Randy the crops are planted for the most part, its raining outside, but im guessing. Your phones been ringing with a lot of people asking questions about drones. Getting a lot of calls from guys wanting to get a better, better view of their crops, and you know, especially with high commodity prices, and so its uh yeah weve got a good lineup for this spring uh. What youre holding here this is a mini 2. Great starter, drone, you know 12 megapixel, camera 20 minute flight uh less than 800 bucks yeah. You cant hardly beat this. I love the size super handy youre not going to map with this drone. If you want to do mapping, you got to move to a drone like the air 2s which to me is that step up if youre a producer – and maybe you had a phantom on your farm and still use one talk a little bit about the air 2s Yeah, so the air 2s has a 20 megapixel camera on it. It uh it flies for 25 minutes uh, like you said it, its gon na be capable with drone deploy for mapping here very shortly, um yeah. This is every bit of what a phantom was plus some you know were looking at 1800 bucks here for this kit, with three batteries and everything that you need so theres, always bigger and better so were going to get rid of these two little drones randy. Why dont you grab the big drone.

That is actually my favorite drone. That is the new mavic 3. I want to say it came out in about november, something like that and for me randy its not about the long flight time, which is over 30 minutes its. Not about its speed, its fast, its not out about all the cool sensors around the outside of it. Its about the camera talk a little bit about that camera, so its got its got a large 20 megapixel camera. Its also got a built in zoom camera, which is really neat um. You know and youre looking at for pushing 45 minutes of flight time here. This drone is going to be around for a while yeah i love it. I mean literally ive flown that drone personally over 35 minutes and was just in awe because back in the day we were flying, we were lucky if we flew phantoms for 10 minutes. You know right exactly, but its a its a great drone to use that with drone deploy now ive had to do it fly it manually, but in the future theres going to be a lot more capabilities of that drill, correct randy. The last drone in my arsenal is a drone from you guys called the quantix and, to be honest with you, the technology in that is amazing. It came from the military it takes off like a quadcopter lays over like an airplane. You can fly big acreage with it talk a little bit about your special program that you have with aero environment, so weve got a lease to own program, uh its 2500 a year and kind of an easy way to step into it.

You know for a drone that can fly a lot of acres per day, so if you want to learn more go to flyingag.com, you know randy, and i make a lot of mentions about the sensors and thats. Really. The key in collecting data is what do we do with it and using a system like drone deploy, you can see here this collected 278 images of about 80 acres. If you go into the map details its going to tell you there, it is 82 acres, you can see this one was from last fall and it shows a lot of down corn. You can toggle the plant health. You can see those problem areas in the field. I, like the map, photos area i can go in and i can toggle and i can look at different images. I could definitely go on and on about the values of this data. The best part is its at a relatively low cost. Well, randy. I appreciate you taking the time to add some of your expertise and one things for sure about drones. Theyve always been changing, but honestly theyre so easy to use today that anybody can use them for this week in agribusiness im. Chad colby.