Neheme NH530 Mini Drone Review

All right guys lets take a look at the box of the nh530 here. Altitude hold 360 degree. Rotate emergency stop headless mode. Three speed switch 360 degree flips and one key take off and landing as well. Theyre advertising this one 14 years plus see what else we got here all right. So majority […]

Which Mini Drone is Best? Truth is here with Evidences! DJi Mini 2, Fimi Mini x8 or Zino Mini? #vlog

Today you can see the four 4k videos link. They are in the description and also hey right, so welcome back uh, the dji mini just came back and it traveled 3.8 kilometers, i think its a 3.8 kilometers and then the battery was showing that its only enough to come back actually. But as […]

Weird Things Caught On Camera By Drone!

Of course, since drones were invented, people have come up with all kinds of ways to have fun with them, and some of them are completely crazy. There is more and more drones with cameras flying up to the sky every day, and sometimes it gets a bit more interesting than just filming beautiful, sceneries […]


They said whats up, man wait! Oh my god is that damn i see ryans wilder and diana kims show theyre running theyre running. Oh my god. They see this yo, i lost diana. I have to go after ryans room hes right over there. No giveaway alert im going to be giving away an […]

LEGO Marvel 76184 Spider-Man vs. Mysterio's Drone Attack Review! No Way Home / Far From Home

This is a four plus set with 73 pieces and it retails for 20 dollars in the u.s. It was released on october 1st and even though its marked as a no way home set, there is a little tag that says inspired by spider man far from home, because i dont think any of […]

A review of the Blue Ice Moonlight climbing pack at Anstey's Cove, and what I take to the crag in it

There was probably some footage of me walking in or something uh trying to up my b roll game a little bit october in devon. It feels like flipping summer its definitely t shirt off climbing weather. You have to excuse me, im gon na put my sunglasses on, because the sun is shining off […]

Drone "KAYANGAN" Untuk PEMULA !!! Drone E99 PRO 2 – Sama Tapi TAK SERUPA …

Try out ada dua B3 Wow P3 dan kita ada satu unit, mohi ngutang site that sini kita ada dua biji Petri 1001 unit, Wow Iqro, guys Mohe kram, guys DJ ini, macam, DJ Idol, full emoh Drone, produk, hujan 3S kemiri Wow macam macam, full emoh, oke, nah, Tahu lebih lanjut Jom kita Tengok […]


No Eu t percebendo um pouquinho de gelo s, por causa. Do vento Olha que foto bonita d, para ver, aqui E, a Tira uma foto realmente impressionante, a qualidade da cmera dele aqui para mim, a qualidade da transmisso realmente muito, boa vamos subir mais um pouquinho eu vou virar pro outro lado E, […]

Drone News for 10-14-21

The drone news a sphere. Ladies and gentlemen. He knows everything about the industry, its jeffs hills, whats happening, buddy, well, good, stuff, lots of news kind of scattered across the thing new new technology, new drones so well get into it all right, um, the first one, a university in zurich, has come up […]

Force1 U49WF FPV Drone – Best Dji Drones Review

Pricing stay tuned and lets get into the video Music force1 u49wfpv drone, the u49wfpv camera drone boasts altitude hold and a first person view screen with camera live video, so you can see exactly what the hd camera of your drone sees in real time. It also comes with an extra battery to help […]

if your DRONE sees SQUID GAME GUARDS on a field, do NOT approach them! (red light, green light)

Literally, ever since the tv show came out guys, the squid game guards have been known to go around the entire country and theyre trying to get everyone to play the games and because weve seen the show, we know how this goes down and weve actually played the Games ourselves, if you saw on […]

2021 Fimi x8 Mini Drone's Vertical Footage #shorts #vlog #viral #fun #flight #england 2