JJRC H36F Review And Test 3 in 1 Drone Boat And Ground Vehicle

This is a ground vehicle drone and a boat, so i’m going to do an unboxing and then we’ll give us a nice closer look at the actual vehicle itself and then we’re going to actually do some testing so stay tuned and find out exactly what i think Of this little rc model, okay, […]

DRONE FPV cinemático para filmmakers | Review Protek35 Iflight

No segurar algum numa exemplo em dia na estendidas, ronda quebrou, a nobre agir com, ele 51 E, a uma coisa verdade E agora, tem outras marcas que tm laranja, no lobo online est igual isso simplesmente, o Drone mais desejado para quem, quer fazer Takes cinemtico para voc Que no sabe se que o […]

Detailed Tesla Model S Plaid Review vs Tesla Model S P100D | Interior, Exterior, POV Driving

My name is adam welcome to driven nashville. Today i couldn’t be more excited. I get to talk about the brand new tesla model s plaid and i did bring out my model s p100d from 2016 white on white. We have this incredible black on tan version of this particular car now lucy, who […]

Skyzone AtomRC Dodo D135 FPV Drone Review

It is a three inch quad brought to you by skyzone it’s, the same sky zone. That also makes some really good. First person view goggles. Now this is one of their entries into the world of pre built fpv quads. So the question is: how did they do well? The dodo 135 is a […]

Tamron 150-500mm f/5-6.7 Di III VC VXD lens review with samples (Full-frame & APS-C)

7 di3 vc vxd. It is for full frame cameras and it’s, also tamron’s. First long, telephoto, zoom lens specifically designed for mirrorless cameras. Its unique features are its impressively small size for a 500 millimeter lens enabling it to fit into your camera bag quite easily, as well as fast autofocus and an ability […]

Searching Various Toy Vehicles in the Rural Environment | Toy Drone, Ambulance, Assault Rifle & more

Oh look guys wow! This is my basket. So let’s find some toy vehicles. Yes, wow a mini bus, guys, mini city bus nice, color, let’s, go and find more toys, whoa, guys, wow a speed boat, beautiful water, vehicle speed, boat, wow, wow ambulance, emergency vehicle, guys, a beautiful emergency vehicle metal toy ambulance. […]

DJI FPV Drone FCC Hack – Does It Do Anything ?

To tell when it’s working, because when you’re in ce, you only have four channels and 25 milliwatts available. However, when you move it to fcc, you actually end up with eight channels and up to 700 milliwatts. Now, whilst there is a different fcc hack for the fpv drone, which is the b3 yond […]

DJI Air 2S Quick Review | The Ultimate Consumer Drone

The air 2s is an aerial powerhouse that will let you experience and record your world in stunning. Detail, shoot images or record videos in different modes like hyperlapse, wide angle and 180 degrees, its built in focus, track. Technology features spotlight 2.0, active tech, 4.0 and point of interest 3.0, making it a breeze […]

Kencang + Dingin dengan Kipas Di Dalamnya: Review Smartphone Gaming RedMagic 6 Pro – Feat. Bukalapak

45, tegrasi didalamnya, masih, ada, NFC, juga, layar, 165hz, dan harganya mulai, dari, 9. Jutaan untuk yang RAM 12gb dan ada yang sebelah jutaan untuk varian, RAM 16 GB ya, mereka cek langsung aja, si red Magic 6 dan 6 pro ini nah pas banget sebelum kita bahas arrive, produk gadgetnya, nah saya ada info […]

Clone Drone in the Danger Zone (Nintendo Switch) An Honest Review

My name’s luke and welcome back to the channel. So today, we’re going to be taking a look at a game with a rather long winded title known as clone drawn in the danger zone. Advertising itself, as a voxel based slicer mob gameplay, is primarily focused around fast paced arena based combat where your […]

RekonFPV Rekon4 FR Freestyle Kwad Review 🚀

Wow it’s got way more power. These 1804s have way more power. Applause, i’m. Barely on the throttle, Applause, Music on the power loops, the tune seems okay yeah. I just can’t go full throttle it’s too much uh for the props. I think on this weight setup needs more weight, so i think it’s […]


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