Rp 2jt 3Axiz GIMBAL EIS GPS – unbox KF101

The modern seperti ini uh tapi di sini ada displaynya jadi nataporn taruh di luar, dulu Okenya remote ini, turunnya, warnanya, sangat, sangat, uh, itemnya, gimana, gituan, yang pasti, ada, kabel, charger type C, dan juga obeng, pasti dan baling, baling, cadangan, nya, dia, ada, empat, biji, Iya, boleh, Dan Dian Fox uh, ada plastik, […]

DJI MAVIC 3 is coming November 2021

So i have all the information and all the pictures, even picture of the box. So please stay watching the video until the very end Music. So first lets talk about the release date right now, the poster – and it might not be the real poster. However, you know all this leaky information it […]


Well, this is like the king of the sub 249 gram drones. It is the top of the pack, but one thing missing is obstacle avoidance and active track bring on ortel. They have just announced their new drones, which are coming out very soon, and i should hopefully be receiving one really soon so […]

Ring Always Home Cam First Look | The Future of Home Security?

You know that camera that flies inside your home, well, amazon just held its event, and they did share some juicy tidbits about their upcoming indoor flying drone. Im john velasco of digital trends and heres everything you need to know about the ring, always home cam Music, but before i get started this video […]

Great Little Drone, Newest DJi Mavic Mini 2, Superb Smooth Flight over Countryside of England, 4k

Please check it on the map: Music, so Music, so Music, foreign, Music, Music, Music, so so, Music, so Music, so Music, foreign, Music, Music, bye, Music, Music, so Music. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PCVolupOvTk

iPhone 13 Review // Best Camera System On Any Smartphone

If you missed the video go check the last video, where we just show all of the footage that we shot, including all of that fpv, goodness Music. I had a little bit of issues there, but we got it done uh incredible time here at the hinter house. Here are my thoughts on the […]

My Drone | DJI Mini 2 Review 2021 | Skyline View Marina Bay

Oh ok en als het niet Muziek veel geld super heet Muziek alles is zo mooi uitzending, bij een lang oranje en dus probleem de was voor. Hem is om. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CXuLBEA9lfs

V-Coptr Falcon Drone Review: Cool Drone but … [English]

The worlds first V shaped bi copter.. This drone was actually released last year, but never hit the market officially until now., As I did many searches on YouTube, it seems like my video is the first English real life flying review. Video ever., As Zero Robotics told me that they havent shipped to any […]

Breaking! Russia Shoots Down Israeli Drone! Iranian Army Headed to Israel! U.S Didnt Expect This!

You can be informed about detailed reports every time the intensification of the us and uks nuclear conflict in the south, china, sea and the pacific against china also affects the middle east closely. As dj, we have announced to you that it can lead to very hot developments for israel and iran and that […]

iPHONE 13 PRO MAX UNBOXING + CAMERA TEST! (cinematic mode, macro mode, review, & more!)

This is kudika. Welcome back to my channel. Today i am going to be unboxing. My new iphone im super excited, because this is the first time i think, when ive gotten a new iphone so close to the release date so thats exciting. I have gotten the iphone 13 pro max in the color […]

We Bought a Dji Mini 2 Drone..Checking out the Quick shots

After all these years, weve finally decided to splash out and buy a drone. This is the actual mavic mini 2, its the one thats 249 gram. So it kind of get around a lot of the laws and loopholes, so you havent got to register it and all that anyway, this morning all were […]


dji niece ini, remote komboy, butterfly mokambo threelight 249 Grand di sini ditulis dari, terbang 30 menit mx4 KM next video transmission, Bishop khai software di Brunei, mempunyai tiga eksis, dimbala, 27 Oke kamera, Hai, cewek, untuk, Lenovo nih dia fullset lah, MP3 Fitri, dengan tempat charge sama dp nya kipas respek Hai sesungguhnya Hai, […]