What is the best drone you can buy for less than $200?

So if you can bump your price range up to 200 from 100 you’re gon na get some things on these drones. That just make them better. First motors a lot of times, they’re going to be brushless brushless motors are more efficient and more powerful. You don’t typically find them on drones that are […]

Armattan Tadpole 3" – O melhor drone freestyle com menos de 250g

Se, a gente colocar aqui voc, vai ver que ele tem uma, unidade Vista, a para que a gente usa e com, sistema digital da da de j t ir com, tudo, a ficha verso analgica n Na realidade esse aqui era. Uma verso analgica que eu convertir para digital Ento, eu peguei troquei, o […]

Review Flycam KF101 Camera 4K Chất Đẹp | Giá Vừa Miếng

Ny ti thy n ging, nh ca, hng ci ng th, ny th chc, l, cng, o t c khe, cng kh, l, cao y Ging, ca, hng M nick ngh ri khong cch truyn hnh, nh, l, khong 500m s, dng cong, bng, cng, ngh, wi, fi, 5G. V: khong cch truyn, xa, iu, […]


There was a lot of speculation and hype for this drone, but everything’s gone, really quiet all of a sudden let’s talk about this today. So we have discussed about this drone on the channel before and we’re all excited, because on paper the spec looks brilliant: the 48 megapixel camera with six times, zoom […]

Tips Memilih Drone FPV Untuk Pemula – Arya Dega

Now masalahnya bukan dari 2016 karena berapa, 2002 125 tahun loh ngomongin Drone terus sehingga, bukan, bosen, juga, tapi, materinya, habis, kalaupun, review review, lain masih, membahas tentang, Drone review, turun, itu pun, sangat out mereka dari, mana, tapi, mereka, bisa, agak, terus, drone drone Drone, mainan Drone, mainan Ya untuk review saya bukan anak […]

The Fastest Charging Smartphone I've Ever Tested…

It has some crazy wild features. Oh my god, this curvature is aggressive. Look at the back whoa now! Oh boy, 88 degree curved screen: 50 watt wireless charging, 160 watt, ultra flash charge 160 watt Music supposedly 10 minutes to charge the entire thing 10 minutes to charge the entire thing keep going watch […]

My First Lectric E-Bike Ride – Review Wednesday

It might rain. It’S been raining on and off all day, so you never know what might happen in the Music gables Music. Oh by the way i forgot to mention it is also a folding bike, so it’s perfect for rving and i’m going to show you how to do that. If i remember […]


Um link com, todos os descontos, para voc est acessando, a a loja do Aliexpress aqui na opo que tem todos os descontos com, os dois meses melhores e mais barato beleza na descrio do vdeo e tambm a do. Drone exato que voc viu no vdeo beleza vamos dizer que Voc clicou neste Drone […]

The NEW Voigtlander 28mm Ultron II ASPH | Review w/ Leica M6

. Music. Let me start off by saying that it’s, actually pretty dope and exciting to be one of the first people on youtube. At least to be reviewing something as new as this lens i’ve, never ever ever been close to being the first person to review camera gear nowadays. So this is going […]

Rekon6 MiniLongRange FPV Review 🍕

So this is basically the six inch version of the recon 5 that i reviewed not too long ago, and here it is right here, um, essentially the only difference between the five and the six other than the difference in the prop size, which is obvious, the um Three bladed uh five inch prop […]

পানির দামে ,UAV HD Camera Drone Unboxing Review || Water Prices

Foreign Applause. Applause is Music, foreign, Music, Music, Music, hd, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, surprised, Music, Music. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9mGmbi-tR6k

আমার অনেক দিনের শখ টা আনায়ার বাবা যেভাবে পূরন করে দিলো 🥰 | Mavic Air 2 drone Unboxing | Umme’s Vlog

My Music, hey, Music, foreign, Music, Music, Music, foreign Music, is oh Music. We have one more box: oh okay, Music! Thank you construction. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QhrX9KRmkq0