Review Dji tello drone

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My first week with DJI MAVIC 3… First Flights & Initial Review

theyve taken the pro out of the name, because maybe theyve taken a couple of the pro features away overall, im very, very happy with the Drone ive been able to test the imaging systems and the flight dynamics in three different locations and a few different light settings and, like i said, im overall […]

Drone INVADIU Resort em Arraial D'Ajuda || DJI AIR 2S

No t conseguindo ver ainda que que t escrito ali no galera talvez, vocs no vo ver, a na imagem que ela imagem qualidade, vocs ver a n mas aqui, o EcoPark Arraial Dajuda um parque aqutico Top Show das galxias nem sei, o preo que cobra para entrar. A mas assim vale, a pena […]

Smart Drone Rescue System

Our developers have designed a lightweight modular parachute system as a mission enabler for single rotor uas up to 150 kilogram. The system consists of a compact multi channel trigger module which detects any kind of system error or abnormal flight behavior. In case of a problem like engine or actuator failure, the parachute will […]

Drone News: Remote ID GPS Update, The Dronut, The Single Actuator Monocopter, and Black Friday!

Its about remote id theres been an update from the faa and uh. We wont tell you more about it. Well, talk about two different drones: the first one is called a drawnut, which is a donut shape, type of drone, its really interesting and another really interesting drone, which is the single actuator monocopter. […]

Free Mavic 3 Drone Warranty Extension, Space Travel Sweepstakes Winner

I guess this was kind of interesting. With the release of the mavic 3. There was an announcement here from dji that theyre giving people a free, warranty extension and the reaction was kind of interesting when you think about it. This one here says: enjoy free service extensions for dji mavic 3. dji provides […]

Nyoba Beli Drone Murah Terlaris Di Tokopedia Episode 1

000 rupiah yang saya, beli di Tokopedia, dengan ongkos, kirim, itu empat kilo, awalnya saya, curiga, Loco, Drone mainan ongkos, kirimnya, 4 kilo, enggak, Salah ternyata Shades bungkusnya raksasa begini gede nih belum dibuka sama sekali kita, akan, langsung, lihat, penampakan, Baunya, kaya, gimana, oke, Guys, Ini belum, saya, lihat, bentuknya, kayak, gimana, karena, saya, […]

DJI FPV vs MAVIC vs FPV: comparativa por un piloto!!!

No, he hablado en pblico que he usado varias veces y que crea interesante que os presente y que os diga para quien me parece que es este drone qu ventajas tiene qu inconvenientes y un poquito mi opinin ya, que yo vuelo tanto drones, estabilizados tengo, el de Jota y el 2s como drones […]


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Inverted Pendulum on a Racing Drone

I took this drone and dangled a mass under it with a winch to try to explain the complexity of the perseverance mars rover landing. Some interesting coupling of the two body system made it pretty hard to fly without active compensation in the control system, and i basically left it at that. A lot […]


Bravo, a farlo fermare sopra, ed una roba, pazzesca, raga, poi, ci, sono, anche dei video dove vi. Spiegano come fare, allora, vediamo fa, ce la faccio, ok, ce labbiamo, qui abbiamo, il cavo usb o usl che serve appunto per ricaricarlo ora a parte, il fatto che, il drone boys tipo super leggero e […]

Tutorial [Rock steady 2.5K EIS camera] [2-axis gimbal drone] HS360

Hs 360 has a rock steady 2.5 k, eis camera with a 2 axis gimbal photo and video can be stored in an sd card Music to pair turn. The drone on and place on a flat surface then turn on the transmitter to calibrate the compass, long press, the compass calibration button hold the […]