My LONG RANGE DRONE crashed in the OCEAN!!!

I just finished today, i’m being so good. Where did i put it right? I went to the post office mailed out a one of these uh custom, like spray cans that i painted uh, a fellow by the name of eric mohler, which i met at the protest in washington. Super awesome guy. He […]

No more reviews at RCModelReviews?

This morning, two o’clock couldn’t sleep yeah get up, do some work and so i’m making this video, because i want to advise you or let you know that there’s a little bit of a change going on here at rc model reviews. Now i made my name and built the channel on the basis […]


You know lighting here kind of, but i have to say that first of all, i apologize for not uploading some reviews and fun stuff for you guys last week, because i was on my first vacation in about six years, went down to tahoe for four or five Days to do some snowboarding and […]