A stj y maric y mini 2 may mini 2 porque es el que tiene cmara 4k 30 frames, por segundo, ya, sabis que luego tenemos el dejo time. A vic min y que solamente graba a 2 con 7 k. Por eso viene, a hacer la competencia en este sector que tena ahora mismo […]

Top 5 Best 4k Drone With Camera 2021 On Aliexpress | Best Photography Drone | Budget Drones

. I made this list based on my personal opinion and our research, and i have a list of them based on their quality, durability, price and more i’ve included options for every type of consumer. So, if you’re, looking for the best 4k camera drone for beginners, money can buy well the product for […]

SwellPro 3+ Splash Drone Unboxing with Review of Ordering and Shipping

I had a drone coming in and in today’s video we’re gon na unbox, all the um we’re gon na unbox, all this stuff that came in i cut this bag open all right. I got a pad here that uh tells me what um should be here: um and then we’ll go through let’s. […]


The creative opportunities are just so much broader with this because of its speed and also its unique video result whereby you haven’t got a three axis, gimbal stabilizing that footage, and instead you end up with a much more raw and sporty action type image. Now, straight out of the box, you get two […]

Will a Broken DJI FPV Drone with Duct Tape Hover? | Part 1

The impact, of course, did break the drone. Last week i had the pleasure to be on ken herron’s thursday night live show welcome all right. Oh so you finally did break the thing yeah and you know how he is. He made me do dangerous stuff. Now what happens when you try to start? […]


Bisa kali atau sendiri ya, oke di sini, ini, satu status, sensor, sensor, nya, dan bagian, bawah; Oh sorry, sorry, dan bagian, bawahnya ini, adalah, jam, terbang, yang pernah, kalian, terbangin, zona, ini, ya, bisa, beberapa, ratus, meter, atau, berat, m Oke, Langsung, aja, kita, terbang, Indonesia, dengan cara, Klik gemukin ya, Oke kita klik, […]

Holy Stone HS340, Best Value Camera Drone For $55, Flies Amazing!

I am so impressed i’ve done a lot of reviews on many drones before holy. Stone really has the market wrapped up on many drones. If you’ve seen my reviews on the holy stone hs 210, i review this one as the best mini drone you can buy to learn. The orientation of a drone […]

I Added A Camera into a Cheap Drone

There was a heavy wind sand, storm rain and most of the footage was unfocused. Everything actually went wrong, so i decided to do this again, but are we gon na? Do something different i’m gon na attach an action camera on this drone, yeah, you’re gon na, say now, but there is already a […]

Things to Keep in Mind before flying the DJI FPV DRONE 【First Impression】

I want to give you my honest impression on the dji fpv drones, so in this video i really want to share with you my good and bad experiences. With this draw and hopefully um, it can be some sort of reference regarding, if you want to buy this or not honestly, this drone is […]

We Activetrack our Rzr 900 Trail via DJI Air 2 Drone to test it's abilities.

Take any old rock pile and add a drone shot of it, and it makes it look so much better now go ahead and get a high speed vehicle chase, traversing across the landscape, and it brings up a further notch. But how cool would it be if you could have your drone track, you […]

Damaged & Modified Battery of Xiaomi Fimi x8 Se Drone used in Hubsan Zino Pro Drone got Long Flight

As you can see, that battery is used from a xiaomi fimi x8 drone, which was actually over discharged and was damaged according to fima drone software. I flown this drone and got the 35 minutes flight time with modified battery. The battery modification video link is in the description where you can see how […]

E98 Rc drone con camara wifi 4K review & unboxing

A ver que el chino aqu en ingls en ingls. Si todo est en ingls todo est en ingls si bien el japons chino chino chino y japons si todo est bien est poniendo bien en espaol el ingls y el chino segu Msica se eliminaron ms vuela bajo los logros de camino compro un […]