Drone DJI Air 2S QUEBRADO foi CONSERTADO – Veja processo, dúvidas e testes

Do Drone n Ele travava eles encaixou na queda Ento na hora que ele bateu no cho ele deu uma leve dos encaixada ficou bastante sujo tambm e, a gente j teve uma outra situao com, um gringo ao semelhante que o de Jata osmo Pocket J que ningum Ba de mo porttil Entrou alguma […]

Becoming A Professional Drone Pilot In ONE WEEK!

This entire video may or may not have just been one giant excuse to buy a drone Music. Now, ever since five seconds ago, i’ve always dreamed of being able to fly, but then i realized that i wasn’t harry potter, so that was kind of impossible until now, what no i’m still a harry […]

Flying pig drone A 31 Tonzon Mini LED light Quadcopter Review

This is the thompson a31 i’m, going to press the power button right now, and you see it’s, blinking and that’s, because it’s waiting for me to turn on my controller. All i do is hit the power button and it should link up right away linked up, throw it up there we go it […]

Review 3pcs Limskey 3.7V 400mAh 25C Drone Rechargeable Lipo Battery 752035 For RC Drone E33 E33C H9

We will talk about various hot products in the market based on our own research and in this video we are going to show you another interesting product in the market that you may be. That you may be interested in. Here are some reviews about this product. If you want to know more about […]

DEERC DE22 Drone – Unboxing, Setup & Review

I believe that’s, how you spell it. I could be wrong, but you know let’s just go ahead and open it up, anyways all right. So we have a lot of pieces in here. First, of course, we have the drone it’s very nice and compact that right there, and it also comes with a […]

Best FPV Drone Reviews In 2021 | Top 12 FPV Drones For Effortless, Exhilarating Fun

The dji go app check if the aircraft has been successfully connected with the remote controller in the app initial interface tap update. Now, on the top of the screen disconnect the remote controller’s, wi fi and connect to the indoor household wi fi tap to download the firmware in the app time used for […]

AI Drone Simulator, un simulateur de DRONE FPV RÉALISTE (AIDroneSim) 🚀 ❗

Thierry congo ce qui nous a contact dbut mai, pour nous proposer de participer la bta alors il a fait les quelques cls et comme, a on est plusieurs membres de la dele quipe pouvoir l’avoir test et il y avoir fait quelques retours et je dois dire qu’elle. A t super actif parce qu’ […]


Not yet ingat Allah generate new sdlc ebenhard Run atau mpt4 tapi tahu Sanyo Young tesplay, toko worth it: Bahrain, digunalan, tak, singto, kasih, Nabila, bersenang, senang, belangen, mayonis, disertai, kau, nah, kali, parentese, merupakan, senyawa, melawak Yoona. Then jump field and Icons are in accounting. Dan Athena qualify, nangis jasweb, Eleven 4 kita usai […]


com, newsfeed youwave.com, guys welcomeback to my channel Rusia Oke di hari ini, kita bakal update growview update terbarunya ya g sea seperti, biasa untuk berukuran grafiknya, nanti, saya, bakal, kasih, tahu, tapi, sebelumnya, nih, guys yang buat, kalian, semua yang Baru bergabung di channel kau Candi subscribe ya jangan lupa di, like dan di […]

iSDT C4 EVO Battery Charger Review ⚡

So this is an updated version of the c4. I think i reviewed like a year ago uh. Basically, i think the biggest change is going to be the uh usbc for the input power here and it does use 5 to 12 volts, quick charge and or the qc and pd power delivery protocols […]

Eachine EX5 $99 GPS Foldable Drone – Unboxing & First Look (DJI Mini Clone)

You know we are drones and dogs bang. Welcome back to the channel. You guys. I got something really nice and neat here today. Now this is the ishii ex 5 guys bye. Can you guys tell me what that guy looks like kind of like it kind of resembles something very popular that’s been […]

Dji Mavic Pro 2 Drone 4k – Cinematic footage and REVIEW

This is all cni films and i’m here to show you guys the dji mavic pro 2 drone let’s go Music, make sure you guys follow all seeing eye films. I typed it down the screen for you guys, so you can see and to keep up with all the drone footage and all the […]