Today i want to bike the last road in 2019, its the bmw s1000rr back then the park had just come out. It was the first of this generation new look bike and they moved away from that squinty front end and i absolutely loved the bike at the time i kind of fell in love with it and said i thought it was possibly the best sports part you could Buy – and i commented that would be great – to borrow one from bmw if i could a little bit longer term and get to know the bike a bit better and see what its like to live with. Well, im absolutely thrilled to say, bmw uk have let me this bike for about the next month, so im absolutely going to ride the pants off it im going to get to the bike as well as i possibly can, and to see. If i can conclude whether it is indeed still the best sports bike that you can buy, in particular the best sport sports bike for the normal rider, somebody thats basically road base anyway. So if youre interested in the s1000 rr and in this particular guys is the m sport version stick around stay tuned. This video is for you Music. So what a beauty, i think you might agree anyway, do go and check out. My original first ride review that i did back in about 2019 uh if youve not seen it if you want to go through all the specs and stuff like that, but in the meantime lets just familiarize ourselves with what this beautiful bike looks like.

I think this is one of the best looking sports box. You can get check out the front here. I think that looks beautiful, maybe not quite as nice as a panigale, but not far off. If i just turn her on, i can show you what the lights look like there we go, how cool is that they go off onto the running lights. There we go and it just looks mean doesnt. It absolutely lovely. Uh lets just turn that off so dont kill the battery. So this, as i mentioned, is the m sport uh bike uh. That means it comes with a few extras, so its got the uh additional m seat, its got um. The most important thing, i think, is the light carbon wheels you can see on here. These are actually carbon fiber wheels. They look absolutely beautiful and make the handling a bit better. This particular ones got the optional m caliper. I dont think that comes as standard its also got a lightweight lithium battery um and its got a slightly higher tailpiece. I think – and i think thats about it, that the m comes with and, of course, this paint job that it comes with as well, so yeah, absolutely stonking. Looking machine um anyway thats enough looking there lets get back on and see what this things like to ride. In terms of comfort, all right so back on the bike then lets first off talk about comfort, because the word comfort with sports bikes doesnt usually come up in a positive way as if that makes sense, lets face it.

The sports bikes arent generally that comfortable. Having said that, ive ridden all the major sports bikes, this one, i think, is the most comfortable. It feels physically quite large, im most used to the panigale, of course, which feels physically a bit smaller. Certainly, you feel more cramped on that on this i feel somewhat more upright. It is, of course, a sporty position. My legs are tucked right up, the handle bars feel relatively wide for a sports bike. Youve got plenty of good leverage with them and you can sit sort of upright if you want to, as well as slide right back on the seat and get down in a sporty tuck. If thats your game – and my word – that is what this bike is all about, what a machine the handling on this is absolutely incredible. Well, talk more about that in a minute right, while were talking handling suspension weight that sort of thing the numbers on this for weight. If i just refer to my notes, this is 193 kilograms, wet or 173 kilograms dry thats for this m package, bike thats about four kilogram saving over the standard bike and thats, because things like the lithium battery and so on, uh the carbon wheels alone on here. Actually save 1.7 kilograms, or did i show you the back one yeah there we go heres the carbon wheel on the back as well looks absolutely lovely as well as makes that handling, lovely and sharp back to the comfort one of the things uh that this m Sport model has is a slightly different seat to the standard bike.

I think they call it the m seat and i have to say it feels pretty odd to me. I cant remember from two years ago how bad the seat was on the original bike, but this one still feels pretty solid on the upside, though theres loads of room on here, i can slide way back and a long way forward. So i said that the bike felt quite large compared to other sports bikes, certainly if youre a larger fella, i dont think you have a problem getting comfortable here, wow its ballistic, this thing, okay, so theres, no doubt about its sporting credentials and if youve watched my Channel before youll know that im not a uh, a sporty rider im, predominantly a road rider ive done the odd track day. Im, not a massive track day fan. I try not to ride like a hooligan, but i do enjoy a bit of speed just like everybody else within the speed limit here we are at 55 miles now really really nice on these twisty roads a little bit damp out so im not going to go Too mad but uh yeah suffice to say its very fast and also, as i say, quite comfy, for a sports bike. So just while were talking about this seat here, how does it fare in terms of its height? Well, its 824 millimeters, so its relatively high im? Five foot eight and im on my tippy toes uh, i mean its quite narrow at the front, but i must say i put this down as one of the taller bikes um, so yeah 824 mil seat height on this one, the bike, of course, being a sports Bike has this incredible fairing on here so again, just while were on the sort of comfort section, if you like, the wind protection is excellent on here whether youre sat a little bit upright, in which case i dont seem to have any dirty air going over my Or into my face on five eight im, relatively short, fella and even set up right im, not in dirty airflow and certainly when youre tucked down youre well protected from the weather, so yeah all in all.

From a comfort point of view, the bike is remarkably good. So to the engine on the s1000rr, then, of course this is the uh 999 cc unit with shift cam and it being a four cylinder means its beautifully smooth and even in higher gears here, im only doing 52 and fourth gear doesnt complain at all lets slow Down a bit because it actually just notice it support them all now limit there we go. We come down the gearbox a little bit amazing, quick shift draw on here by the way, both up and down quick shifter as smooth as you like lets just ride. Really. Slowly in a high ish gear here we go third gear at 20 miles an hour, absolutely not complaining at all, but the gearbox is excellent, matched up with that. Incredibly powerful engine. You saw what the acceleration was like and uh again it being full cylinder means its very, very smooth, yeah lovely engine to ride on lets. Take a look at it all right lets give you some numbers, then about this engine. Uh ive already said that its the uh 999cc four cylinder inline uh engine with shift cam. This one incredibly puts out 207 brake horsepower. Can you believe that, and that is at uh, 13 500 rpm, so when youre really giving it the beans and 100 newton meters of torque, which uh unusually, according to my spec here it comes in from 5 500 rpm, all the way up to 14 500.

So youve got that literally a wave of torque that you can ride all the time on this and it doesnt feel when youre riding this bike, but theres theres any flat spots when youre riding on the road. It feels absolutely beautiful this engine, the suspension on the m sport model that im riding here this ones got the uh um dynamic, damping control. You can see the little um lead going into the stepper motor on the front fork and its similarly got a electric suspension on the rear, and it feels just amazing. Ive already said that the handling is incredible. Take it as red the handling on this is just top notch. One of the extra things you get with the m sport are carbon wheels and that also adds to making the handling feel amazing suspension on here. I guess would i describe it its not so firm that its trying to chuck me out the seat, but its firm enough that he can really take these corners nicely with great confidence, knowing what the wheels are doing lot of suspension on here. A lot lets just check these brakes out lets have a look behind nothing behind front brake wow. Its amazing lets just try. The rear Music is not too bad. Either. All right lets jump off the flight again. Take a look at those Music. All right lets talk brakes on this and ive already mentioned that this ones got the optional m sport caliper.

But all these bikes come with a four pot caliper on the front and thats on 320 mil dual discs at the back. Youve got a single 220 mil disc and thats on a single pot brembo as you can see, and they work absolutely fine. What about the controls and displays on the s1000rr? Well, as you can see right in front of me, ive got bmws brilliant tft, display ive said it before and ill. No doubt say again that as far as tfts are concerned, if youve got a happen, then i just think bmw do the best tfts in the business its not just me that says that i noticed most people say the same as well. I think thats sort of received wisdom these days. Bmw do the best tfts its nice and easy to use as well as being bright to look at. I dont have a manual for this bike, but uh squeeze by here, but it is quite intuitive to work out how everything operates. Youve got this little menu button on the left here that scrolls through the various items at the top of the screen like fuel gauge and uh. You know range all that sort of thing. Your trip counters. What have you thats all there and then youve got um bmws, brilliant whiz wheel here, which means you can scroll through the various other options, including the sport screen on this bike, which is a little extra and thats all fairly straightforward.

How that works? Youve got navigation as well, but thats for an app on the phone, something i dont like very much uh. I have downloaded the app i havent had a chance yet to actually hook it up my phone with the bike, but ill do that when i get to the longer term review. So if youre interested in how that works or otherwise, then wait until ive done. My in depth review in a couple of weeks and ill show you how ive got on with that yeah. So the display is brilliant controls, wise Music. All the buttons on here is classic bmw. As i say, weve got the whiz wheel, which is great all the controls. Look actually exactly the same as on my gs or any other bmws that matter and on this particular bike as well. Ive got heated grips which is lovely and cruise control as well things. You dont often see on sports bikes, one of the things that makes the s1000rr a practical proposition for the road rider. It has got those comfort features that make riding a pleasure even through little urban bits like this. When you have to slow down and stuff the fight, just doesnt complain, slow speed handling is lovely. One thing that im not so keen on on the bike, while were talking about the things that we look at just get back to the dash there we go is the mirrors on this. They look.

Alright theyve got indicators behind them, which are quite light, and you can fold them in if you want to. You know, move around the garage or filter whatever, but they are a little bit vibratey. I dont know if its because its a four cylinder engine, but at certain revs its a little bit fuzzy and i dont know if you can see with the camera in that mirror. For example, they do vibrate. I mean i can see behind me: okay, which is the functional mirrors. After all, so thats fine, but theyre, not crystal clear. They do move around a bit thats one of my sort of hates about bikes. I dont know why lets accelerate away how blurry that is its a bit of a shame, and it is a you know, its a quality machine and a lot of money. This and things like that. Just detract from its overall feel of quality, so give a thumbs down on the way the mirrors are, but the switch gear displays top notch. I suppose really ill show you the startup uh procedure on this uh well ill. Call it dashboard but instrument display whatever we call it the tft there we go uh here we go. If we show you this, it never gets old. Does it the way that these screens do the start of thing takes a little bit of thinking about it? Its just covering me light up bits and see whats going on and youve got that lovely rr graphic and there you have that beautiful tft that bmw do so well and heres all the switch gear.

Exactly the same, as i mentioned, as as normal bmw stuff youve got the cruise control, as i said as well, youve got a wiz wheel, which is absolutely splendid. Over on this side, youve got your heater grips as well as your mode changing, and something i do like about this is this: top yoke is lovely and machined. Here it looks like a quality bit of kit, even things like this little bmw badge. That just adds the overall feel of quality on this bike, which is something ive not mentioned. The fit and finish on here is lovely this little bit of bronze subframe. I really like the red spring, its really really nice. The only thing i think that lets it down are things like this plastic here that is sort of almost fake carbon. Did you see that i just think that looks a bit cheaper, nasty and theres quite a bit of it on the bike? You can get um. Some extras for the bike um that actually replaces that with actual carbon, which would look better but then, of course, youre talking great cost as well. We talk about electronics on the bike now, generally speaking, im not a big fan of electronics on motorcycles. I think that the less electronics the better but where they do make sense, is on a high tech. Super powerful sports bike like this well youve got over 200 brake horsepower at the back wheel, ready to spit you off.

All the electronics you can get is worth having. Needless to say, this thing is absolutely lady with them. You name it its got. It got riding modes, its got slide, control its got, anti wheelie hell, hold dynamic, traction control basically can go on listening for ages. You name the bit of tech, this machine has it and all you really need to know is it works because riding along here ive got this just setting all its standard setups and you wouldnt know that these things are intervening. I suspect they are because it is quite slippery out here today, as i mentioned, slow down a little bit very easy to get carried away on bikes like this, but the interventions happen pretty much seamlessly and they just flatter your ride. Im by no means an expert rider at no point have i felt like this bike is getting the better of me now if youd ridden even my 899, my panigale that bike is so much more difficult to ride than this. You have to sort of respect it. A bit it will spit you off just look at you, whereas this just feels like its looking after you all the time, wow its good and its so smooth and easy to ride so yeah those electronics, although i dont, generally speaking, light them on bikes, they do Look after you on here flatter your riding. Now i suspect, if you are a track director track day rider rather, and you do love shaving fractions of seconds off your lap times.

This is a great bite to do it on all sorts of tuning. You can do on here and tweaking get it set up exactly as you want, but, as i say out of the box feels pretty good to me, but then what do i know about that sort of thing all right, a few other bits and pieces. I should tell you about uh with the bike. I havent mentioned the fuel tank capacity on this bike, its 16.5 liters, which is about half the course. I guess for this type of bike, in terms of options for theres all sorts of things you can get on this, including various packages, theres a dynamic package. You can get theres a race package, a billet pack, a carbon pack uh all sorts of stuff um, which of course, all adds up to the price. The basic price on the website for the s1000rr is 15510 from that it says. Of course, the m sport is a bit more once youve added a few of those packs and some of the tasty optional extras that youre going to want then think more. Like 18 grand, but it still represents absolutely excellent value. When you look at the competition ill talk more about that a bit later, the bike itself comes in um, black or black and grey or a full black. If you want the standard bike, or of course, this m package comes in this sort of classic m livery, i guess and what else to say.

Oh yeah um, like all new bmws. It comes with a three three year, warranty as well for a bit of peace of mind: okay, so theres. My first ride, review of the 2022 s 1000 rr and uh yeah; nothing, nothing bad to report. Nothing really has changed for my initial assessment of the bike. I really like how it rides flatters your riding, not at all intimidating, given the spec of the machine for a bike of this type. I think it represents excellent value when you compare it to the competition. If youre, looking at the panigale v4s, the aprilia rsv4, both box have ridden – albeit not in their current incarnations, they are quite a lot more expensive than this bike. This is in the same sort of cost bracket as yamaha r1s and the suzuki gsxr. Thousands – and this is so much better than those bikes, its got so many more facilities and it just rides nicer and daryl. So it looks nice as well. This bike looks beautiful in my eyes, so yeah theres an overall package, particularly if youre a road rider. This is a part you could go on tour and be perfectly comfortable all day long on, and this bike makes an awful lot of sense and im really looking forward to riding some more, even though it is winter. Well, thats it for this time. I hope you enjoyed that dont forget if youve not done so already hit the subscribe button be great to have.

You join me for further videos and uh. I look forward to speak to you next time. Until then this has been the mystery flyer. Cheerio. Can i get over how comfy this bike is? I can sit here all day like this. My shoulders actually feel good, despite the hard seat, im all right, a lot of weight taken on the legs, regardless of whether its the best sports bike or not its definitely the most comfy.