Let's review some #dji #dronefootage Live join in

I am super excited to be able to review some drone footage with you and get your input because it’s always good. Not only is it always good, it’s always great, and i was watching this one not too long ago, and i thought yeah there’s one or two little aspects of this drone video […]

Cool Gadgets| Best Drone cameras 2021 reviews| Top 2 Drone Cameras

Won’T even allow you to proceed. If something is in the path ahead, within a few feet, of course, depending on what flying mode, you are using no avoidance in sport mode, i was glad to purchase an extra battery and lens filters. The uv is very helpful amazing product, easy learning curve and great […]

DJI Mavic 2 in 2021 – My best drone shots || Cinematic review

So far, the earth os it’s, basically a mavic air ii, but with the one inch sensor and a 5.4k 10 bit image and honestly it seems pretty cool now. This is the mavic 2 zoom and i bought it back in 2018 when it just came out, i’ve been using it for my work […]


No for rio. Se for brao do mar comenta a tambm vamos fazer um uma, a turma aqui nessa ponte Olha que ponte bonito pessoal e eu bacana que a galera do pedal vem at aqui e fica admirando essa paisagem que eu vou mostrar para vocs de frente que agora que A cidade de […]

Kai one pro drone

Para iniciantes pelo preo dele legal que, ele completasse passa segurana motores, brushless, GPS, cmera com, gif de trs, eixos entrada, para carto de memria, no falta, nada, nesse to grande que tem um bom, tamanho, inclusive vai passar na alfndega sem ser, taxado como, eu no fui taxado. Ok, vou deixar o link da […]

DJI Air 2S review: Almost flawless!

In fact, if you’re looking for a consumer drone that offers advanced features a great camera and is easy to fly, the air 2s is probably the best one out there without spending more than a thousand pounds. I’M kam bunton from pocketlint, and this is our review of the dji air 2s. If you […]

Unboxing dan Review Drone MJX B12 EIS

000 kalau juga di layar, saja Kemudian, sama, memori, memori Hai, Oh great, 10323, tips, 9000 ya, sedih, karena, saya, kurang update juga harga, harga memory, pasaran yang telah, sekalian, aja, biar, sekalian, Ngirim, barang, ke, Maksudnya Oke kita pertama, kita, lihat, khasnya, dulu, ya, ini, ini, sih, selain, Hai, hey spa, slempang, betul, karena, […]

Drone Trigger Optical HiHat sensor review

Um i’ve never done reviews before, but uh so happy with this that i figured he deserved a uh, a review um talking about the drone trigger system, it’s, a the optical hi hat controller, now mine’s for an 85 atv module, and this thing just rocks it. It’S it’s dynamite uh. What you’ll get […]

Can my FPV drone keep up with a real plane?

Never ending pursuit to find the right one for chasing airplanes, and i just got this one. This is an x, hover, blaster and the difference between my old ones, and this one is that it runs at a higher voltage. So it’s got more power should be able to keep up better and it […]

Best Drones Under $150 Review on Amazon

com is here to help you make the best choice. Our expert reviews will help you select the right product. Please subscribe to our channel for more updates there’s, no denying the fact that there’s an astronomical amount of camera drones out there, but which ones are even worth considering today, we’re going to be […]

AirTags Unboxing and Review!

These have been rumored for years. At this point, i feel like every time, there’s an apple event. We think that they are going to be announced and they haven’t been, but they are. Finally, here we’ve got them in the studio to test out i’m. So excited about this, because i lose a lot […]

DJI FPV – What Do The Experts Say??? Drone Review

Having had hands on experience with the new dji fpv collated at all and i’m, going to share it with you. So we’ve looked at sam calder’s video, which actually a very good review, considering that it’s not his normal type of video potato jet full time filmmaker parker welbeck landon, by the way, whichever […]