DONT BUY DJI Mavic Mini 1 Drone Review! Features and Pros Comparison vs DJI Mavic Mini 2 in 2021

Just welcome back welcome back so yes here, i am another test outside field test with the dji mavic mini. After all, the updates – and this is going to be my short review under 10 minutes in 2021 edition uh – is it worth buying ninjas, where this video till the end, because i’m […]

Review of holyton hs330 mini drone

Hs 330 really awesome mini drone that looks like an alien drop ship. With this really cool angled light on the front um, you can see i’m i’m pretty pleased with the way. This handled the way this turned out holy stone sends me stuff to test and it’s always a good time. So let’s […]

Gangstar vegas Review – Novo Drone Rebelde

10 Beleza ento ele para um escudo a de 3.8 DPS 648 e tenho vrias funes extras que proteo contra bala e corpo, a corpo atira em inimigos proteo contra Impacto e 45 porcento de chance de imobilizar, o alvo Beleza ento esse Drone aqui ele, tem, vrias, funes, Ele te cura ele, a tira […]

tes terbang drone 500 ribuan 2021 !!!

Banget oke langsung saja untuk pertama caranya, adalah, kita, hidupkan, Trunyan ini, sudah, ada, warnanya, enggak, kelihatannya, dia, kelap kelip Intinya Strike kita hidupkan eh transmitternya Nah sudah Hai, setelah, kami, hidupkan, nanti kalian, binding dengan, cara, kokang, atas, bokang, bawah, trotol, yang kiri, setelah, itu dia, akan, berkedip, Cepat dan kedepannya akan berhenti, guys […]

First Time Flying A Drone

Literally. All you have to do is use two joysticks and there’s even a button for it to just automatically land on its own.


This is down to pilot error unless you’re phillips, scrubber, obviously but most of the time, it’s pilot error, poor planning and some questionable choices of your flying. So let’s discuss 10 ways today of how to prevent crashes and flyways, so the drones aren’t cheap, starting at 400 400 pounds around the mini series […]

Best Professional Drone Review on Amazon

They come in different shapes and they offer features that other drones simply don’t have. Of course, their prices are much higher, but these drones can be used for many applications. For instance, they can be used for transport of lighter items for recording aerial photos and a lot more. At the same time, their […]

FULL REVIEW – New Skyward Drone Mapping and Modeling Platform

I saw on linkedin that skyward has a new mapping and modeling module powered by pix4d. I have not used the skyward ecosystem, although it is a very powerful enterprise, drone management platform with the addition of the mapping and modeling module. I would say this could be a complete end to end, but let’s […]


net Teteh, nanti ia, pakai, barcode ini bisa; yes, aplikasinya, hosion, udah, lanjut, aja, langsung, kita, Buka, isinya, apa penasaran; Yes, buka, itu, gimana, nih, oh gini, ditarik, tarik, gini, uh, berat, sekali, uh, kita, taruh, dulu, ini, Bukanya, tengah gini; yes, Oh Wow isinya masih ada, bungkusnya, lagi, isinya, apa, ya, ini, mungkin, dulu, […]

Kawasaki KLX300 Full Test and Review

I ride to clear my head of all the daily stresses and responsibilities and there’s one particular kind of riding that clears it better than any other picture. This you head out of town towards the nearest wilderness, a place that has no light pollution at night and where the four legged inhabitants vastly outnumber […]

GEPRC CineLog 25 Predictions Review 🧞

Now this is the analog version and i was uh fortunate enough to acquire one of these, unfortunately, and not fortunate enough to acquire the dji version so um. My thoughts are going to be basically based on just the analog version and keep in mind. The digital version is going to be heavier with […]

Rakadushi Drone Attack | Tyler Perry's Ruthless | Season 2 Review/Discussion

Tyler perry’s, hit cable series ruthless scene by scene now let’s get into this video last time on the oval. They gave us a preview of the next episode it kind of whizzed on by us, but we can pick up where donald tells the president that they have eyes on an enemy target and […]