Best Gadgets Aliexpress 2021 | 12 New Gadgets from Aliexpress 2021 | Best Cool Gadgets

Today we are looking the new, very cool video. Before we go to the video make sure you are subscribed to the channel and leave a comment saying i’m subscribed and we are trying our best to personal reply to your comments. So let’s go Smartwatch professional outdoor sports watch meet different scenarios built in […]

Eachine Wizard X220 V2 FPV Drone – Ready To Fly Kit – Review

If this camera is moving around, if you see the image moving it’s because the wind is blowing it all over the top of my jeep it’s sitting on my jeep right now, well, today, i’m out here with the wizard, the eachine wizard. This is the x220 version. 2. there’s been a lot of […]

DJI MAVIC MINI 2 Fly More Combo 4K 249gm Drone Unboxing And First Look

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DJI Air 2S Fly App Update 1.4.3 and Firmware Update 02.04.1690 Flight Review

I have the uh dji air 2s with me today and we recently had a fly app update that affected. This drone for the most part affected everything in the fly flyout, but primarily this drone. So uh just last night and i’m going to bring it up on my phone, so i get the […]

Review Drone Hj 95 *Drone Made in China*

Google Play Hai jadi dengan. We fight Camp Musik, Hai pvc, Oh iya, es lanjut, kita, akan, membedakan, dengan, raya, dari, Drone nya nih, guys, doanya keren, enteng, enteng, Maaf ya, plastik di sini, ada tulisannya, hal, Musik, Hai, Yeni, Haji, dan kesehatan, kita, coba, buka, ya, wes, satu yang atas, dulu, paling, bawah, Gua […]

Top 5 best budget drone with camera | Expert's Choice | 2021 Review

We’Ll kick things off today with a little something for all those who have just entered these waters, either as a hobby or with a bigger goal introducing ryze techtello, also known as the best beginner budget drone that can be found on the market in 2021. This mini drone is equally suitable, both for […]

4drc drone review

Now today, we’re going to be talking about drones. More importantly, the 4d rc drone. Now, typically, i would have the product here in studio, so i could have it in my hand and show you in the comparison size. However, i lost a drone yeah. So look it’s a budget drone. So if, for […]

DJI AIR 2S vs DJI Mavic AIR 2 – My Drone is Better Than Your Drone!

Nelson is here to assist me. He has the mavic air 2. mavic air 2, and i have the mavic air. No and i have the dji air 2s. Hey got a second let’s. Do that again? What the hell, why do they take the name mavic out, hey everyone! Welcome to my channel, while […]


Extreme 32 GB class 10 pastikan gunakan memori yang oriya, agar kualitas Videonya bisa maksimal oke langsung, saja, kita, nyalain, terlebih, dahulu, dari, transmitternya, dengan cara with some seperti ini, ya, terus, tahan, drum satu kali, mah, udah, berbunyi, ya, oke, remote udah, terbanding, ke, Drone, kita, tunggu, dulu, Apakah Drone ini minta di kalibrasi, […]

Eachine ATOMRC Seagull Cinewhoop RTF FPV Kit 🛸

Rc it’s called the seagull, and you see it comes with. This. Um looks like kind of like a protect 35 cinewoop with the three and a half inch propellers. Get your t8 transmitter, which is basically the radiomaster t8, and then you have a skyzone cobra they’re, calling this the cobra l goggles, and […]

レゴ クリエイター サイバードローン 31111 / LEGO Creator 3-in-1Cyber Drone Speed Build & Review

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