. The lights are excellent on it: Music, okay, how about uh faster roads on the multistrada? Here i am on a dual carriageway. This is the a5 and uh. Well, as youd expect, the multistrada is pretty darn good loads of power. No doubt about that. So we dont need to discuss that and pretty comfortable. The only thing i would say is there is for this standard screen. I apologize for how messy this screen is with the standard screen.

There is a little bit of um airflow, hitting the top of my helmet and also im getting it a bit in the shoulders as well. This is in its upper position, so i think there is a touring screen available. In fact, i know there is definitely i think, uh get the touring screen for if youre going on motorways for a period of time, just cut out about that bit of that wind blast, but otherwise very comfortable place to be bags of power. These uh little in mirror awareness thing is, i cant remember what theyre called now, but the things that blind spot detection system thats? What i was looking for, these blind spot detectors are amazing. Theyve been going on and off like a good and since ive been on this road excellent feature and, of course, with the multi on these roads. Youve got this new radar controlled cruise control. Here we go, car front is slowing down, the bike is slowing down, so its gone down to 70 miles 69 now and the bike that cars pulled away. The bike is now speeding up again works really well and another plus for uh riding this on this sort of road Music. All right at the start of the video i said ill bring you some practical matters about what its like to actually live with the bike. So lets look at some of those practical matters. Now one thing that often crops up is uh.

Does it have fitted those right angle, um valves? Well, yes, it does im glad to say here we have right angle valve there, so its nice and easy to get out to pump the tires up and, of course, its exactly the same on the back uh down here somewhere there. We go right, angle valve there as well, so thats, absolutely fine next thing lubing the chain. How hard is that? Well im glad to say, as you can see, the bike does have a center stand. At least this one does im, not sure if its an option. Uh, so you can stick it on the center stand, theres the chain very easy to get at to do your lubing, so uh, so thats excellent uh. Next thing, often i get asked is what about checking the oil? Does it have a dipstick or is it a sight glass well on this one im glad to say uh its a sight glass just there, so no messing about with a dipstick, thats, nice and easy all right fuel economy, something that comes up quite often uh on The multistrada, i think, if youve got enough money to buy yourself a brand new multistrada. You probably dont care too much about the food economy, but since ive had this ive been doing uh 36.9 miles per gallon, so uh yeah. I guess she is a pretty thirsty bike, then the other thing that people ask occasionally is whats a horn like well on this one.

It sounds like this. You just have to kind of imagine how loud it is its pretty loud bog standard horn on this okay, oem tyres fitted on this. This ones got pirelli scorpion trail, twos, okay, what about seating position on the bike? Well, im a sort of medium sized fella, five for eight 32 inch leg, whatever that means uh and, as you can see, if, with the bike sort of in the middle im on my tippy toes, this is with the seat at its lowest possible setting uh. You can adjust it higher as well, so if youre taller than me youll be absolutely fine, but if youre five foot eight like me, you could youre fine on it with on your tiptoes like that, and then when youre, actually on the bike, your leg is uh. You know a little bit of an acute angle, but its very, very comfortable sitting position on the bike, all right. Next up on practical matters, whats she like getting her on the center stand, because it is quite a heavy bike. Lets have a go now. This is all mostly about technique, as well as brute strength, but uh here we go, didnt seem too bad right next whats under the seat. Well, lets have a look. Stick the key in that slot. There give her a twist, and hopefully i might not be able to do this. One handed, let me put the camera down right. There we go uh lets just move that the other way, because, of course, its got heated seats on this both front and back.

So there is a lead that connects the seat, so youve got to be, which is there so youve got to be a bit careful and take it off, but underneath the back seat, as you can see, uh, basically no room there. Is this rather neat looking ducati tool kit? I assume well have a look in there and then weve also got this little socket here and one of those little um charging socket things you can plug your pump in or whatever lets uh lets. Just take a quick look in the toolkit and see how stingy theyve been not many people give you a toolkit at all, so im not mo no. Actually, this is pretty good. Oh actually, its not a tool kit, look its um tyre pumping up kit, um and tyre repair excellent, not seen that before brilliant. Well done you catty Music, so whats the mighty multistrada like in the rain in wet conditions, then well its pretty damp on the roads. Today, its just a bit of drizzle in the air, but i would class this as wet the roads are particularly very slippery. I hope you can see. Okay as well. There might be a bit of a bit of rain on the camera lens, but uh yeah its a good bite of the rain, because of course, its got this massive front fairing on it and screen so youre quite well protected from it and then the next thing Of course, this bike is laden with the latest electronics, including fancy traction control, abs and all that stuff.

So its got you in terms of that kind of thing, braking and slippage the thing that i was a little bit surprised with when i came out today. I thought: oh, i better. Stick it in rain mode because i had been riding it in. I dont know what its called now, but its more dynamic mode and anyway, i cant find a rain mode. Ive got it in touring, but changing mode is quite easy. Theres a mode button over here, let you just hit it and then bingo. You use the little joystick to flip through so youve got a sport urban enduro touring, as i say, im leaving her in touring just close the throttle, as usual, been going back and touring again, but no rain mode specifically im sure one of those modes probably does Is that maybe its urban, which is softens things up and you could use a rainbow, but i surprised it didnt have that ive never ridden a bike with riding modes that doesnt have a specific wet mode on it. The tyres feel good confidence is sparring in the wet, absolutely no issues riding the big multistrada in wet conditions. Music. All right lets go. Do my lugging about test. Should i this is the uh test designed to simulate what its like moving your motorcycle around your garage and also its a chance to see what the turning circles like so were just going to come up here. This is lovely great visitor by the way lets go up here.

Do a left and then im into the station car park, and i do a spot to do me test so speak to you in a sec. All righty here we are in the station car park. Lets try on their position so that we dont get too blinded by the sunshine right im going to stick it in the middle of this standard size parking spot here there we go finding neutral on. This can be a problem, but actually once its warmed up its. Not so much of an issue ive found right lets, kill that right in so here we go is physically a pretty big bike uh with the panniers on well, i suppose its its not hard to get out. Youve got this grub handle here, lifting her up off the side stand. It falls over quite a way, so its a bit of a heave to bring her up, but not as its not as top heavy as multi striders of the past. I have to say all right lets go around then full lock. The lock on this is quite something lets come all the way around. It does feel heavy, but its not its, not nightmarishly. So there we go were right on the line there. Look. Let me just pop that there, so we started in the middle of that one full lock and we came around there. That is one of the tightest turning bikes ive ever done this test on.

So the lock, the handlebar lock, is incredible and as far as moving it around on your driveway, it is quite heavy. It is a bit of a heave off the stand, its easier than previous multistriders, not quite as easy as the gs. That would be my summary. Music: okay, what about going on tour on the multistrada v4? Well, besides, it being a good rhyme, its also been an excellent bike to do it on lets face it. These adventure bikes mostly are used as touring bikes, arent. They and id be no exception. If i had one of these, this bike really is sort of designed for touring, i would argue great weather protection. So, if you are, you know skipping off the miles on motorways, auto routes autobahns that sort of thing then youre pretty well protected for your journey down. Lovely comfortable in this riding position and with a nice comfy seat as well with your heated back side, if you need it, so you can get to your destination in real comfort and speed and then, when you get there on this bike, amazing, if you take the Apples or something its so agile, this bike for whipping around with alpine passes. It would be such a lot of fun, also get luggage with it quite expensive. The ducati luggage, but – and the i find the plan is a little bit fiddly. You can get a top box as well, but the point is its all there.

You can carry your stuff as well. So if you want a specifically below me that sounds bright thats what you want on tour, if youre, specifically, what about it for going on tour. Youre, probably quite hard pressed to find a more suitable bike than the excellent multistrada, v4 Music. Okay. So to start the video i said ill bring you a list of all the things ive learned about the bike, not just the good stuff, but the negatives as well. Ive written them all down, so i dont forget anything crucial. Let me take you through that list now, and these are in no particular order of importance. You can decide yourself whether theyre important to you or not so first thing, uh heated grips a bit of a faff to turn on and off, oh yeah. Let me show you how this works, so the heating grips on this. I love heating grips on bikes, thats great, but for this bike, what you have to do is you press this button here, which is the heated grips button once youve done, that it brings a menu up on the main screen, and then you have to use this Button here to scroll through it to set them onto the setting you want, so that is a bit of a faff and to make matters worse. When you turn the bike off it doesnt remember what setting you had it in. It remembers. What setting the heated seat was in, but not the grip, so you have to go through that all again.

If you turn the bike off next up, ive written here thirsty, we covered it off in the practical items. Ive been getting, as i say, about 38 miles per gallon at this so uh. You know that is quite quite thirsty, isnt it for a bike. Oh next up couple of things, this may seem a bit odd about the phone slot so well. It may not be a phone slot, but just here youve got this bit of dewbry here, which is supposed to be so. You put your phone in theres a um theres, a usb port there as well. So you can charge it thats, all well and good, but unfortunately my iphone uh 13 max pro wont fit in there, its not big enough and then the other thing about this uh particular slot ive found. I dont know why this is. There may be a setting somewhere, ive just not found, but whenever i turn the bike off and then on again that slot pops open as if to say, put your phone in here well, of course, i cant fit one in so ill, just shut it again. So its just a little niggle a bit annoying, it might be a setting somewhere, i havent found, but that seems to open up every time. I start to stop the bike bit annoying right next on my list here, ive written down here, lack of low speed grunt. Now, im really comparing this with my gs, which of course is a twin and that has loads of low down grunt.

But when you pull this bike off initially off the line, it does feel a little bit wimpy, which surprised me. You quickly get used to it, and this is definitely not a wimpy bike. 170 brake horsepower. The thing is an absolute beast, but when you pull away its not as grumpy as the gs to be expected, i guess, and while im talking about comparisons, inevitably with the gs and bike, i know very well. You do have to change gear. A lot on this bike compared to the gs again its the difference between a four cylinder and a twin. I guess, but this one youre working the gearbox considerably harder than you are on a gs which you can just roll away. Lazily. You know in third gear, and it doesnt complain too much with this youre up and down the gearbox all the time, which is absolutely fine, because its a lot of the gearbox and its got a quick shifter up and down so no real issue. Next on my list, wind protection off this screen its generally all right, but at higher speeds i find the wind just whips around the edge and it kind of gets you in the shoulders. So the wind protection is not ideal with the basic screen. Certainly not for me depends on what kit youre riding youre wearing how big you are that sort of thing but yeah. I think id probably get the touring screen just to stop that bit of buffeting around the shoulder area.

Something else ive found to be an annoyance on the bike. Is this here? The indicator button its in the usual spot, where youd expect it, but ive just found this to be a little bit fiddly in with gloved hands its quite small, quite hard to get hold of itd be great if ducati would make that a bit bigger for the Next iteration next on the winch list, these panniers great, that you can get panniers for it and they look lovely and theyre relatively spacious. But i just find this type with this type of handle quite fiddly to use you have to sort of press them in and push just to get into it, just a bit fiddly to use the paintings. I think well, im having a little uh moan. This bike course not shaft drive like some of the competition, which is a bit of a shame. A lot of shaft drive with the uh. You know the lack of maintenance that comes with that so youre gon na have to like lube in a chain with this one. I love this start up. Procedure on here. Watch out draws us a little multistrada there. You go look at that fantastic. So whilst i do like the tft screen on this bike, one of the things i dont like is the fact that, for satellite navigation, you have to use an app on your phone now as it turns out the um satellite nav on.

This is quite good and it does show you a proper map, not just turn by turn stuff, but it does rely on you having your phone again fitted in that central box, which weve already talked about so uh. I would just rather have a proper sat. Nav mount it up here somewhere, rather than have to rely on an app on a phone but uh there we go thats, just a personal dislike now. The personal dislike that i have with this bike is that its flipping hard to clean all adventure bikes are hard to clean, and i hate riding dirty bikes. Now this ones got really dirty during the time ive had it, as youve, probably seen in some of the clips that youve seen but uh yeah this bike quite hard to clean lots of nooks and crannies, it tends to throw the crud up underneath here. I dont know how long these header pipes are going to stay in good, nick theyre already starting to look a little bit rusty at the top and the amount of crud. Underneath there is quite shocking, there has got a reasonable mud guard, but nonetheless that throws up quite a lot of crud and there are all sorts of nooks and crannies around here that are going to get full of dirt. So yeah youre going to have to be a bit like me and love your cleaning if you get yourself a multi strider right last but not least in my list of whinges about the bike at low speeds, when you pull away the engine sounds a bit naf On this, i think again its just a small personal board and this ones even fitted with the fancy acura pipe.

Although you cant really see it and its covered up by the pannier and again look at the amount of crud thats got on there, but yeah its uh at low speeds. When youre in traffic and stuff it doesnt sound too sharp craic. You want to wind your eye lets get on to the to my positive list, youll be in there plenty of these, and arguably the things on my positive list, i think, are much more important than the things on my negative list that really just little uh niggles. These are more important, i think so, the first thing again and again in no particular order. The power of this bike 175 brake horsepower. This is the most powerful adventure bike that you can buy and if you want it to be its really flipping fast, its amazing the engine on this so yeah the power of the bike, incredible its very light and agile feeling when youre on the move, even though It is quite a heavy bike and you know relatively difficult to move around your garage and stuff um once youre on the move like any heavy bike it it moves, absolutely fine, you know its, but it feels a lot more agile and you can throw the thing Around much more than youd expect its got a really nice light and agile feel about it. I think it feels a lighter and more agile than the gs which again feels way lighter and more agile than youd.

Think it would, when you look at it anyway, so that was the other thing looks amazing, again very much a subjective thing. But look at this bike. I just think the multistrada is the best looking of the adventure bike. So i love this beacon here. Uh, its just got that ducati fit and finish its got that specialness, that you uh, that you feel when youre, when youre riding a ducati so yeah in terms of looks. I think the bike is an absolute winner and something that uh possibly shouldnt, do but does have a big bearing in my buying decision. I think everything looks lovely next up incredible. Turning circle, i mean theyve done a top job on here i mean theres. Obviously, a lot of room under there under those forks because, its frankly it turns on an absolute dime. This thing its one of the tightest turning box ive ever ridden. I think so thats very handy again helps you out if youre moving it around the garage and stuff next up, all very, very comfortable. The seats on here are amazing, lovely padding, deep nice and wide really comfy place to be and really helped out too. With the heated seats both for the rear which controlled by there and the main one that you do via the joystick on the front, so yeah really really comfortable bike thats a massive plus service intervals, ive written here, 9 000 miles or two years. What a breath of fresh air that is so many bikes have like service intervals of um 8 000 miles but or a year.

Whatever comes sooner, not so with this bike, you can ride this for two years and youll still be within the warranty terms, so thats excellent. Thank you ducati for that next up, ive said tft, nice and clear and easy to use youve already seen that the tft is lovely on this one, not quite as good as bmws, but not far behind. Oh blind spot monitoring is excellent. Now this comes with the radar package, so theres the front radar sensor and then youve got a sensor at the back as well, which is just there, and those two together means that you can actually monitor to the side of the bike, and then these little lights Here on the on the mirrors actually come on to warn you if theres a vehicle in your blind spot, weve seen it on cars for a while ive, never seen it on a bike before, but that has been active so many times ive been riding this bike. Its absolutely brilliant and i kind of miss it now i want to ride my other bikes. Well then, the last thing ive written down here again may not be important to you if you dont ride the bike at night, but the lit switch gear on here is absolutely brilliant. Nice touch why dont more bikes have lit switch gear, so there we are folks thats, my in depth, review of the multi mighty multistrada, its a real tongue, twister that one every time i have a problem anyway, what a lovely bike it is as youve gathered.

I absolutely love this thing very little, not to like one or two little niggles, which would get on my nerves a bit but uh yeah overall, the things that really matter the ride, the agility, the pace, the comfort, the looks are all spot on on this bike. I really really like this and it does make you wonder whether my bmw gs days are numbered. Anyway, we shall see what the future brings. I hope you enjoyed that video, always love reading your comments, so youre trying to answer as many as i possibly can. So do leave your comments below on the bike, if, particularly, if your owner, if youre an owner anything uh, you think i might have missed, and if this is the first video of mine youve seen then do consider subscribing itd be great to have you along. I dont just do bike reviews here on the mission to fly, but i do bits and pieces in the garage about how to look after your bike. Do a monthly bike news feature i do trips and tours at home and abroad. Basically, anything and everything to do with motorcycles ill, try and cover it here on the vinson flyer, itd be great to have you along right, thats it for now look forward to speak to you next time.