Tomzon D40 (Only 243g) 4K HDR GPS Drone Flight Review

This is this little under 250 grand that’s really important a lot of people. Brushless gps drone features a it says. You know some things say: 4k it’s a bit deceiving it’s a 1080p video camera that films at 25 frames per. Second, it does have the ability to upscale using your phone to 4k […]

Big RC Car & Drone Fun – Losi DBXL E and DJI Air 2S & FPV Drone

Welcome to my channel. Well this morning is going to be an rc car day. Yes, i have the dbxle that i’ve had in my possession for about four months now and i’ve, taken it out quite a few times, it’s a little bit dirty it’s sitting over there. Well let’s go check it out […]

DJI Air 2S – Do You Need A 5K Drone? | DansTube.TV

I was expecting the mavic 3 pro to be honest with you, but for some reason, they’ve decided to go with this. It’S got the same. One inch sensor it’s slightly smaller and it can shoot 5k video.

The Best Drone Package – LR GPS Radiomaster TX12 EV800DM Sub 250g Eachine Novice IV

Today should be an interesting one, because so far this product does not exist. This apparently is the eachine novice 4 ready to fly and when banggood showed me all of the specs of this, i thought wow, you get some pretty decent stuff, so let’s open this package here and see what’s inside so […]

GPS Drone with 4K Camera for Adults, Dual Camera 5G WiFi FPV Live Video Foldable Drone Review

So you just fold these out like this just fold that out and you can do it with one hand you can do with your left one hand and you fold your a and your b out and then you fold your and your b out. On the other side, just like that and you’re […]

BMW M2 CS Review – Is this the best driver's BMW M car?

This i’m on a runway outside cape town got the whole place to myself, which is a good thing, because i drove the m2 competition and that car felt like it was going to kill me and this car has more power and it’s Applause. Music lighter so right before i start this review. I […]

Drone Videography – Techniques to Elevate Your Storytelling

The way that you use drones to tell your story that makes your content successful. My name is oliver astrologer, and this is my skillshare class about how to levate storytelling on your drone videos. By watching this class, you will be able to adjust your drone settings for aerial videography plan. Your perfect drone […]

MONTAGEM DO NOVO DRONE FPV – Stingy v2 – Vídeo #1

No Ask no um S4 em lucros que eu falo nos restos, no mas uma, placa s E tambm, o cabo, do xt60 fazer essa primeira, parte, no segundo, vdeo, ns, vamos, fazer todo, o tratamento da controladora sou da VTX sobre, a cmera receptor tudo na controladora legal Ficou bem detalhado vdeo ento, assista […]

5 Reasons To NOT BUY the DJI FPV Drone

This is the second installation of a video series where i talk about the top five best things about this drone and the top five worst things about this drone. I think there’s a lot of good things about this drone and there’s. Definitely a lot of people that this drone is ripe for, but […]

DJI FPV Drone and Accessories Backpack Review

This is bad to nobody. Welcome to my youtube channel if you’re looking for a portable hard case for your dji fvp drone along with some of the accessories, this backpack it’s, something you might want to consider so let’s check it out all right. So here i got is the pony rc portable hard […]

Drone News for 4-22-21 and FAA Testing Info

Newsman jeff hill what’s happening buddy. Well. This week has been very active with news uh from all over the place, so we’ll get started out of japan, wing copter and alana. Pin al nippon airways have partnered to use the wing copters to be able to fly drones to rare places to build a […]

Camera Drones | KAIONE GPS Drone 8K Dual Camera 5G Wifi 3 Axis Gimbal Aerial 🦗

22. If you use my link on the description below product details, this product have been sold for 452 and have 1′ review brand name. Caldecott camera features 4k hd, video, recording origin, cn origin, camera integration, camera included, certification, none sensor, size, none, remote, distance, 1200 meters, aerial photography.