This is the brand new model that just came out this year and, if youre looking for something cheaper than the dji mavic 3. Well, you found the right place, because this drone is a little bit bigger than the dji mavic mini or the mini 2 or even the air 2.. I would go for something a little bit larger. Why well its going to let you fly in more conditions, more weather conditions? If you go up with say something like the mini 2, you go offshore theres a little bit of winds. Sometimes you have a hard time making it back before that battery dies and drains out other times. You cant even make it a few feet into a headwind. So if youre out on the coastal regions or youre taking it on vacation somewhere, where you know theres going to be some wind, it just happens so that every once in a while, when you go to fly theres a tremendous amount of wind around you, wherever youre Flying especially on coastal regions like the coast of oregon, where we fly a lot out of the beach and in the mountains, sometimes you have some pretty good trade winds going, so you want a drone with a little more weight to it. Thats going to give you a better camera view and a better flying experience, let you allow to fly a little bit faster, so this drone does a pretty good top speed of around 45 miles per hour.

It can chase cars, it can do follow me orbit mode. All that cool stuff, we got 4k video on board a 35 minute flight time, but best of all the dji mavic 3 is 21.99 right now, at the base level just to get started to get into the mavic 3. You do have a beautiful camera on there with 5.1 k, video versus 4k video on the femi se 2022 model, but youre saving 1700 off the price. So this one is 450. You get a 35 minute flight time. The mavic 3 is 21.99 to start, and the batteries are much more expensive. These batteries are 75 dollars a piece they are a 3s battery. It is a 4500 milliamp battery versus the djis battery is a 4s battery and its 5000 milliamp. It has a 45 minute flight time on a hover with no wind. So if you see some of the advertisements make sure you read the fine print, because these drones are tested a lot of times in a wind tunnel with absolutely no wind so at a strict, controlled environment. So if youre flying them outside in real world conditions, you can expect 25 to 30 minutes flight time out of something thats advertised, say a 35 minute flight time now i have seen videos and theres already videos out there of the fema sc 2022 model doing 11. Kilometers out there, so if you want something thats, just going to go about 30 kilometers out, youll, probably try the mavic 3, but youre gon na pay three times four times the amount um.

So if youre, the average drone pilot my opinion, my professional opinion is to grab something like this to start and then move your way up to the dji mavic 3. If youre going to use it for professional video or youre, just the guy that has to have the best video on the block, the mavic 3 will absolutely do. It were not here to tell you in this video that, like were saying that this is better. This is just a cheaper alternative: 450 dollars, a 75 dollar battery and a nice controller that works great from your phone now, one of the other things you really need to know about the mavic 3 versus this. One also is everybodys talking about range, but one of the things. If you look in the specs and you look closely in the mavic 3 specs, it actually does say that in an urban environment with standard interference, youre gon na get from around one kilometer to three kilometers distance. Before you have breakup so thats thats, something to be considered a lot of times when youre flying these drones, you need to have a nice line of sight from the drone back to the transmitter. That way, you get the cleanest signal. If you have anything in between you and the drone and the transmitter say, trees, for example, youre going to have some break up at some point when you get out to a certain distance, its going to be harder for 2.

4 and 5.8 to connect back to the Transmitter so thats just a few basics of being able to get a good signal from your drone and maintain a good signal. So a lot of times when they tell you the max range it was tested in the middle of nowhere where there could be absolutely no rf interfering with the drone, so that would be their maximum maximum test and theyre standing way up high. So they perched up on a mountain and they flew way out that way they had nothing between them and the drone. So if youre out in the mountains try to perch up as high as you can get to fly your drone and then, if youre above your drone and youre flying down into a valley, thats going to be a little better signal and cleaner signal than say. If you were down low and with trees in front of you and flying up high, so things to think about when you go out for your first drone flight, but enough talk about the differences, some of the main differences i mean you know, we said 75 dollar Battery on here 21.99 difference here and uh yeah on banggood right now, 449 for the femi 2022 model, so ill put a link down there below you can check out the specs yourself and decide if you want to grab one ill put. My eight percent discount code off down there, as well as bg davis 2021.

Hopefully, that works into the new year as well so without further ado lets, go ahead and go outside and lets do a test of this new femi se x8 2022 model with a 35 minute flight time, cant beat that 4k video for 450 lets go lets see What it can do, Music, so Music, so Music, so Music do Music. All right guys welcome back from the flight test. You know that was awesome, because i have to mention also that this drone does have hdr video on there. So um really really sweet that it has hdr capability. Our our maximum cruise was probably about 13 meters per second in sport mode, so that is pretty fast, its around 45 miles per hour, if youre really on a full tilt, stick meaning pushing that right. Stick all the way forward and i have to say that it does come with a couple sets of props in the box and it does come with three different types of phone connectors, usbc standard android, and it does come with the ios plug here. For my iphone, the next big thing about it that i think is great is that it does have a pretty large battery in the remote. It is a 1s ’00 milliamp and generally that lasts me for about a week of flying before i have to recharge it. It also has an led display on here theres a physical return to home button, and this moves in and out so you can put even a larger something like a tablet.

In there i mean even a i dont know. If an um, maybe an ipad would fit in there, but maybe some of the smaller tablets or larger style phones. It also has a joystick controller here as well for navigating through the menu, and it has a start stop button. On the back for your video and your photos, you can take photos or snapshots or start and stop the video an auto takeoff button here. Gimbal control wheel on that side and another additional wheel on this side for turning left and right. It has a ton of features packed into that controller. I think best of all, also is that it does have removable sticks like some of the older mavics. So if youre traveling, it has a spot here that the sticks go down into just unscrew those by your thumbs and you can put them down in there now. I also noticed that this version of it also does have remote id built into it, and the cool thing is you guys that are paranoid? You can turn it on and off okay, so it has the option to turn it on or turn it off like the dji mavic 3. So if there are new firmware updates coming from dji in 2022, you might not be able to turn it off if a remote id goes through in the united states, so thats one thing to consider, so it does have a straight ahead shot.

I did see some prop noise in there from moving left to right whenever youre facing into the sun with a multi rotor. Sometimes you have some kind of a phenomenon where you see the prop wash coming down through the video. I also did see some jello in the video as well. I wouldnt say this. This video is perfect, depending on how windy it is also makes a big difference on how solid the video is so the day that i flew and tested mine, it was, it was pretty windy, but i can also do a downward shot as well. I can do that satellite shot straight down at the ground at 90 degrees, which is nice. The lens on here has a 79 degree field of view, for the guys that are interested in that and the focal distance is 25 millimeter. But what i also think is great about this camera, and that were talking about the camera. Is the sony half inch sensor in there its a half inch cmos sony sensor and thats? What really makes the i would say the video looks so good on this drone. So your sd card can go up to a 250 gigabyte card and a lot of times i use the u3 cards. Those are the ones that are gold. You get those at best buy, i guess theyre around 50 or so for one of those. If you want to go all the way up to 250 gigabytes, a lot of times im using the 64s just on a quick shoot, but im happy that this battery, even in like 32 degrees, we tested it today in the snow im still getting close to 30 Minutes flight time around 28 minutes flight time total flight time today and the radio link as well theyre saying it will do 10 kilometers.

It has level 8 wind resistance, which is way better than something like the mavic mini 2, or even the smaller femi um, its its not going to be as with wind resistant as a large one. Just take my advice on that get the bigger drone. If youre going for the mavic 3 versus the the maybe the air 2 or the mini 2, get the mavic 3 get the larger drone that you can its really its, not that much a price difference between this one, the x8 versus the femi mini. So i would grab this one over the femi mini unless youre just trying to keep all your stuff under 250 grams, youre not worried about it and just going to go fly it just just get the larger one. Youll. Thank me later also the battery its 4 500 milliamp in this battery, and it does have a way to be able to check the current charge of the battery and what we call. You know like a smart battery, its not quite as smart as dji technology, but there you go. Ive got two bars left on that flight and again 4 500 milliamp versus the mavic 3 battery is a 4s 5000 milliamp. You know getting you upwards of they advertise 46 minutes, which i got ta call bs on that um im, not sure youre going to get 46 minutes flight time. If you fly it outside a lot of times, those were tested indoors in like a gymnasium or something with closed in and thats, really how a lot of these are tested.

So it is a lipo battery. It is not um anything like an 18 650 style battery and this this actual charger does go charge around two amps. The dji charger can charge around five amps, so um its going to charge a little bit faster, but you got a little bit bigger battery. So thats something taking consideration as well, but i mean hey – were comparing apples to oranges here, theres a mavic 3 again its its is it is it better? Yes, it is better but three times four times the cost versus this guy. So this drone used to be up in the 800 900 price, and now we have the best one yet for under 500. So in my opinion, grab one check it out see how it does if youre on a budget get one of these and enjoy it. Dont worry about dji until you save up a million dollars like the richest guy on your street and you can go buy one so were keeping it humble here always on the channel.